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I recently installed a Head Unit from Avinusa and I gotta say I highly recommend doing this if you still have the oem one. Don’t bother upgrading to the CIC and instead get an Android based model. Your very limited to sellers, I picked one up from Avinusa as opposed to the other seller because it was much cheaper and the quality was better and I have to say I’m really glad I did. I have no affiliation with Avinusa nor do I make a dime off of this info.

The CCC unit is the CPU, it’s the brain of your Audio system and located at the bottom of the center console. This is seperate from Head Unit. The Head Unit is what you’ll upgrade and that’s your Monitor, which also has a 6 Core Processor and 4Gb of ram on Android 9.0 Pie software.

• It’s very responsive and there’s no lag.
• Picture quality compared to oem is night and day difference.
• Good price and long list of available options/accessories you can purchase at time of checkout.

• Lack of a clear and concise install procedure, too many different documents needed and no install procedure on this install from Avinusa, unless it was on their Support page but there’s a delayed response to receive your login credentials. There’s a few Youtube install videos which helped out a lot but none from Avin.
• Unable to speak to someone directly by phone. Website says their based out of Cali but Support is definitely oversees and the language barrier makes it difficult to deal with. However if your fairly handy you can figure this out.

• You have several different ways of connecting your phone which are by Mirroring the screen of your phone to the head unit without having to jailbreak your phone. It works from my iphone and you can connect wirelessy but can only operate the panel by using your phone. You just click the App Quick Connect I think and onscreen instructions walk you through setup. You could also connect by USB or wirelessly by having a hotspot on your phone. If none of those possibiities exist for you then get the CarPlay
• Since this unit is Android based it’s practically like having a tablet for a head unit.
• It’s touchscreen and you can also control the Android display with the iDrive controller wheel.
• You retain the ability to flip back and forth between the Android view and the original BMW view.
• Bluetooth connects my iphone to the head unit automatically but it can only be used for phone calls, music won’t play from your phone using blietooth.
• If you have a hotspot on your phone then you can connect to WiFi which makes available many more features.
• You can download Apps from the Google Play Store.
• You can watch videos while driving (not that anyone would do that) from Apps like YouTube and Netflix or TV.
• It has an sd card reader that you could use for music or maps for Navigation.

• When you connect the Main Wire Harness to the CCC unit, make sure you push it in all the way or you’ll have no Audio out and won’t be able to switch your screen view (by pressing the “Car Info” button) instead you’ll get a Signal error while the software is booting up.
• I did this without disconnecting the negative cable on the battery but ensured the car was OFF and no damage occurred.
• I recommend purchasing the OBDII Torque option. Even though you may already have an OBDII scanner and/or DIS this is a nice way to display values on the display which basically looks like an electronic gauge cluster. You’ll have to download the Torque app and check Youtube how to configure the device.
• The instructions say to connect the Aux cable from the main wire harness they send you to the Aux inut in the center console but my sound works with it disconnected.
• Connect the oem gps wire to the CCC unit and the new gps wire to the new head unit and place the antenna further back in the center console where the head unit connects.
• To use AM or FM radio you have to download a radio app or switch back to the BMW screen.

• I won’t go through all the optional accessories but I’ll go over a few.
• You don’t need to purchase the gps splitter.
• There’s a slight glare but didn’t warrant buying the anti-glare screen protectors.
• CarPlay only needed if you don’t have a hotspot on your phone and you want to connect wirelessly and you don’t want to mirror the screen of your phone to the head unit.
• You don’t have to buy the maps for Navigation, you can load them on the head unit from the Files app, or put maps on an sd card, or use one of the many apps from the play store.

With all of that it cost about $500. Attached is a poor pic of the new one. I carbon wrapped the new head unit with some scrap I had. DIY would’ve taken too long but hope this helps. I’ll try to attach some better pics.



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I wish you better luck than I had.

I spent weeks of crashing and completely unreliable device. Had a friend with the same unit at the same time and same issues.

Purchased from AVINUSA. Zero support and lot's of unhappy customers. Finally made a case via PayPal for a refund.

It's a good idea but not ready for prime time.

There is a Facebook page with a Android head group. Lots of people trying to get theirs working.

Maybe things have improved in the last 6 months, but I wasted a loot of time on a BAD device with zero support..

I hope for you they have improved it.
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