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  1. Don't Forget About the C6's - ZR1 on HRE RC100's by Wheels Boutique

    Tires, Wheels, Brakes & Suspension Forum
    Arguably one of the most underrated wheel models from within HRE’s lineup the RC100’s perfectly blend affordability with performance. Knurled lips to help prevent tire slippage on heavily modified cars comes standard. Engineering to minimize unsprung mass & rotational inertia is also built into...
  2. E39 M5 Vs ZR1 at Thunderhill

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Had an amazing day doing Hooked on Driving at Thunderhill Raceway. First time out on the track with the beast and boy was it a blast. :noSMG: Unfortunately my tires were very low on tread, so grip wasn't optimal, but hey some Michelin Super Sports and MAYBE a StopTech BBK are on the way...
  3. Corvette ZR1 vs Nissan GT-R General Sportscars
    So what's all of your guys' opinion on the cars? Which one do you think is better? Which one would you rather have? Let's try to not make this an argument thread, just a thread on your opinion of the cars. Me, I would have the ZR1. I think it's a better looking/sounding car, and it performs...