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  1. 2006 bmw e60 m5 for sale

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Guys, I'm selling my M5... If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me or call/text my cell 423-432-2121. All reasonable offers will be considered - would like to sell quickly if I can, if not - well, guess I'd have to drive it around more :) Find details below, I copied this from my...
  2. Catalytic converter bank 1&2 problems

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    I really hope any of you can help me now. Have had this problem to battle with in the past months now. Problem is that the faulty codes "catalytic converter bank 1 & 2" comes up. As previous read and discussed in threads here I have changed the lambda/CO2 sensors and the temperature sensors for...