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  1. Getting my first M5? Need some advice ...

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hi all, new to this board but have been lurking for a while. Thanks for this tremendous resource that you all contribute to, I've been able to learn a lot about the E60 M5. I live in Canada and am looking potentially to get my first M5. The car that's caught my eye is a 2008 with the 5.7 L...
  2. Poll: Would You Ever Buy A PC Car

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    Not trying to revive a prior discussion But I would just like to know if people would be willing to buy ANY Performance Center Cars This information is merely used to gauge the reselling difficulties of a PC Car Thanks Alot for All input.
  3. 2008 Performance Center BMW M6 Coupe, Price?

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    After looking on the internet for sometime, I have found an M6 that have absolutely fell in love with, one that is within my budget. It is a Bronze 2008 M6 from Chicago with 5152 miles on it. However, I discovered that the vehicle was an Performance Center Vehicle, which would mean that the car...