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turn signals

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    Interested in upgrading to the LCI style LED front turn signals on your 04-07 E63 or E64? Now is your chance. $400.00 OBO Some details for you, FYI Mechanical Installation: There are only 3 screws that hold in the blinker. 2 at the top (you can see them on the fender when you open the...
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    Hey! My E46 M3 is equipped with halos. They are set up to turn on when the knob is turned on to the "parking lamps" setting with the fog lights on and the fog lights must be on for the halos to be on. My Problem is when i want to turn the halos on the amber turn signals remain on and totally...
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    Hi All, Getting settled with the new car and have seen some posts of facelifted M6s with the front turn signals blacked out. I love this look and was wondering how you guys do it? Is it tint? Attached pic shows the amber light I want to tone down... Any tips would be appreciated.