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throttle actuator

  1. Disreputable business practice - Fast Attack Motorsports

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    I highly urge that anyone considering making a purchase with @jcolley at Fast Attack Motorsports, whether it's for S85/S65 parts or the FAMS tune, not purchase anything from him.. at least not until he can prove he's got his **** together. I placed an order with him mid-December for S85 rod...
  2. DIY: Fares A

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hello gentlemen, Its my first time posting on an Forum as I usually search through the post of members and cross reference to the issues id be facing with my vehicle . I have an E60 M5 2006 with around 177,000 Km on it. Recently I have been facing some issues with the BEAST. It all started...
  3. Is this one of / the answer to the throttle actuator problem

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    1. TA-1 with the circuit board off. Returns to starting point rather rapidly, no? 2. I've put small wire probes into the two connections on the circuit board. I then attach the alligator clips to the big flat connectors (to the motor) in the TA-1 3. I do the lever / gear thing AND LOOK HOW SLOW...
  4. E60 (03-10) For Sale E60 M5 M6 2 Throttle Actuator Motors 13627834494 $300 shipped

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    Throttle Actuator Motor 13627834494 $300 shipped for both I have 2 of these, 70K miles. Both had codes perfect for rebuild. Few companies rebuild these with metal gears (better than OEM) for about $200 each. So you can have a rebuilt set for about $700. These run $2000 new for the...
  5. Throttle actuator replacement?

    E30 E36 E46 E90 E92 E93 M3 Discussions
    Hi guys, Long time. Hope you are all well. My 2008 E90 M3 needs both throttle actuators replaced !:grrrr: The car has 87.5 K miles on it and much of those are highway miles. Anyway, does anyone have any experience or pricing with this repair at a stealer? Symptoms are primarily intermittent...