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  1. Drove the Nissan GT-R 2013 General Sportscars
    Hey guys (and girls), a week ago i had the opportunity to drive a nearly brand new (8 weeks old) 2013 Nissan GT-R. It was the first time I ever drove a car you could call a Supercar, so it was very, very awesome for me. My friends made a video how i took off with the car, accelerating to about...
  2. Alpina D5 & F10 M5 driven...Result?

    F10 M5 Discussion
    Hello all, Finally pulling my finger out and posting something after many months of observing this forum! (great forum btw :applause:) Being someone who's owned and driven some pretty impresssive exotica :biggrin: (album of the ones on my work pc uploaded) things have changed since me becoming a...