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  1. e34 starting issues

    E34 M5 Discussion
    have a 1993 e34, 2.5 v6, 250k sometimes starts, sometimes does not. Had a low battery for a wile, replaced it for a new, it did not start. I can hear a click behind the driver seat, where rele is, but no crank. Today started to set up for a starter removal, thought, let me start it, just in...
  2. Intermittent start up squeal: starter dying?

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Did some searching on "start up squeal" and "starter squeal" and the discussions were inconclusive. I'm at about 67k miles, and sometimes I hear a squeal at start up. Not tied to cold starts, either. It's a more mechanical squeal sound, vs. just a belt screech, and seems to coincide with what...