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  1. Me and my E34 M5

    Me and my E34 M5

    Well, this is me, standing and defending my true love!
  2. ST 585-HN

    ST 585-HN

    This is what the plates are in Split, Croatia, mine is ST(Split) 585-HN and I like it. Believe me, people know what car belongs to this plate in Split but unfortunately, the police does too! :-)
  3. Front of my ///M5

    Front of my ///M5

    I simplyadore the way it looks, all black. I would only like to put Alpina B10 Bi-turbos' front lights that are darker the original ones.
  4. White Beast

    White Beast

    It simply reminds me of a wolf in sheep clothing (and I am sure You know what I mean!)
  5. My 2 beauties

    My 2 beauties

    This is my girlfriend (recently elected as Croatias' Best Model and my E34 M5