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  1. E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    My car currently has 150k miles. It is lowered on springs, and i never changed the shocks on it. I know the control arm bushing is bad which causes an annoyance when braking, but the overall ride quality has lowered. Suspension problem? Maybe some of you high mileage owners can give some advice
  2. E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    I've been thinking on a suspension upgrade (lower car, better looks and better handling without compromising ride) for my M6. Anybody had Dinan's Stage 2 suspension installed? How good is it? Does it spoil the ride too much? Thanks, JC
  3. Koenigsegg Legacy Threads
    I was lucky enough to get a ride with a ccxr few days before a car show called broom Festival 2010. The day before it began to snow. I was so afraid that it would be canceled, but luckily not.:cheers: Where is the VIN code placed on the car. I'll look for it next time I see this, or the white...