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  1. E63 (03-10) For Sale 19" BBS LM REPS & OEM e63 wheels for sale

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    Hey guys I have a few different rims for sale. The first set is the matte black BBS LM reps: They are in great condition and the fronts have only been mounted once with TPMS but I decided to go with Vorsteiner wheel instead. The rears have never been mounted and do not have TPMS attached. They...
  2. M6 Rims on an M3 Convertible: Will they fit

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    Seriously considering the M3 hardtop convertible when the lease is up on my 08 M5. I have M5 Spec'd rims that look like the M6 rims that are OEM from BMW. Any idea as to whether they would fit an M3 convertible? The Specs are: M5 Fitment part #'s= 36-11-7-835-146 Front with 12mm Offset...