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lease takeover

  1. M3 For Sale 2010 E92 Coupe - up for lease assumption

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hi All, I've had this car for a couple of months and I just wasn't prepared for Jet Black. Although I've had numerous jet black BMWs in the past I also had garage parking at work at the time. Now I don't and now I'm driving myself nuts with the upkeep. (Keep in mind that I'm insanely OCD so...
  2. Barter Looking to take over an M5 lease in the next few days...WANTED

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    My 07 M6 is sadly going back this month, still in love with my car and would like to make the jump to the M5, coupe got a little cramped for me, is there anyone that is interested or parting with their M5 lease in the Los Angeles or California area, looking to do this in the next couple of days...