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  1. Owners Gallery
    You Tube video of first time at Virginia International Raceway. []
  2. E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    If you have some time to kill I'd like to share my HPDE experience with M6. Event was held on 8/10 at Autobahn Country Club. We had full 3.56mi track open. This was last run of the day and I had instructor in my car to give some valuable advice. SOUND ALERT! Due to requirement to have windows...
  3. E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Is anyone going to this driving school (on 9/8/2012 to 9/9/2012)? I saw a couple M5's on the list and figured you might be on the board. Has anyone gone to previous events and have anything good or bad to share?
1-3 of 3 Results