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f10 m5 wheels

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    Hi, I have a set of OEM style 343 wheels for Sale. There is slight rash on some of the wheels. The wheels are not bent, they are in mint condition. Looking for a local pick up. $1,500 obo wheels + TPMS. These fit an E60 M5. Originally was going to keep these, but looking for a different...
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    Hi to all. I couldn't find something specific to the F10 M5. What is the centre bore size of the F10 M5 ? Is it 72.6mm or 74mm ? Thanks - alexk
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    FULL GALLERIES & PRICING INFO (ask 4 better price) In-House Wheel / Tire Packages Available (see how we do it) There are several reasons to buy from us. First, we personally pick up DPE wheels from their manufacturing facility in Southern California. That means that the wheels have to go...