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  1. LCI Retrofit Installation/Programing

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hey guys, I’m having some issues with my OEM LCI taillights. I recently did a LCI retrofit on my car (tailights, LCM2), and while programing, we were not able to figure out how to get the LED rods to stay on themselves without a brake light in the back consistently on. With headlights on auto at...
  2. Voltage Regulator MOST

    Feedback / Discussion about and the
    Hi All, Long time reader first time poster so please be gentle with me. My 2005 UK spec M5 is displaying all the symptoms of the Voltage Regulator being faulty such as the ABS and Transmission errors and the iDrive shutting down. In addition to this I am also having issues on the MOST such...
  3. MYSTERY: Startup problem & car electrics gone mad, PLEASE HELP!

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Hi all. I have a real headache with my 2001 e39 M5 which I have owned for nearly a year now with no major problems. A couple of weeks ago out of the blue my car wouldn't start, engine wouldn't crank over at all. Called my breakdown company, they sent one of their senior mechanics out and he...
  4. Beast with electrical issues after caught in very heavy rain

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Hi all - I looked at several different posts and didn't see any quite like what I'm experiencing, so here goes - I got caught in VERY heavy rain downpour for about 5-7 minutes a couple of nights ago (I usually don't drive the beast - 2000 black on black E39 M5 - in the rain if I can avoid it)...
  5. I've got a gremlin in my car

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Hi all, Just wanted to see if anyone has had the same problem I'm getting. Here are my syptoms: While I am driving the car turns itself off and restarts again, it only restarts as I am rolling in gear. The engine makes no strange noises when this happens, and it will do this about numerous...
  6. Need help - Electrical issue, flickering lights and gauges, now dead battery

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Thanks in advance for your help! I opened the garage door on Saturday evening and noticed that my tail lights were flickering on/off. I hadn't driven the car in 5+ hours and am 99.99% certain that I turned the car off when I parked. When I tried to open the door (and trunk) the comfort access...
  7. Anyone heard of an electrical related "transmission fault"?

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hey wise M5ers, My UK e60 with 64,000 miles in it has been throwing the "transmission fault" error most times i apply some torque to the engine. It happens at low speeds and high speeds, in auto and manual modes. I have taken into my local BMW dealer, I was thinking that it was going to be...
  8. Need some HELP....Electrical Issues

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Hey guys, Im not a serial poster but lurk very often. I see that there are alot of knowledgeable people on here so some of you might be able to help a fellow M5'er out So, I own a 2003 M5. A few modest mods like a muffler delete, springs, spacers and what not. Absolutely no electrical...
  9. Electrical Gremlins: IC, LCM, Interior Lighting

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Guys, I have a few symptoms and I am hoping you can help me diagnose the problem(s): Symptom 1: A few pixels out the instrument cluster (Probably not related to anything) Symptom 2: Dash backing lights (Speedo and Tacho), Window Switch backing lights, HVAC backing lights, and Central Locking...