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  1. Need some assistance with E64 and SMG Pump

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    The dealership tells me its 10k to replace the SMG pump. I hear from a trusted mechanic it is 8200. I talk to another mechanic who tells me its 6500. Not only did they all have different prices they all had different days to complete the job.
  2. E63 (03-10) For Sale m6 08 47k miles for sale vert $34750

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    BMW M6 for sale: 2008 convertible with less than 47k miles. SMG transmission. Full Carbon Fiber Package. Heads-Up Display. Built-into Rearview Mirror Police Radar (Not working, I think its a fuse) 5.0 V10 with 507Hp. Fully loaded from Factory. Modifications: Semi-Gloss Black Rims. Black...
  3. For Sale: E63 / E64 M6 Eisenmann Race Exhaust with oval tips - $1800

    Exhaust Discussion, For Sale, or Wanted
    Not sure when this exhaust was installed but the car has a total of 22k miles on it. Excellent condition, looks like new. Pics attached. $1800 + shipping<!-- google_ad_section_end --> Call 832.646.8872 or email [email protected] if interested
  4. 2007 m6 coupe eisenmann race exhaust with oval tips for sale

    Exhaust Discussion, For Sale, or Wanted
    I have a 2007 bmw m6 coupe with an eisenmann race exhaust with the gorgeous oval tips. I would like to sell this exhaust and buy a dinan exhaust for the car since it already has a few other dinan goodies on it. Ideally i would like to swap for a dinan exhaust or i would sell it out right for...
  5. M6: stock to RPI, tuning needs

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    I am attempting to figure out whether I need to procure a bmw m6 electronics specialist to conduct a software/computer enhancement to my 2007 M6 (conv - e64) in order to gain additional 'tuning' benefits once the addition of the following modifications: RPI GT HEADERS - BMW E60/E63 M5/M6 RPI...
  6. Hardtop for M6 Convertible?

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    Does anyone know if anyone out there is making a hardtop for the M6 e64 just like the hardtop available on the M3 e46 cab. BMW don't make the hardtop for the e64 and i also checked with some coach builders and no luck. If there is anyone with info please let me know. It would be a nice and...