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  1. Alpine White E60 M5, Stock M5

    Alpine White E60 M5, Stock M5

    My Alpine White M5, completely stock.
  2. BMW E60 M5at the watering hole / gas station. She's quite thirsty indeed!

    BMW E60 M5at the watering hole / gas station. She's quite thirsty indeed!

    My Alpine White M5 at the watering hole / gas station. I'm happy if I average 11 miles per gallon in mixed driving.
  3. A story about selling used High End after market wheels

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    I am posting this out of frustration...hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. When you buy ANY after market rims for your car I think you have to assume you are going to get pennies back on the dollar when you eventually go to sell them...So when I went to sell my 2007 M5 with ADV10 Super...
  4. For Sale FS: e60 m5 OEM Suspension Components

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    I've completed my suspension mod and my e60 m5 is shedding layer of OEM "skin". The e60 m5 is a 2006 with 70.4k miles. I'm the third owner and the car is in great shape and all components being sold are in good working order. I have the following OEM suspension components available for...
  5. E60 (03-10) For Sale One of 48 5.8L Dinan Stoker M5 for Sale

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I'm begrudgingly considering selling my ultra rare 2006 E60 M5 with 63k miles. It is Silver Gray Metallic with most options. The only mod is the venerable Dinan 5.8L Stroker Motor (15k Miles on it) and required air intake. 591 HP and appox. 458 ft lbs of torque. It is one of 48 5.8 Liter...
  6. E60 (03-10) For Sale Immaculate 2008 M5 6-Speed, Documented Maintenance, Modified, Lowered Price

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Purchased this vehicle 3.5 years ago and have enjoyed it every time I got behind the wheel. The time has come for me to upgrade to the f10 m5. I would like to see her go to an enthusiast's home where she will be appreciated and cared for in the same away as I have. Model: 2008 BMW M5 Current...
  7. E60 (03-10) For Sale 2008 BMW M5 (Silverstone Metallic) $24k, 88k miles

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    NEW CLUTCH, NEW TIRES, NEW BATTERY, CLEAN CARFAX. PRICED TO SELL! I've kept this car extremely well maintained and in a garage always. It has a brand new battery, tires, cabin air filters, just had the oil changed. It is running beautifully. Immaculate condition. Fully loaded with all the...
  8. E60 (03-10) For Sale 2008 M5 for Sale (Silverstone, Warranty, new clutch)

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    NEW CLUTCH, NEW TIRES, NEW BATTERY, EXTENDED WARRANTY, CLEAN CARFAX. $33K Due to a pending move and addition to the family, the time has come for me to sell my beloved 2008 E60 M5. 87750 miles. I've kept this car extremely well maintained and in a garage always. It has a brand new battery...
  9. E60 (03-10) For Sale 2006 M5 - Fully Optioned w/Mods + Warranty

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hey folks, The time has come to list our beloved E60 M5. I work from home and just don't drive it enough to justify keeping it. It has brought me a lot of joy and good times so now I hope to pass it on to a new owner who will love it just as much as my fiancee and I did. This car is modded...
  10. Another RED COG thread (Transmission failure)

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hi everyone, I've been a long time lurker of this site and finally signed up. Thank you all so far for the great advice. I have a 2008 e60 M5 with just under 88k miles. Since I bought it, I've replaced the ABS, traction control, control arms, and clutch. The clutch has about 1500 miles on it, if...
  11. Another bimmer-tech CIC retrofit

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    I've been talking with Patryk for the better part of weeks, finally pulled the trigger on the CIC retrofit with the rear view camera and the new controller. I ordered the new climate control off ebay and going to look for the new controller trim piece as to not cut mine up, I believe its part...
  12. E60 (03-10) For Sale 2006 Dinan S2/3 E60 M5 For Sales w/Warranty till2/25/16

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    For sale 2006 E60 M5 with Dinan S2/3 Parts - Plus - under EasyCare Gold Warranty until 2/25/16. $35,000 obo 2006 BMW M5 All Dinan S2 or S3 Components + Easy Care Gold Extended Warranty until 2/25/16 !!! Always Dealer Serviced, Very Clean, In perfect mechanical condition. DINAN PARTS...
  13. Anyone have pix of Hamann side skirts on E60 M5?

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm wrapping up the mod list on my beast and considering side skirts. It's tough to find a good pic on the net. What do you think of the E60 side skirts if you have seen them? Take a look at my mod list and please share your thoughts. I'll go down to the garage later and post a...
  14. E60 (03-10) For Sale 2006 M5, 39,xxx miles, Fully Loaded, Mint Condition

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hey Everyone, After many amazing trouble free years of ownership, it's finally time to part ways with my M5. It's a fully loaded example that's been garage kept and meticulously taken care of. It's only been serviced by authorized BMW dealerships (I have all maintenance records on hand) and has...
  15. New Owner - Potential Updates

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hi all; I'm a owner of a 2006 e60 M5, with about 100 000 k's on the clock. It's a Japanese import (I live in New Zealand - second hand Japanese imports are the lifeblood of the car sales industry here). I test drove nearly all the second hand e60 M5's available at the time, and this one had...
  16. My new 2006 E60 M5.

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hi all, I am new here, I just wanted to give a big thanks to all who have contributed to the FAQ's and buying tips for potential owners. Also I have posted some pictures of my new baby. It's a 2006 E60 M5 in Indy Red. It's got 102k kilometers on the clock and was previously a one owner (I am...
  17. E60 (03-10) For Sale Stock Exhaust Mufflers from an 2008 M5

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    I replaced the stock Mufflers on my 2008 E60 M5 with some new eisenmann race mufflers that I am very happy with. So I wont be needing these anymore. My car had 45,000k miles on it when I removed them. They are in excellent condition with no dents. The tips are in immaculate condition as...
  18. E60 (03-10) For Sale E60 M5 part out

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    Parting out my 06 M5 Has custom headers stock headers Full miestershaft exhaust Flashed Ecu White interiorA/c seats rear and back window shades Smg transmission Low miles on the engine Everything that's good is for sale call/text 718-807-5916 e60 M5 part out
  19. ///Bimmerstock (5th Annual) pictures

    USA Northeast Forum
    I would just like to share some pictures I took as I walked around. They were taken on my Iphone. Just a few quick shots. Not the greatest quality. If anyone has their own pictures. Please post them :) Enjoy We took a drive down there in my 2007 MT M5, STI Limited (RED), and Challanger SRT 8...
  20. E60 (03-10) For Sale 2007 BMW M5 Mint condition For sale

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Open to offers. asking $43,000 More of a feeler right now. Still enjoying the it. I recently bought this car from the Dealership I work in. After looking at a friends repair bills from the dealer, I have to say I am a little scared. I love driving the car, theres nothing like it. I have a smile...