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  1. E34 M5 Discussion
    Help me decide on buying my next m5. I know that I'm inviting bias by posting here but there is not really any more knowledgeable collective group than you guys so it's worth it. I've visited two m5s, both interestingly the deep red color options for their year (e34: calypso rot, e60...
  2. Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    The lower part of my 1991 model E34 M5 lower cluster digital display has just completely gone. Guess I need to replace it. Has anyone for one working for sale? Please email me [email protected]
  3. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    UPDATE: Had a photoshoot done with the ever talented Xander Cesari (@merriman.motors on instagram). 20 of those are posted in high res at the end of this post. Here is a link to the full set of 49: Hello All, The time has come to part ways with my E34 M5. Car is a January 1990 build date in...
  4. E34 M5 Discussion
    Greetings gentlemen! I've noticed a strange noise from the engine, anyone has an idea what that could be? Car is done 295 000 km's :) Thank you! Video of sound:
  5. Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    Guys, a while back I listed a custom S38 and 6 speed trans for sale. I figured someone would want to do a really nice swap into an E9 or something. Anyway, no takers on that idea, so decided to sell the trans and engine separately. Here's the listing for the Trans. This is a E34 M5 Euro...
  6. E34 M5 Discussion
    Hi Members, I am from sunny South Africa and have the privelage of owning BMW's hand built E34M5 :) It has been just over a year of ownership and I have had quite a road to getting her back on the road. I am very active on the Forum and have most of my DIY's and threads...
  7. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    For Sale: 1991 BMW M5 E34 in great condition, white paint is shiny, garage kept, 5 speed stick, 95,xxx original miles. The body is straight, no accidents, no door dings, have Car Fax. The rear interior door skins have the usual shrinking, the rear windows need regulators. A few scratches here...
  8. E34 M5 Discussion
    hi guys, long time reader first time posting a thread. i thought i would wait a while and put something special together.<FONT color=black><FONT face=Verdana><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com After i...
1-8 of 8 Results