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e34 dinan 530i

  1. back seats

    back seats

    I kept these seats pristine through 125,000 miles by using salves made from the blood of the innocent.
  2. front seats

    front seats

    Dinan mats add 15 bhp EACH!
  3. baby got back

    baby got back

    WAHT YUO SEE WHEN I PASS U!1!!* * if you're driving a stock 1990 Honda Civic
  4. best.  front end.  evar.

    best. front end. evar.

    Black Bess, comin' atcha!
  5. rear passenger side

    rear passenger side

    Another shot of Black Bess, my old Dinan 530i
  6. front driver's side

    front driver's side

    My old E34 Dinan 530i, Black Bess.