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  1. Koenigsegg Forum |
    Hi there, I'd love to hear about who the best bare metal / body work specialists and BMW mechanics are, ideally near Heathrow. Would like to send an M5 for restoration. Thank you!
  2. European Forum
    Are you ready? Sharknose meeting This Saturday, 10:00-20:00. A brilliant day out for all BMW fans. All you pay is a 5 Euro parking fee! Please pay with the exact amount, preferably bank notes. Have a great day! — No specsheet! Did you print yours yet? Blank forms can be found here: .doc ...
  3. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Tastefully modified classic e28 M5 with the awesome s54 motor. Pretty much a ground up build, with many new parts. I've had my fun with her and now on to the next one. Some photos below, many more here: BMW M5 4 Door | eBay <a...
  4. E28 M5 Discussion
    Hello all E28 fans! I am new to the forum let me introduce my self quickly. My name Is Tomas I am 20 years old. This E28 Is my second BMW. I bought it for $8500 (CAD) ( I now know I got ripped off) Anyway I love all BMW's especially older body styles ones. I though i got a good deal when buying...
  5. E28 M5 Discussion
    Well, we finally got the M5 back from the repair shop. It was a lengthy repair to say the least, as I have bought both of my other cars in the past 3.5 years, and this car has been in progress the whole time. It was a frustrating ordeal, but now we have it back in our possession and running so...
  6. E28 M5 Discussion
    Hello all, My shop owner has a mint condition e28 at his place that his father owns with about 16,000 original miles and it is amazing. I was looking through the threads and wondering if anyone knows what the lowest mileage example is in the US? Europe? I assume that they have one at...
  7. E28 M5 Discussion
    saw these really nice BBS Rz for sale, RARE BBS RZ Wheels & Tires in Great condition BMW
  8. E28 M5 Discussion
    Hey guys, This is sad for me to say, but I'm selling my M5. I'm moving to Brooklyn soon and won't have the space to store something this nice... Here are the basics though... <link rel="File-List"...
  9. E28 M5 Discussion
    Hey guys, i typically don't post in here but was hired to shoot an 88 m5 that i thought just came out spectacular. The owners Enthusiast Auto: Main needed some quality shots to showcase it's TRUE beauty (and w/ 30k on the ticker, it sure is a beauty!). I usually dont like shooting black cars...
  10. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Check it out at: On the website you will find photos and a detailed description of the car. Below is a basic summary of the car: . Jaw dropping list of mods including a 3.6 Liter 315 hp engine from a Euro E34 M5 & Dinan Stage 4 suspension · 87,617miles (about 20K...
  11. E28 steering racks

    The one on the left came out of the M5 and the one on the right is the correct box that should have been in the car.
1-13 of 13 Results