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  1. M5 E39 at Chateau Miranda

    M5 E39 at Chateau Miranda

  2. E39 (96-03) For Sale New updated FS Thread: 2002 Dinan M5, well maintained, brand new 850CSI Clutch ect..

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    OFFICIALY FOR SALE. I was on the fence for the past couple of weeks about this, I even turned down essentially a full price offer, but now I am 100% set on selling. The car has brought me so much joy and the thought of not owning it anymore saddens me, however, I feel it is time to move on. This...
  3. BMW e39 M5 DINAN headers Buy!

    M5 E39 Group Buy Forum and Sponsor Discussion
    Hello! BMW e39 M5 DINAN headers Buy! [email protected]
  4. E39 (96-03) For Sale 2001 E39 Carbon DINAN M5 (Brembo, HRE, and more)

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I am sending out a feeler. This car is a beast and would hate to see her go. However, for the right place I would have to. This is a 2001 E39 DINAN M5. Every maintenance is accounted for. I hold all of the records. The repairs after the warranty will be listed below. Enjoy Wheel setup...
  5. E39 (96-03) For Sale FS: MINT condition 2001 BMW M5 Dinan S3

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    Listed for sale is my 2001 BMW M5 with full Dinan S3 conversion (#5 of only around 30 ever converted). Jet Black on black with approximately 61k miles. Asking $40,500. Located in westside/southbay of Los Angeles (near LAX). The car is in MINT condition. I have all the service records on the...
  6. E39 (96-03) For Sale 2001 M5 For sale (has Dinan extras), asking $25,900

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    While I hate to do this, I need to sell my 2001 M5. This car only has 50239 miles and is in mint condition. It also has Dinan Stage 2 Engine Software, Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System and Dinan Free Flow Exhaust System. For pictures and a better description, please see: 2001 BMW M5...
  7. DINAN software no longer supported; caused SES light!

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Took my 42k mile E39 M5 in to dealer after 2 months of the damn SES. My peake reader showed a faulty 02 sensor and a bad thermostat. I figured the thermostat is a pain so I let them do it... Dealer needed to reset the software on the car after the repairs and found that it was running from the...
  8. E39 (96-03) For Sale 2000 Dinan E39 M5 Silverstone

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    Detailed information on this website Dinan BMW E39 M5 « 2000 Dinan E39 M5 2000 Dinan E39 M5 Well the time has come to sell my beloved M5. This car is by far my favorite M that I have owned, previously owned a 98 M3 and a 2003 M3. The M5 has all the power you could want with the standard luxury...