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  1. E39 (96-03) For Sale Black Lower Dash & Glovebox, US-spec, 'Extended Leather'

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    I installed the Euro-dash on my 2000 M5 (Silverstone E39Source car) last fall. I still have the stock US lower dash, glovebox, etc in my possession. The bits are in great condition, and I hate to throw them away. I also know that they aren't worth much. These are the 'extended leather'...
  2. Sudden High Oil Temperature

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    This has now happened to me on multiple occasions. Not sure exactly when this happens, but I've watched the oil temperature gauge on the dash rise up to 300 and stay there for an unknown amount of time. I'll look back down and it will be back to just under 210. I get no messages, nothing. The...
  3. E60 (03-10) Want to Buy WTB M5 Dash trim, RHD

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hi, I've dented my brushed aluminium dash trim inlay in my 06 M5. Looking to either just replace that, or replace entire trim inlay set (pref with piano black). PM if you have items to suit. Cheers, Raj
  4. M3 For Sale FS: E90 M3 or standard. Wood dash trim

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hi, I have the E90, (91, 92, 93?) wood dash trim panel for sale, $90 shipped, anywhere in the continental US. Or best offer. It has some scuffs on it but no cracks or chips, reply with your email if you want pics BMW part number is 51 45 6 985 540 Thanks :)
  5. Dashboard knocking/rattling

    E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    My car has 98K and change, and for the past 6 months or so had a knock coming from the dash area when the car goes over bumps or uneven payment. After removing the center vent and the instrument cluster it seems to me that the knocking is actually the plastic inner structure of the top half of...
  6. Dash shot

    Dash shot