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  1. E39 (96-03) For Sale BMW E39 (96-03) Alcantara® Custom Suede Wrap Interior BRAND NEW

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    BMW E39 (96-03) Alcantara® Custom Suede Wrap Interior Parts BRAND NEW/NEVER INSTALLED AFTER WRAPPING INCLUDES EVERYTHING (SUEDE: PILLARS, SUNROOF, SUNSHADES; PANELS, ETC) First Come First Serve BUY ALL.. Save 20-50% Located in Queens, NY Alcantara®...
  2. SMG Drive Plate Specs?

    E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    For those who has fitted custom friction material to our SMG clutch, I was wondering if some one could tell the maximum thickness is allowed for clearance for both inner and outer disks. I dropped off my old clutch to an industrial clutch manufacturing place but i don't have the specs to give...
  3. Non-automotive Custom made wood storage boxes! BMW LOUBOUTIN JORDAN

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hello ladies and gents, This is off topic, but I wanted to get a feel of what everyone thinks. I have begun to make custom large wooden storage/shoe boxes. See attached photos for the large Jordan shoe box i have made. I want to start building BMW or ///M ones, made to order, just wanted to see...
  4. Fitting DIY aftermarket mufflers? Need Suggestions

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    After spending many hours on the board reading about the various aftermarket exhaust options that we have available I am ready to modify the exhaust on my 2007 M6 E63 MT6. Like many of you I am looking to wake up the sound profile of my F1 beast but I am not excited to spend several thousand...
  5. Group Buy: 1M bumper for E60+

    M5 E60 Group Buy Forum and Sponsor Discussion
    Hey guys, I have started up a group buy for people that want to buy the custom 1M bumper molded for E60 or E9xs. I originally started the GB on my BCD Facebook page and 5series, and have almost filled up the 10. I just got mod approval to post this, so maybe there will be some M5 guys that want...
  6. Custom Headlights - LED Angel Eyes & More

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    Hey guys, Recently did some custom painted & modified headlights for the e63/e64 body 6 Series... Though it would be great to share them here. One set is an LCI Headlights and the other is Pre-LCI What do you think
  7. E60 (03-10) For Sale 2008 Alpine White M5 6Spd - Heavily Modded

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Apologies for the multiple listings. Here is the most update one and the older ones will be deleted as this will contain all of the information and updates. Here is the AutoTrader Listing: Cars for Sale: 2008 BMW M5 in Los Angeles, CA 90045: Sedan Details - 334973689 - Most...
  8. E60 (03-10) For Sale Custom ONE-OFF EA M5 Bumper from Gunther

    Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hey guys, So I decided I'm selling my bumper, I want to go back to the OEM look especially since I'll be running a new lip in the near future. I'm asking $1200 for the bumper, which I believe to be reasonable as this is a ONE OFF bumper. OEM material, and a part of M5 history. It's in...
  9. CUSTOM AUDIO SYSTEM...An Audiophiles Wet Dream :)

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    Ok so give you a little background on myself, my name is Ryan, and I am a drummer. My dad learned to play guitar when I was born and I got my first drum set about 8 years ago during my senior year in high school. I also did an internship at my local stereo shop my senior year. So music and...
  10. E63 (03-10) For Sale 2007 BMW M6 VORSTEINER Alpina White show car

    Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Asking Price is $65,000 The link below is a Visual walk around of the vehicle YouTube - ‪JuniorsCarStereos kanal‬‏ YouTube - ‪JuniorsCarStereos kanal‬‏ Vorsteiner CF double sided Hood Vorsteiner CF front Lip Vorsteiner CF double sided Trunk Vorsteiner CF rear Diffuser Custom 22" Forgiato...
  11. WSTO - Klassen Leichtmetallrader Special

    M5 E60 Group Buy Forum and Sponsor Discussion
    Dear M5board members, We are very proud to present Klassen Leichtmetallrader Forged Wheels. Klassen wheels are not only beautiful, but made of the superb quality forged, heat treated 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and machined to precise and exact tolerances to achieve a piece of metal art. The wide...
  12. Hardtop for M6 Convertible?

    E63/E64 M6 Discussion
    Does anyone know if anyone out there is making a hardtop for the M6 e64 just like the hardtop available on the M3 e46 cab. BMW don't make the hardtop for the e64 and i also checked with some coach builders and no luck. If there is anyone with info please let me know. It would be a nice and...