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  1. E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    All, Been lurking for a while and gotten a lot of good information from the forum. I've got a 2008 M5 with a bad #5 coil. I've previously changed a couple of coils with mixed results (2 came out not broken; broke #8 flush and had to drill center to pull out). A couple days after fixing #8 I...
  2. E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    Hey all, I'm trying to diagnose a cylinder misfire and I've taken the coil out from the bad cylinder and measured it's resistance, and it reads 0.5ohms on the primary and 65K ohms at the spark plug end. This seems reasonable to me though I haven't measured an assumed good ones spark plug end...
  3. E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    I want to start this thread to help each other figure out ways to deal with the nuances of all the suspension set ups that are available out there. what many new owners & first timers (like myself) didn't realize when throwing on a coilover setup where the things we would have to compromise on...
1-3 of 3 Results