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  1. E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    So the other day I drove about fifteen min turned the car off for about five ten minutes and when I started the car up I smelled coolant I get out to check the car because a few days prior one of my hoses came off the radiator when I look under the hood steam was coming from behind the pullys I...
  2. E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion
    Hey guys im a new member on forums, need some help this was the code came up on my 2000 M5 today when i went to get emmisons done. Can you guys please help me by giving me some helpful tips how to get it fixed, how much will it cost or is there any way around it to pass the emmisons or just any...
  3. E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion
    So this car has had its VANOS units replaced along with both IONIC sensors (after all 10 coils showed misfire errors) and the pressure accumulator. It went in for the VANOS job after some time with very poor idling and engine performance and having it checked with Autologic it was done. Drives...
1-3 of 3 Results