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  1. E34 M5 Discussion
    Hello Everyone! My first post to this great resource. Thanks in advance for any recommendations/advice. So what I have: 1994 E34 M5 Euro 3.8L Issue: Very tiny oil leak that will drip a few drops every evening. I would like to get ahead of this issue. Last night I cleaned the undercarriage and...
  2. E34 M5 Discussion
    It's an honor to be back among the E34 crowd! Much of this story is me being an idiot. I apologize for that in advance! Back in '06, after picking my 1994 M5 up from my mechanic after getting a lot of work done on the top of the engine, I was leisurely driving to work when I threw a rod...
  3. Parts / Other For Sale or Wanted
    BMW M5 3.8 Liter S38B38 Cylinder Head (Damaged) My BMW M5 3.8 Liter S38B38 Cylinder Head that experienced some detonation damage years ago when my 1995 M5 Touring 3.8 overheated. I elected to replace the entire engine at that time as heads were prohibitively expensive and too difficult to...
1-3 of 3 Results