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  1. E28 M5 Discussion
    Hello all E28 fans! I am new to the forum let me introduce my self quickly. My name Is Tomas I am 20 years old. This E28 Is my second BMW. I bought it for $8500 (CAD) ( I now know I got ripped off) Anyway I love all BMW's especially older body styles ones. I though i got a good deal when buying...
  2. E28 M5 Discussion
    CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE PICTURES!!! I'm helping my dad sell this car. We do have extensive records on the car. LOCATION IS PEORIA ILLINOIS!!! THANKS!!! CONTACT ME...
  3. E28 M5 Discussion
    Hey guys, This is sad for me to say, but I'm selling my M5. I'm moving to Brooklyn soon and won't have the space to store something this nice... Here are the basics though... <link rel="File-List"...
  4. E28 M5 Discussion
    Hey guys, i typically don't post in here but was hired to shoot an 88 m5 that i thought just came out spectacular. The owners Enthusiast Auto: Main needed some quality shots to showcase it's TRUE beauty (and w/ 30k on the ticker, it sure is a beauty!). I usually dont like shooting black cars...
  5. E28 steering racks

    The one on the left came out of the M5 and the one on the right is the correct box that should have been in the car.
1-7 of 7 Results