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General Information

Schwarz 2 (668) with Schwarz Leather (05SW)
Original Factory Nav, Alcantara Headliner, Ostrich Print Inserts, Aluminum Trim
I rescued this car after it passed through many different hands, after a number of different owners in CA, UT and WA. I acquired it from a young guy in Spokane, WA that was trying to take care of the car, but made swapped out some important OEM parts (in my opinion at least). The car wasn't in terrible shape but had a bad power steering leak, missing belly pans, horrible multi-spoke 19" wheels and a badly torn driver's seat. I wasn't sure about the purchase but the price was right and the test drive showed there was life remaining. I knew it was a good buy when I saw the seller taking good bye pictures and crying as I gassed it up for the maiden voyage home!!

After an uneventful 5 hr drive home, I put the car straight on jack stands and went to work addressing all the various problems, leaks, damage and deferred maintenance. The car now is absolutely reliable and the pride of my stable of M cars and other interesting rides. One could not ask for a more comfortable and capable fast, luxury sleeper. Here in MT, very few know what it is although it certainly turns heads and makes quick work of dawdling tourists and sparse traffic on our open roads!
2001 BMW M5 (Schwarz 2 (668) with Schwarz Leather (05SW))


All OEM, the prior owner had horrible, cheap spectre air filters (i.e. hot air intake) installed but by some miracle he still had the factory air boxes (with like new K&Ns) and shipped those out to me after the sale!! It's really nice to see sellers follow through on at the sale commitments to provide OEM parts that they had removed.
All stock with the exception of driver's seat repair of torn leather panels and replacement of the taped shifter knob with a custom-stitched leather M leather knob from Lithuania. It is a great piece and far more comfortable to the hand than the stock lighted M shift knob.
I left the aftermarket exhaust and added a race skids steel belly pan to replace the missing plastic pieces.
As a luddite, I love the old-school, useless Nav system, it is almost always left on the trip computer screen. My wife loves to laugh at the terrible audio quality, but I like it as it has the tinny old-school sound of muscle car stereos of the past. I believe it will add value to the car someday as most of these systems have been yanked and discarded with god knows how much damage to the plugs and wiring harness.
All OEM, the prior owner did not have any service history, the car rides and handles great at 140k+ but it must have had replacement in the past. Car is on OE style struts and springs with OEM ride height. A refresh may be in the future but this is quite remarkable!
Wheel and Tire
It took a while to source OEM Style 65 18" wheels that are now shod with Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3+ tires in OEM stagger.



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