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      Hey guys, need help, anyone have a problem with the new belts being too long?

      I ordered these exact parts:
      A/C Belt 6PK1084
      11287835483 Alternator Belt 6PK1432
      11287838226 Idler pulley- off set
      11287841228 Tensioner Pulleys (X2) 11281440237

      The AC/PS belt (closer to passenger side, LH drive car) has almost no tension and is very loose.
      The Alternator belt (closer to driver side, LH drive car) has some tension but very loose. I can pull the belt off the tensioner with a tiny bit of force.
      Pretty sure they will squeal and slip off as soon as I start the car so I'm not even going to risk it. Pulled them out and put the old belts back in for now.

      The Pulleys are identical the oem ones at same diameters so I don't think that's the issue.
      For the 2 new tensioners pulleys, I removed the rear spacer plates and the T50 Bolt. I used the OEM 14mm bolts so it sits flush and aligned with the belts like factory.

      On a side note the job was pretty easy, took about 30 mins to get the 2 cowls + fan off and old pulleys out mainly using a Milwaukee electric rachet. I didn't bother unplugging the fan just put it on top of the air accumulators.

      You can see in the pictures the old belt fits inside the new one which is concerning.

      Alternator Belt

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