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      This is a great DIY, I was just quoted $331 by a local indy to replace my fan clutch but it looks like this site has it for $120 + six bucks shipping:

      BMW Cooling Fan Clutch (M5 Z8) - Behr 11527830486 | FCP Euro

      Looks very straightforward, only question I would have is how important is it to have the official BMW tool to hold the water pump? Another DIY I saw plus the youtube video use it.
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      This seems fine, meaning I don't think there's anything wrong with your radiator/coolant flow. Issue more likely is with airflow since the problem is only at low speeds. Did you replace the fan clutch or just the fan blades? Maybe your fan clutch isn't engaging. . .

      There is literally NOTHING in common between the coolant system and the clutch system. Not a single thing. So this is either pure coincidence or some very, very weird long chain of numerous system interactions; maybe bleed your clutch, but I wouldn't worry about it much beyond that at this point.

      I installed a brand new fan clutch and fan blade, this is when I started to notice the issue. Maybe ill put my old one back and see what happens? I have not noticed temps go up this high before replacement.

      This is the CLUTCH I bought.
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