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      I used the GE Silicone and this is the butyl I used:

      3M 08620 Window-Weld 1/4" x 15' Round Ribbon Sealer Roll

      I bought two rear regulators from Clemster for my 540 and they were flawless. If he doesn't have front door AC vents, let me know. I bought a pair from him but have now decided to get all 4 door cards from him instead to replace mine so I will likely be selling them. If he has them, go with his as I wouldn't want to take a potential sale from Adam.

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      1,467 Posts<wbr>08620-Window-Weld-Ribbon-<wbr>Sealer/dp/B0039752R2/ref=pd_<wbr>sim_sbs_auto_5

      I found this smaller diameter round buytl sealer to work very well. Single roll is enough for 2 doors

      I then took a hair dryer an heated the vapor buytl then put the vapor barrier on and heated the vapor barrier and then pressed the vapor barrier down very firmly all over where the buytl sealer was. This seemed to really give a good, solid seal overall and made the sealing area much wider.

      I decided to order and install new vapor barriers as I did not know if anyone had ever been in my rear door and cut or tore the vapor seals. At the end of the day I kept the original vapor barriers if I ever need them in the future, but I removed all the old buytl, not hard with a plastic putty knife and the hair dryer, then basically had a full new installation.

      Rear door vapor seals looks like they are about $30 each? BMW part numbers -

      51488230221- Left rear with airbag
      51488230222 - Right rear with airbag

      I believe the vapor barrier for airbag equipped cars will work in cars without airbags????
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      Chowdah and CSBM5 I think have it correct.

      Look at your door panel to see if you have the airbag work embossed in the rear door panel and look on the rear door jam below the latch hook to see if you have a red label that indicates the rear airbags are not connected.

      The airbag based vapor barriers are cheaper than the non airbag based vapor barriers and should work on all doors with or without airbag. Also the parts info does show a station wagon/touring with the description, but again the rear door are that same as far as I understand.

      Get the cheaper vapor barriers, remove all the old butyl with a plastic putty knife and hairdryer if needed, very easy to do. Also pull the butyl and it will release easier.

      Get this butyl from, the 1/4" round is what you want, not the square stuff. 3M 08620 Window-Weld 1/4" x 15' Round Ribbon Sealer Roll: Automotive

      15 feet will is more than enough for 2 doors.

      Warning, do not connect the rear airbags as you will need PA Soft BMW Scanner or DIS/INPA to program your rear airbags, otherwise you will have an airbag light on that will be a problem for your next state inspection if you have them. The airbags can be connected and programmed if you have the correct tool and you will find the airbags installed in most cars except the 2002 models that would have been special order.

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