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      you don't really need the harbor freight tool with the pneumatic jack.

      you need a combination of Cups & Die sets with enough variation. The BMW design with the single threaded rod is actually the best imo, as it is very compact and it'll fit in places where the Vice-style design will NOT.


      Definitely buy this tool as you have it above (you just have to use it properly to get it to fit):
      3/4" Forged Ball Joint Separator

      Bushing Tools:

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      I used pretty much those exact same three tools. Plus a block of wood (or a few, the press destroys em). I replaced the OE bushes with power flex one piece so the pressing of new ones took a little different approach than a metal bushing. I used wood blocks to help prevent tearing or damage to the polyurethane (they are very durable though).
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      I bought this tool from harbor freight for 20$ and it popped them out without much difficulty. Now I am waiting on all the strut hardware and control arms and bushings.

      I opted out to replace the brakes with oe balo rotors and jurid pads front and rear. Rotors were in bad shape, pads were brand new. It was breaking really well but i figured while i'm in there i might as well change it.

      Keep you posted as the work progresses.
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      I believe this is the correct tool to use 3/4" Forged Ball Point Joint Separator
      That is exactly what I have. Unfortunately the tool isn't quite big enough to reach the top of the stud either in height or reach.
      The mark 1 hammer did the job very nicely though and didn't even damage the stud, not that I will be using the arms again anyway.
      Bad news Carl, that is the correct tool. It works just fine, but you need to make sure you get it under the ball join cover to get it fully seated. Took me all of 3 minutes to get mine off using that tool - 2.5 of which were pulling the ball joint boot back so I didn't tear it...


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