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      There is a pretty extensive thread on this already; the site search works amazingly well (thanks Google). Here's the thread (it's long):

      I'll point you to the page and quote my reply from there:

      So; having recently gotten into this - I found the following VM image with everything you need on it already setup and ready to go. Just go download Oracle VirtualBox (free) and run this image (it's an OVA file). You'll need to install both VirtualBox itself and the "Extension Pack" for USB support.

      Works like a champ - and because VirtualBox works on pretty much any platform you're golden.

      The only thing you have to do is tweak the COM port settings a bit if your USB-Serial adapter doesn't land on COM1. If anyone needs help PM me.

      Discussion thread ([VirtualBox] INPA, NCS Expert, WinKFP and much more v.1.3):

      Download Link:!boQ0haQI!wotsx0zTI...KDF4x3an7L0axc
      (edit) NOTE that the first link now requires registration to browse :( Basically Google "Virtual Box" and install it for your platform. The second link will download a large file of the type OVA - this is a virtual machine image that virtual box can open. It's a Windows XP computer image with all the INPA tools already installed.

      If you car is older (mine is a 2000 and I needed it) you'll need the 20-pin cable as well as the OBD cable. Both can be had on Amazon.

      I am interested in putting together a laptop with a user friendly BMW diagnostic and coding software for my E39 M5. I bought this one

      but would like something that is more detailed and user friendly. I read a little about Inpa, GT1, NCS expert, Progman, Dis. Any advise is appreciated
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      Just try one of these. Prime shipped and ~$12:

      Mine is an 01 - build date 10/2000

      Funny thing is, while I was waiting on my cable to arrive, I tried my Ross tech cable for my Audi and it recognized the car just fine in NCS. Couldn't do any coding, but it still worked better than the BMW cable!! :D

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