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  • Kazakh015 ·
    Wow awesome, congratulations on picking up a new baby! Post some pictures man, would love to see it! Really glad that you are staying with the M5 family and rebounded so quickly :)
    Kazakh015 ·
    Damn, that sucks man! But most important is that you're ok! Are you going to get another M5 or M6? Also, did you have a chance to remove any parts from the car? I am really interested in the Brembo BBK and wheels :)
    Kazakh015 ·
    Hey man, what happened to your M5? There is a thread about Troy buying it from insurance post accident? My condolences! Hope you and family/occupants are safe and unharmed!
    tigerljj ·
    Hey my man!! I've been thinking about you. We went to Mfest and seen a righteous E39 M5 but didn't hold a candle to your Beast. I kept thinking if you were there with your beast, that would have been the talk of the town. Absolutely! Family is great. We're expecting a little boy in about a month. Next Sat is our baby shower. Let's touch base; it would be great if you could make it. Some other members will be there! How's the wife and your kids? Hope all is good!
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