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    Hi Phorte,

    I know this is a very old thread but dude I'm having the same exact issue you have outlined here.... My car is stuck In N won't start, and only code was 2B0F.... So my question to you is what was the final resolution and outcome to get your car back running again???? My car isn't priming, gear lever is not lighting up, and seems as though there is no power to the SMG. I changed out the main SMG relay under cabin filter... If you can PM and let me know dude what you and Indy found it as the main cause and issue so I can avoid making wrong mistakes replacing things I may not need to...

    You seem like the only person who had this same rare issue and code that I have anything you can do to help will be much appreciated

    Thanks you can call me to! Or email me at [email protected]
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