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  • herrubermensch ·
    Hi Kumaran! Hope you are well. Please let me know to what address I should send you a check or what e-mail address I should Paypal the money to you for the tensioner! Turned out that your tensioner was the ONLY ONE that actually arrived; none of the others has arrived even yet! Thanks again for all of your help!


    gavinbailey ·
    Kumaran - I hear Tiguhano is in town ahead of the meet at the weekend which (unfortunatley) I can't make. Any chance of meeting up with the two of you before Saturday? Are you planning to be at Phil Crouch's anytime Thursday or Friday? I could meet you there....
    chrislux ·
    Hi Kumaran ,
    Nice to meet you on Sunday .
    Hope you had a safe journey home .
    See you again soon .
    Best regards , Chris
    M5 London ·
    Yo Lee,

    T Stat seems bad. In theory even with -20 Deg C outside temp your water termp should never be below 79 Deg C.

    The last message I can see from you is from 7th Dec. Did you send me anymore ?

    PS I dont like the idea of soaping agent inthe oil or the fuel system cleaner, but hey.. How long has the oil been in there ? I would change oil every 6,000 on this car, and also only with Castrol Edge 10W-60.

    Leezamonkey ·
    Hi Kumaran

    Did you get my last message? I'm running at 72c on highway, so a new tstat? anyway with regards to previous work carried out on the car, this was the last lot of work done on 28 July this year:
    Engine flush
    Oil change and a soaping agent put in with new oil
    pollen filters
    intensive fuel system clean
    new plugs
    oil filter
    last inspection 1 was in Feb not sure of mileage

    thanks mate

    M5 London ·
    Lee : The idling issue could be an issue and perhaps ties in with some vacuum leak and or air leak upstream of the MAFS (unmetered air)
    I get them from Just Lambda, Suppliers of zirconia and titania lambda sensors by post I think. The ones you want are Bosch 13477 but double check with me, if you like, before ordering.

    Wayne : Yes mate, keep it running on 99 (the first thing I asked you when I got out of your car is "Oi what fuel are you running ???" ...You have such a nice example of the car, feed her what she wants !! Nice meeting you too man ! We'll chat properly the next time we all meet up.
    Leezamonkey ·
    I'll get both sensors then, where's best to get them? I don't really go to London tbh, but when its getting the sensors done i'll have a look for any leaks, too. It runs fine really, hunts around if at idle for a while, but no faults or anything on the dash display. Also I done the l/hr test properly it came up 134l/hr, thats great is it not? And also the coolant temp at highway speed when warm was just 72c, not so good, eh?

    I'll have a look at the history and get back to you mate


    M5 London ·
    Yo Lee,


    Ignore AA for now !

    OD and AE are most likely related.

    When the car is next on the ramp, please check thoroughly for any exhaust leaks expecially on drivers side branch of the exhaust. Also well worth checking all the intake tubing from the air filters/MAFS to the plenum chamber for any air gaps.

    How does the car run generally and when you in London next ?

    If all is good then if it were my car I would immediately put in at least one pre cat 02 sensor, prefereably both. The correct bosch original ones are about £70 each. Fitting is piss, any exhaust shop can do it in 20 mins, or any mechanic at that.

    What works have been done to your car since you have owned it and before if its in all history folder ?
    Leezamonkey ·
    Hi Kumaran,

    I just looked at my video i took when you read the codes on my car, it also flagged up AE - “Air-fuel adaptation, Cyl #1-4”, i take it this is related to 0D - “PreCat oxygen sensor, Cyl #1-4”? If so what does this mean? Can I rectify this by just replacing the pre cat o2 or do I need something else? Also flagged up AA - “Secondary air system, flow too low”, I'm not going to pretend to know what to do about that!


    mondeoman ·
    Hi Kumaran,

    Hope all is well.

    I've finally got all the parts to change the chain guides and re-build the VANOS units, that I did manage to get off without special tools, but as we've lost acess to MTGorques, I cant get hold of the TIS docs you emailed over to me.

    Hace you still got the one that references the tightening torques for the central chain guide - I've got the pdf that show how to strip it all down, but the torque data is on another sheet: referenced as Technical Data 11 31 10AZ.

    I cant access my work email til Monday and I'm hoping to get a lot done on it tomorrow (Sunday) if I can get the torque figures - can you message me with a link or the numbers please??


    Dave Murray
    Neil.D ·
    Hi Kumaran!

    Any word on your charger? Nearly with you? Sounds awesome!

    Out of interest, did you save you VANOS O ring replacement instructions that you posted on the late M torque? I think mine will need doing...

    Cheers bud

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