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  • rrich49132 ·
    Hi there I was very interested in that M5 you helped your friend buy. The guy was very dishonest not disclosing the known issues with the car. He even had $4k in receipts and claimed it needed nothing. I am so glad I did not go out there from the washington dc area as I was set to buy it. I see what the guy posted and really am pissed as he was not honest when people might be coming from far away.-ray
    M6Meister ·
    Hey how's it going man. We're going to have another BMW meetup in Caesars Bay on June 16th at 2pm. It would be awesome if you could come too.
    Hallatauer ·
    The dual pressure gauge on ebay... PSICLOPS DRIVE BALANCED EXTREME PRESSURE GAGE NIB - eBay (item 270808935949 end time Sep-28-11 15:21:01 PDT)
    Vanos Clack ·
    Well, I just read your list of upgrades and have to say I am impressed. I am not sure I would ever go that far, but that must be a real beast of an M5! I am looking for a real clutch for the car, not one with such a bite that it isnt reasonable to still drive it everyday, but one that can actually handle letting loose every now and again (as we all know the car is very under-clutched) are there any you would recommend?
    AgWagon ·
    Hi there. A while back you posted about your mkIV nav having no arrival time. Another member was looking into a solution for you. Anything come of that, because I have the same issue. Two other members have posted on the subject: Rassi, from Belgium, says it's a dealer fix for around $75; RichardP, from England, has an elaborate fix involving homemade parts from Germany. Wondering what route you went, if at all. I'm really missing the nav's ETA function.
    TMcNasty ·
    memeber koenigsegg PM'd me your name. Yeah the PPI is being done tomorrow by Bimmerworks in W. Chester, PA. Selling dealer has "unauthorized" BMW service printout...and BW owner can prolly pull it himself too. But hey if your dad wanted to analyze it for me or forward it to me also that would be cool. But I'm sure he has better things to do right?
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