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  • HCrawford ·

    Last year you indicated some interest in a set of Apex ARC8s that member eSon was selling. I bought those wheels and now I'm going to sell them.

    Below is the link to the original posting by eSon. Since then, I have put another couple of hundred street miles on them + one track day. Tread depth is at 9/32 on all 4 versus 10/32 when new according to Tire Rack.There is of course the typical track day scrub around the outer shoulders, but not bad.

    Let me know if you have any interest in them before I post them up. I'll probably ask $1800 versus the $2,200 I paid because of the wear on the tires. Make me an offer though so I don't have to go through the trouble of posting them.

    m5mel ·
    Hi I ave the same flywheel and clutch as you and have clutch pedal extremely high,, only on my car the clutch is slipping badly either on street or on highway slipping by 2k did you experience similar ?
    jfmccl ·
    Hi Peter, I see/saw you have have the Braille 21# battery in your M5. What are your experiences w/it and is anything different from running a standard battery. I just received mine today and am planning on putting it in. Thanks in advance for any info. Regards, Jay McClung
    T-TRIM 540i ·
    Hello, I hope you are well.I talked to Tim about my car and it is running exceedingly well.I plan on picking it up,not this week endbut,the week end after this as it is more convenient for Tim if I do such.I then plan on driving it around a bit just to make sure it is running 100%.After that then I guess it will go up for sale.All the parts I have will go with the car as well all the diagnostic tools.Of Copurse all the pPER WORK WILL BE INCLUDED.i MOST LIKELY WILL TAKE TIME TO EXPLAIN WHAT IS WHAT AND WHERE AND ANYTHING ELSE i THInK THE HEW OWNER CAN BENEFIT...Sorry about the caps lock being on sometimes....David C
    herrubermensch ·
    Ray, I am around tomorrow, but I have a client meeting at 1:00 for which I need to prepare. Let me have a car pick you up--my treat! Just let me know the time. Also, you can reach me in my office any time before 12:30 if you want input on anything technical--212-309-1056 is my direct dial. Sorry I cannot be there--I would love to!

    Kelster ·
    Peter, Are you around tomorrow?

    I just managed to steal a block of time and the S3 is going to be delivered to Mike tomorrow AM for some much needed work. Any chance of you meeting me there, followed by lunch at a restaurant of your choice (my treat of course)!

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