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  • dan. ·
    evening douglas,im after your brain power
    my current car has the basic radio system ,mid,tape player,cd dsp no nav no m audio just small 2 connector amp in the boot 12 pin and 26 pin its all still in position in the car

    i just added from a donor same year vehicle full sat nav,tv module,dsp,newer bm54 radio module 17 pin round version.
    the full loom is layed in and all connected .
    i new i wouldnt have any speakers as dsp and non dont match.
    what would my best option be to get the speakers to work ?
    1.remove the 3 plugs on the dsp unit and buy an adaptor off the bm54 radio module and add a fresh amp tapping into my old loom thats still all connected to the speakers.
    2. unplug the dsp amp connect my old harness back together with the 12 pin an 26 pin and tap the correct wires from the dsp plugs to power it..probably needing to add the front mid and tape player back into the old harness as well.

    any thoughts doug you could save the day..dan
    malexgcab ·
    Hey Doug,

    How's everything with you? I hope I'm wrong but I haven't seen you post anything for quite some time now. Are you still on the board? I'm just wondering... and I'm glad to say I don't have to "pick your brain" for any M5 questions. LOL.

    Vector57 ·
    I want to apologize to you for my "way" out-of-line posts. I instigated it and for that I am truly sorry.
    No excuses, just incredibly bad manners at the very least. You are an invaluable asset to all the members
    on this board.
    Please accept my apologies,
    JohnAnthony ·
    it's mentioned in a couple of posts - can't find the original one - it resets my cluster and my nav/on-board computer didn't look at the times and date but i assume they're reset too (pretty sure i still have 01' software too)

    if #21 is a DME reset what else do you think it would've reset or have affected
    JohnAnthony ·
    hey douglas, a couple of questions after having my cluster replaced

    -the light to the LEFT of the DSC is on (the two cars overlapping each other)
    -i got a message in the gauge display - i think it was EPROGRAM-K
    malexgcab ·

    I presume the "sound" tripped SES light with Peake codes 7F (Dm-TL module) and E8 (evaporative emmisions purge valve functional check).

    Any ideas? I'll do a board search as well.


    MMac ·
    Hello Doug,
    You didn't happen to be in Salem, NH today around 9:30 a.m. I looked out side and there was a Chiaretto Red M5 leaving the parking lot. M5's are uncommon to begin with and this was my first time seeing a Chiaretto Red one. Whether it was or not it was yours, it is a beautiful color. Your very lucky to have one.
    Thanks in advance.
    nerio02 ·
    hey Doug, i got some quick questions for you bud, does a non dsp/non ///M audio m5 got a amp by any chance?or is the oem radio amped allready in a non dsp car.

    saterday they going to place my focal install but i'm doubting iff i schould amplify the door and rear speakers.
    i doesnt have to be a boom car.. it just want it sounding super clean.
    the sub is going to be amped but could i amp the speakers trough the oem cables or should i have them run new wires all over the car?

    i'm reading up all the info i can get at your blog..just too be prepared..

    thanks man.
    koolmofo ·
    Hello Douglas, I hope you don't mind me sending you a message, but judging from the last messages we exchanged, you seem to be a knowledgeable guy, and very understanding. I have performance problems with my car, It seems to be linked to this odd engine noise I am hearing at a certain RPM range. I tried to send you a link to a small recording I made of it. I didn't want to start a new post without getting some advice first. I guess I can't past a link in this message. I'll be happy to give you any info you might need.

    DouglasABaker ·
    Never seen a visitor message before - interesting...

    Anyway, the air vent is part of the door panel. You need to remove the screw in the duct in order to remove the door panel (also called a door card). Once you have the door panel off you'll be able to get a better look at the air vent. I believe you'll find that it is adhered to the surrounding leather (as opposed to retained with clips, etc). I don't know this for certain as I've not yet removed mine, but I'm pretty sure.

    Best of luck with it - let me know what you find out :)

    Justin13 ·

    Do you know how to remove the passenger side air vent? I removed the screw in the duct opening and have been using pry tools to try and pop it out but its hard to move. Please don't tell me that I have to remove the entire door...


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