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  • DiegoR ·
    Hi Hamilcar, thanks for the link, although I dont' speak portuguese, I understand it pretty much :) My uncle live in Sao Paulo if I'm not mistaken, but never got a chance to travel to Brazil. In what part are you located, if I ever go to Brazil maybe we can meet sometime! Be sure to post up a link of the build/modify engien of your M3! I'm finishing my other euro M3 87, hope I can open a thread about soon, but not such details were taken like my Nogaro M3 due $$$ ndand because I'm going to sell it.
    GrandRoyaL ·
    Hello Friend !

    We have a forum in brazil for our bmws , it is called

    if you understand a little bit of portuguese you can enjoy it !

    Your M3 e30 is very new ! it is awesome that you can own such a car !
    If you have a chance to come to brazil , tell us so we can meet

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