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  • 911/M5 ·
    Apparently I do not check this PM much. Just got your February e-mail...LOL!!! Send me a message at work at [email protected] and we will hook up very soon for a beer at the Corner Pub. Hope all is well.

    M5VRICK ·
    911/M5 - lets catch up sometime. I only know one other guy in town that has the Beast. I could do a Corner Pub OR whatever is best for you. Just a reason to get the car out. Let me know your schedule. Chase Neal
    911/M5 ·
    Hey Rick,
    For some reason I never got this message until now. I don't know if I have seen yours or not. I see a black one with Dinan exhaust but it also has the badge. Is that yours?

    I am in Green Hills every now and then, but I live in Brentwood and just moved my office to Cool Springs, so I guess I am going the other way most of the time!

    We will have to gout for beers some time at the Corner Pub to give me an excuse to come to Green Hills and meet another M5er!

    Merry Christmas.
    M5VRICK ·
    911/M5 - I am a Nashville ///M5 owner from Green Hills. Wondering if I have ever seen you around town? Your list of previously very respectable. Saying hello. I am the carbon blk w/ Dinan exhaust :) in the green hills area if you get around this way.
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