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Evosport diff......Concrete numbers!

Hi all! This is just a follow up thread to the mods I performed about a month ago. The much talked about Evosport diff.
I went out with my G-tech pro. and tore off a couple of Qtr mile runs.

The conditions: 48 degrees fairenheit. Sunny,and very little to no wind.
I did this on a very deserted highway. I took off from the right lane.The shoulder is too full of salt. We've been getting hammered with snow out here in the northeast.

Run 1- I haven't gotten used to the launching technique with the new diff. First gear is an instant tire shredder. Second is another, but when you catch traction it's like being shot out of a cannon.
I launched at 1700RPM. I nailed the gas too quick and got alot of wheel spin. pulled second gear and some wheel spin again.Shifted into third at 7400RPM. Caught traction, and hung on. Third is the money gear,It pulls and pulls .
I needed to go to fourth gear, again shifting at 7400RPM.Perfect shift(AutosolutionsSSk is worth every penny)I needed fourth gear with the stock gearing as well.The result.....13.18@106.93MPH.
This ties my best time at Englishtown raceway.I know the car has alot more to give up. I just have to hook up better. Wheel spin is my enemy.

Run 2-I decided to launch the car at 1700RPM again, but this time carry first gear through to 7400RPM at 9 tenths throttle. Little to no wheel spin this time(that's good). I grabbed second and caught traction sooner on the rev band, Redline in second came in a blink. Third gear shift was bang on the money,7400RPM.Again, third gear pulled with 747 thrust.
BANG!, fourth gear and the run is over.....12.98@107.15
This is by far the best run I have ever seen on my G-tech.

Run 3(Final run)- Same launch RPM and shift point.Perfect!
Second gear catches with very little drama
Now the money gear again
Man, third gear is awsome
Third gear is where the power gains are felt, makes it all worth while.Fourth gear again and it's over. When the G-tech blinks and the dust settles..........12.86@107.55MPH. WOW
That's the fastest this car has ever gone.And it's winter and all.I know the cold air may have something to do with it, but it's a trade off. At Englishtown I have better traction, right now I have colder denser air. I don't know which has a better effect on the car. My guess is the denser air. We'll find out when we all go to Englishtown again.

My evaluation on the diff is this. There's no doubt there's acceleration gains. Both in speed and e.t.Getting back to Englishtown will tell the truth. What's most amazing is the flexability the rev range. Between Powerchip raising the rev limiter to 7500RPM and the new gearing, the speed in each gear is more useable. Fourth gear is now a great around town gear for speeds up to 55MPH. Fifth gear is great for passing on the highway with speeds up to 75MPH and sixth is now a useable gear. All in all, I lost about 500RPM in each gear which puts the RPM in a more usable powerband with in each gear.

Happy Holiday to all.
BMW Ninja

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Awesome...now you need to go to the track and run slicks
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Old 16th December 2003, 22:52   #3
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Sounds good ... real good...

Congrats!! I look forward to the confirmation at the strip next year..

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Mpressed, I have no doubt that with slicks this car will run mid 12's. The thing about slicks is that they only fit my factory rims and I would have to change all four wheels. I currently run my BBS with S03. The 285 size out back should provide good traction. Also the BBS should be lighter. Anybody out there know the weight of the factory rear rim with Michelin tires VS. the BBS LM 19 inch with S03 tires?
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Great Runs

Good numbers! Mid 12s would certainly be quite an accomplishment.

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Old 17th December 2003, 01:05   #6
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Nice QM Times. A couple of questions of ya:

Do you have the Evosport UD Pulley's?

Have you relocated your Air Temp Sensor?

What type is gasoline is available in NJ ... 93 or 91 octane like here in SoCal? Which are you mostly using?

Regarding your Diff ...

Did you get 40% or the same as stock LSD, which is about 20-25%? Did you have replace the entire Diff or only the Ring & Pinion? Is using 1st a thing of the past around town?

Where did you get your G-Tech Pro?
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Hey Manny,

I was wondering if the AutosolutionSSK is hard to get into second. As like you kind of have to force it into second gear. Just wanted to see if this was a common thing because it feels a lot harder to get into than the rest of the gears. This question is actually opened for anyone with the SSK.

P.S. Can't wait till I get my Differential. Dinan though..
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Old 17th December 2003, 01:21   #8
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Ed, I don't have the pullies. I plan on doing them after the holidays.
I have not relocated the air temp sensors(that's rubbish) needless.
In NJ I use 93 octane. I have to use 93 because of the powerchip 93. If i use 91 my car runs like crap(if it runs at all).
The diff is the 3.45 with 40% lock up. I went with the 40% because it's the best combination between track and street.You have to replace the whole diff. It's quite easy, send them the diff and they'll send it back modified or do what I did. They send you a new diff and charge a core charge and send the core charge back to you when they receive the old diff.

Unfortunately, first gear is too potent of a gear for all that torque now.Second is alot more useful.

My G-tech pro I purchased directly from them out of the back of a European Car Magazine.

Ed, what impresses me the most about the diff is not so much the qtr mile acceleration, but the third gear pull. I like to run from 45 to 145MPH and the new diff is definitely the trick.Around here, there's alot of tricked Benzes and Porsches. They pull on you on the highway and that's where it counts. Getting burned by a Blown Civic sucks. Gotta stay ahead of the competition.

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540aiite, I don't have any problems with my SSK. Second goes in fine. I don't know about everybody else.
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Glad to see you are happy with the modification. I have been lucky enough the the M5 equiped with the 3.45 Dinan diff and it truely transforms the car. Just as you stated, I found first gear to be a tire's worst nightmare but from 2nd on it is great. The pull in 5 or 6 on the highway is amazing. BTW, very nice numbers with the G tech, especially on the salt and sand covered roads up here in the northeast !
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3.45 differential

Others:Custom G-power Exhaust, Autosolutions short shifter
Supersprint Headers, Racing Cats, X-pipe
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Evosport Power Pullies, Rouge transmission mounts, Plasma ignition coils
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'01 Silverstone M5- sold
AutoSolutions:short shift kit (40% reduction)
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Dinan:front strut tower bar, rear swaybar
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