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E39 m5 misfires when accelerating hard

Posted 20th December 2011 at 09:16 PM by m5ark
Hi, new to the forum and to M5's. Always wanted one so here i am 2001 e39 M5 carbon black. Had some issues ( front shocks, tapping on tick-over general wear and tear ) all sorted now,
But the car misfire's when accelerating hard generally over 3k revs it then goes into limp home mode. I have changed all the plugs and some of the suspect coil packs but still have the same problem. Any idea's ????
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Blog - Thermostat, including metal seal - 6/1/2012

Posted 25th June 2012 at 08:03 PM by bimmerule
Had occasional B2/B3 codes with black soot inside exhaust tips along with 75C cruise temp. I suspected rich running and had NEM replace thermostat, twice, but no change. Car threw 69 code, I decided to tackle it myself, took off plenum, vanos lines, replaced tstat and metal seal inside tstat housing using 2 jaw puller and seal driver, leak free on first set of o-rings! Temp now rock steady 4~5C higher than before, black soot disappeared from exhaust tips. Will verify further when it gets colder....
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