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Sightings / Spotted M5 around the world: was it you?

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  1. SPOTTED: Orlando, FL, USA
  2. Downtown Seattle Oct 15 2014
  3. DFW M5/M6 Spottings
  4. M5 European delivery
  5. 2 x E60 and 1 x E39 in one day (UK)
  6. E39 M5 "ALL BIZ" at Seaside Resort in Oregon
  7. GF**LNY (Black F10 M5)
  8. LM**DFV (Sakhir Orange F10 M5)
  9. 564**** (Matt Blue F10 M5)
  10. SM**DHP (Blue F10 M5)
  11. LF**VVX (Alpine White F10 M5)
  12. LT**WPN (Black F10 M5)
  13. KL**OEH (Silver E60 M5)
  14. K**GCC (Black E60 M5)
  15. **UJK (Black E39 M5)
  16. GP**LXL (Black E60 M5)
  17. WR**NXF (Blue E60 M5)
  18. stumbo
  19. ** GBX - carbon e39 M5 in Wendover UK
  20. Singapore Grey 3DDesign m5 in london
  21. Understeer problem 2008 m5 !!
  22. Silver Tewkesbury UK
  23. Silver E39 M5, bay area CA
  24. M5London spotted in Bayswater
  25. LX**RXB (Black F10 M5)
  26. OE**VEM (Black E61 M5 touring)
  27. FY**CRU (Black F10 M5) in Kensington
  28. Black E39 M5 Coventry PA
  29. M500 *** Liverpool Road London
  30. Kristiansand Norway
  31. WK** FNT Silver E60 M5
  32. **06 *** - Black E60 M5 - London
  33. EJ** PDY - Silver E60 M5 - London
  34. W*** *** LeMans Blue E39 M5 - London
  35. LA**JYC (Black E60 M5)
  36. YE**ZRL (Indianapolis Red E60 M5)
  37. UOI ** (White F10 M5)
  38. GV**LJK (Black E61 M5 touring)
  39. UK - Le Mans E39 Paisley/Glasgow
  40. White Hamann modified F10 M5 from Qatar (in London)
  41. UK - M50 eastbound F10 ///M5
  42. LB**SFF (Black F10 M5)
  43. HV**FYT (Black F10 M5)
  44. M**BWM (Silver E60 M5)
  45. Black F10 M5 Kittery, ME
  46. SK**XKU (F10 M5 in Kensington)
  47. e60 m5 silver - baltimore county
  48. Black e60 M5 on rt50 west in Annapolis
  49. B1**CHU (White F10 M5)
  50. **666 (Black ACS Modified E60 M5)
  51. E39 ///M5 Black South Wales (UK)
  52. Ronnie O'Sullivan :
  53. Black E60 on I5 just north of San Diego
  54. Am I the only M5 in Missouri?
  55. Black E60 M5 in Petaluma, NV QUIT
  56. Silver E60 M5 J***JXR Kirkintilloch
  57. Spotted silver M5 in Elmhurst New York
  58. Black E60 M5 (PE** VXJ) near Hampstead
  59. stumbo
  60. Chatham, NJ Shell Station
  61. Perth WA - E39 M5
  62. E60 GK**PNY Black Coleford (UK)
  63. Bluewater F10 M5 (UK)
  64. M5 *** Black E39 M5
  65. D*PSY (Silver E60 M5)
  66. Who Drives a Silver de-badged E60 M5 in Corpus Christi TX?
  67. M5 London (Kumaran)
  68. **NRB (Black E60 M5)
  69. E39 ///M5 ** DLX Chepstow UK
  70. London E39 M5 Le Mans Blue
  71. Uk - ** 03 hhj - e39 m5
  72. HV**VOH (Black E60 M5)
  73. Las Vegas 24th Nov
  74. M6 F13 European delivery spotted in Vienna
  75. KW**ATF (Silver F10 M5) in Harrow
  76. Orlando, Florida - Grey E39 M5 - 5**XUW
  77. ****UAN LM Blue M74 Glasgow
  78. Black F10 M5 - Portsmouth, NH
  79. DV**XZE (Alpine White F10 M5)
  80. **NDL (Oxford Green E39 M5)
  81. YG**KHJ (Monte Carlo Blue F10 M5)
  82. Silver E39 Amesbury, Mass
  83. Spotted E39 Coon Rapids MN
  84. Portsmouth, NH/Black E60/Mass plates
  85. ** hga e39 ///m5 uk
  86. Y***MDT (Blue E39 M5)
  87. P**YBK (foil wrapped E60 M5)
  88. AV**FEP (Sepang Bronze E60 M5)
  89. LM**BZR (White F10 M5)
  90. LD**CXC (Silver M6)
  91. 'M5 BLU' E39 Cambridge UK
  92. RA**EYP (Blue E61 M5 touring)
  93. Greenville, SC 8/28
  94. LK**NLP (Silver E60 M5)
  95. Saratoga NY Yesterday 8-23
  96. C**ODY (Monte Carlo Blue F10 M5)
  97. Blue M5 E39 - Southampton UK
  98. W*** OAG Silverstone E39 M5
  99. YH**SBU (Grey E60 M5)
  100. **NVM (Black E60 M5)
  101. UK - M48 Eastbound E39 ///M5
  102. ***BMM (Interlagos Blue E60 M5)
  103. **SOY (Blue E39 M5) in Harrow
  104. Spotted in Dorking, Surrey
  105. At speed on the Pa Turnpike
  106. **RHP (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  107. interlagos blue in new york
  108. 4 E39M5s in Hong Kong
  109. **MK (Black F10 M5)
  110. Indy Red E60 M5 Parkland FL
  111. LJ**GPV (Black E60 M5)
  112. Lexington, Ky - Modded Space Grey E60
  113. Debadged CB at Peninsula condos in Charleston
  114. NA**ALU (Silver E60 M5)
  115. LB**ZZM (Black M6 Cabrio)
  116. R**GRK (Bluewater E39 M5) in Harrow
  117. Cape Cod Imola Red
  118. M5 *** (lmb e39 m5)
  119. Black E39 Pulled Over on Rt. 78 in NJ
  120. M5 on 695
  121. Torrance, CA
  122. Le Mans Blue E39 M5 X899 T**
  123. LG**XHE (Grey F10 M5)
  124. AE**XPL (Grey wrapped E60 M5)
  125. BL**XPP (Black E60 M5) in Kensington
  126. FJ**VCV (Blue E60 M5) in Hillingdon
  127. Evansville, Indiana
  128. E39 LMB M5 on M4 UK
  129. M5 London
  130. Newburgh NY
  131. VIDEO : Le Mans Blue - Spotted on the A3 heading South
  132. **VSD (Blue E39 M5)
  133. ***EGO (Silver E61 M5 Touring)
  134. W**KMR (Grey E60 M5)
  135. YB**UMH (Black E61 M5 touring)
  136. Spotted E39 M5 Carbon Black Maple Grove, MN
  137. Silver E60 M5-Battersea through to Chelsea
  138. Bronze/gray M5 in Northern VA
  139. Searching for my Interlagos Blue M5 2006
  140. Black E60 M5 - Fulham Road
  141. E34 M5 and E39 M5 parked up in Gants Hill-Spotted by my friend of all people !
  142. YP**ZFZ (Blue F10 M5)
  143. KH**** (Black E60 M5)
  144. Black E60 M5 w/ NY plates in Augusta, GA - Masters Fanboy(s)
  145. Silver E39M5, Visalia, Ca
  146. M6 M25/Caterham bypass
  147. White M6 Cab on the LIE
  148. UK E60 - M48 Severn Bridge
  149. Black E63 M6 Boca
  150. Alpine White BMW M5- Saddle River, NJ
  151. LA**GKE (Black E60 M5) in Holland Park
  152. **YEE (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  153. **WHD (Black E60 M5) in Alperton
  154. Alterstart Watford E60 M5......
  155. Black E60 M5 in Chiswick
  156. OV**LKU (Black E60 M5) in Alperton
  157. Saw this today
  158. **UNC10 (E39 M5 from Poland) in Greenford
  159. **AXT (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) on the A40
  160. **XSC (Interlagos Blue M6) in Ealing
  161. **MFO (Silverstone E39 M5 in Greenford)
  162. ***D103 (Blue E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  163. V**DEG (Silver E60 M5) in Gerrards Cross
  164. LM**AAJ (Indianapolis Red M6)
  165. albany ny lemans blue m5
  166. PN**KNS (Black E60 M5) at Hammersmith Hospital
  167. DY**LHN (Interlagos Blue M6) on the A40
  168. M*** WER (Grey E61 M5) in Windsor
  169. KC**SXX (Silver E60) near White City
  170. Space Grey or Silver Grey E60 M5 in Bowie MD (aftermarket wheels)
  171. WV**PNK (Black E61 M5 touring)
  172. YK**RMU (Black E60 M5) spotted in Mayfair
  173. E39 M5 LMB Malvern UK
  174. X**MTL (Black E60 M5) on Portland Place
  175. YF**UZD (Silver E60 M5) in Harrow
  176. Grey E60 M5 in Dayton, OH
  177. Y*** MVT
  178. A41 Brent Cross Sunday Night....
  179. E39 M5 Birmingham
  180. **VSD (Black E39 M5) in Acton
  181. *** HUS : Silverstone Blue E60 on Talgarth Road (A4) heading into London
  182. HN**URE (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  183. UFO- northern RI
  184. ***SJO (Black E60 M5) in Alperton
  185. Aegran blue
  186. S**KHH (Black M6) in Harrow
  187. E39 M5 In Hampshire
  188. YH**SBU (Grey E60 M5) in Acton
  189. **SOY (Blue E39 M5) in Harrow
  190. Chicago Sighting
  191. 2 M5s Both in Paramus
  192. W**YNK (Black E39 M5) in Greenford
  193. GBZ*** (Silver Z8) in Hillingdon
  194. Black/ Black BMW M6 Coupe Kingsly Evans Cir. Oakland, NJ
  195. Boardmember "nenad" spotted
  196. Silverstone E60 M5 on I-10 West, Katy
  197. UK staverton Park Hotel Daventry
  198. Black BMW M5 (e60) post LCI Rt. 17 by Spring Street (the Train Station) Orange New York plates
  199. Alpina B10 V8 A1M
  200. Black/ Black 2006 BMW M5- Statelinediner Mahwah, NJ
  201. EX**UUK (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  202. Black Dinan M5 Post LCI Rt. 287 South between 202 and Rt. 23- Friday 4p.m.
  203. M5 rt.17 silver with black intakes by the radical dealer
  204. Silver E39 - West Palm Beach
  205. UK - ** CBH (Black E60 M5) - Hilton Bracknell 11/05/11
  206. E60 I-75NB May 10, 2011
  207. A real minta E39 M5 in Maidstone
  208. What qualifies as a spotting?
  209. CA Automotive - LMB E39 M5
  210. IJZ**** (Silver E60 M5) at Westfield
  211. M5XXX on M25 behind Matt Black M5XJD
  212. VX**JTV (Black E61 M5 touring) in Holland Park
  213. NT**HWW (Silver E60 M5) in Harrow
  214. ** YEX (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  215. Silver at Park N Fly Plus Atlanta
  216. Ramsey, NJ Panera Bread: Black M3 (e46) Spotting (member)
  217. F10 M5 sighting
  218. YE**EJO (Black E60 M5) in Greenford
  219. Indy Red in Johns Creek, GA this morning
  220. UK - LM** ARU (Silver E60 M5) - Hilton Reading 18/4/11
  221. UK - Coleford Carnival Of Transport 25/4/11
  222. LG**LBA (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  223. WJ**ZRO (Black E60 M5) in Alperton
  224. J**BMC (Grey E60 M5) in Acton
  225. My New 22 Thousand Mile Garage Queen
  226. E60 M5 - Newark, NJ - white, aftermarket trunk
  227. Y***CGN (Blue E39 M5) in Greenford
  228. **LBN (Black M6 Cabrio) in Bayswater
  229. MT**RWN (Silver E39 M5) at Westfield
  230. Spotted E39 M5 Titanium in Los Gatos . . .
  231. ***VRA (Silver E60 M5)
  232. PES*** (Silver E39 M5) on the A40
  233. **57JGW (Alpine White E60 M5)
  234. **ANU (Black E60 M5) spotted in Kensington
  235. R*LCP (Silver E60 M5) spotted on the A40
  236. HJ**MHO (Blue E61 M5 touring)
  237. H***KRD (E34 M5) spotted on the South Bank
  238. Y*JAS (Black E39 M5 spotted in Chiswick)
  239. X***JPN (Blue E39 M5) on the A40
  240. YE**WXO (Blue E39 M5) spotted in Mayfair
  241. NorCal-Bay Area Sightings Thread
  242. Poland e39s
  243. Silver E39 M5 - Camberley, Surrey, UK
  244. Who's Black M5 did I see on 50 West in MD today?
  245. Blue E39 M5 (M50 BHP)
  246. Northern California Sightings Thread (2/23/11 start date)
  247. TiAg E39 in Dayton, OH
  248. E60 in Vero Beach, FL
  249. Blue M5 California Plates seen at Lake Las Vegas
  250. RED E39 M5 in Hayes,London UK.
  251. LMB E39 in West Caldwell, NJ
  252. GV**XLC (Indianapolis Red M6) on the A40
  253. D** DES Yellow e39 M5 Basingstoke UK
  254. UGG boot
  255. e39
  256. CF51 ??? Avus Blue E39 A30, Old Basing, UK
  257. IJZ**** (silver E60 M5) in Chiswick
  258. Black E60 around Schaumburg
  259. E9 Carbon Black on 169 under bridge MN
  260. EF**MWX (Black E39 M5) near Baker Street
  261. DS**RNO (Silver E60 M5) in Chalfont St. Peter
  262. Cornwall, UK, 1-3 Nov
  263. Providence, RI (Indianapolis Red E60 M5)
  264. FL**UXR (Black E60 M5) on the A40
  265. E39 M5 - M25 South Section
  266. S*YMM (Black E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  267. BT**HXY (Sepang Bronze M6) in Kensington
  268. E60 M5 Black UK - on the M4
  269. **UJK (Black E39 M5) on the A40
  270. KS**OFB (Grey E61 M5 touring) in Knightsbridge
  271. MX**YTN (Grey E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  272. LMB E39 M5 on PA-413 around 10am near new hope
  273. M6 on the E40 in Belgium on Tuesday Night (Video Included)
  274. 1209** (Silver M6 cabrio) in Greenford
  275. BV**04 at the Austin Texas Four Seasons Hotel on October 7, 2010
  276. Google Street view Spotters Thread
  277. Blue (LeMans?) E39 on Pa. turnpike--10/9
  278. RX**UTU (Black E60 M5) at Park Royal
  279. *South FL Spotted Thread*
  280. Silverstone E60 M5 spotted Urbana-Champaign Illinois
  281. Bloomfield Hills, MI: LeMans Blue E39 M5 (Oct 2)
  282. E39 M5 (C3 XXX) Aylesbury
  283. **HNP (Blue E39 M5) at Heathrow Airport
  284. RV**WKG (white M6) at Heathrow Airport
  285. PA plate in FL
  286. Downtown Houston Red e60 M5 & LMB e39 M5
  287. AU**LKE (Blue E60 M5) on the M25
  288. Houston E60 M5 sighting
  289. OY**AOZ (Silver E60 M5) on the A40
  290. E39 M5 Gloucester (UK) M5** GUV
  291. Silver E39 M5 in Dayton, OH
  292. HV**PHZ (Black E39 M5) on the A40
  293. Modded M6 Vert in San Jose Yesterday
  294. W147 *** Stanmore, Harrow (Silverstone Blue E39 M5)
  295. M**NYB (Blue E60 M5) in High Wycombe
  296. Saw an m5!
  297. 9/10/10 - I-95N in Maryland
  298. Elk Grove spotted
  299. 2000 Carbon Black on Black on Catholic University's campus Washington DC
  300. Atlanta 9/7/10 12:50 pm
  301. K**GLS (Blue E39 M5) in Northolt
  302. W***ONB (Black E39 M5) in Kensington
  303. MH**AHD (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  304. Slammed Red e39 M5, Pennsie
  305. UK - E60 GF55 *** M5 Black Northbound M3
  306. Silver E60 M5 on 295 south (NJ)
  307. Y**TGP (Black E39 M5) in Hampstead
  308. PW**CEW (Grey M6) in Hampstead
  309. UK E39 Black M5
  310. PA Monroeville Rubys Subs 8-16-10
  311. Black E60 M5 - West Palm Beach
  312. E39 Carbon Black in DE
  313. M5** JTB
  314. New Jersey - Black E60 on Route 78 Westbound on 8/12
  315. Spotted in LA: Anyone on the board?
  316. VDH*** from Belgium (Red M6 off Wigmore Street)
  317. **WTF (Silver M6) spotted in Ealing
  318. Black E39 M5 '51' Reg in Harrow, London
  319. Gray M6 Vert on 87 in San Jose and Blk M5 w/Blk Wheels on 237 in Mtn View
  320. 5**** Black in Pittsfiled, MA
  321. Sightings araound the world !!
  322. YA**BZK (Silver E60 M5) in Stanmore
  323. spotted older 5 series M? Pittsburgh, PA
  324. Naples, FL black E60 M5 sighting
  325. EJ**WTM (Blue E60 M5) in Chalfont St. Peter
  326. **NLD (silver E39 M5) in Harrow
  327. V**KSH (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) in Wembley
  328. M6 on the M25 (UK)
  329. D*** (Black E60 M5) on Monaco Plates
  330. Y***YRV (Blue E39 M5) in Hounslow
  331. **HAO (matt grey E60 M5) off Portland Place
  332. Spotted black e39 m5 - Calgary
  333. North OC - Silver or Silver Grey E60M5
  334. YH**ZYM (Silver E61 M5 touring) near Baker St.
  335. E39 Penna Turnpike Pittsburgh, PA
  336. LG**HME (Black E60 M5) near Epsom
  337. TiSi E39 Chatham, NJ on Fairmount Ave 7/17 5:30pm
  338. LeMans Blue and Silver E39 M5s in Scranton, PA
  339. ***NAL (Black E60 M5) in Vancouver
  340. 098*** (Black M6) in Seattle
  341. ***WZP (Grey E60 M5) in Seattle
  342. ***WJO (Black E60 M5) in Seattle
  343. 2000 Royal Red M5 MN Plates in Oswego, IL
  344. 01-03 E39 M5 around National Harbor MD on July 5th, 2010
  345. Black E39 M5 - Wellington, FL (West Palm Beach, FL))
  346. YG**XYS (Blue M6 Cabrio) in Knightsbridge
  347. LL**BUO (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  348. KL Malaysia - Silver E60 M5 at Maybank Head office
  349. WK**FNT (Silver E60 M5) in Acton
  350. Spotted: Silver E60 M5 in Solon, OH
  351. Spotted: Southside Pittsburgh, PA E39 CB
  352. M***PBS (Black E39 M5) in Wembley
  353. Portsmouth NH, Black M5 Maine Vanity Plate
  354. LA**UXB (Black M6 Cabrio) in Knightsbridge
  355. LJ**EGY (Indianapolis Red E60 M5) in Mayfair
  356. **NWG (Black M6) near Piccadilly
  357. P**CCT (Black E60 M5) on Marylebone Road
  358. Silver Z8 **BMW M25 J13 clockwise
  359. Silver 3.6 in Hammersmith H3* **L
  360. LA**GWX (Black E60 M5) in Mayfair
  361. spotted e39 M5 in VA - who is the owner?
  362. M**CCB (Black E60 M5) on Pall Mall
  363. NT**HWW (Silver E60 M5) in Northolt
  364. DA**CWY (Blue E39 M5) in Ealing
  365. Austin, Texas - Alpine E39 M5 w/BBS LMs (Parmer/Mopac)
  366. S*LLP (Black E60 M5) in Northolt
  367. Aberdeen - Avus 6speed (Mxxx SUY)
  368. LC**XNX (Blue E60 M5) in Acton
  369. Moonstone M6 A*RPT in Little Venice, London
  370. Imola Red E39 M5 w/ Tinted Tail Lights in Mentor, OH
  371. E60 M5 (UK -M4 Eastbound)
  372. HK**JOV (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) in Alperton
  373. X***HRD (Blue E39 M5) in Ealing
  374. Carbon Black E39 M5 with private plate
  375. GL**DME (Black M6) spotted on the A40
  376. P*WGL (Grey E60 M5) on the A40
  377. E60 M5 (Silverstone I think) in Wateringen - The Netherlands
  378. silverstone m6 in san francisco
  379. BL**CZZ (Black M6) in Acton
  380. PK**UKU (Interlagos Blue M6) in Knightsbridge
  381. **GTK (Silverstone E39 M5) in Kensington
  382. DC**TMC (Black E60 M5) in Ealing
  383. VE**XUH (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) in Wembley
  384. sterling grey E39 M5 - Summit Point, WV
  385. 29th April E60 Silver Bournemouth (M5 CU*)
  386. Y***RVU (Blue E39 M5) in Perivale
  387. LS**XDF (Silverstone M6) in Kensington
  388. ***ME (Silverstone M6) in Knightsbridge
  389. **LPE (Black M6) in Knightsbridge
  390. VX**BNU (Silver E61 M5 touring) on the A40
  391. Miami, Fl on 836 West: Black LCI E60 M5?
  392. Black E39 M5 on Shunpike Road in Chatham, NJ today
  393. Y**YYX (Black E39 M5) in Paddington
  394. M6 in Portsmouth
  395. X**KOP (Black M6) in Harrow
  396. WK**FWO (Grey M6) in Hyde Park
  397. New Jersey Spotters Thread
  398. Uk - andy_ran
  399. 78* (Black M6) in Hendon
  400. GJ**YCZ (Grey E61 M5 touring) in Hyde Park
  401. White E60 M5 on the New Jersey GSP Northbound
  402. WK**HJJ (Black E61 M5 Touring) on Baker Street
  403. m* owe plymouth uk
  404. M3 or M5 in Kansas on I-70 Saturday April 3rd?
  405. **BTK (Black E39 M5) in Northolt
  406. **ONX (Black M6 convertible) in Park Royal
  407. S***VDP (Silver M6) in Acton
  408. Fellow M5board beast at Grease Trucks meet sunday
  409. black M6 convertible in the Netherlands (Voorburg)
  410. Grey E39 M5 on 201 in Huber Heights, OH
  411. Black E39 M5 Near the Greene in Dayton, OH
  412. A**VSK (Silver E60 M5) in Kenton
  413. Blue E60 M5, Black Wheels, Coventry H14 PAX
  414. M**AJY (Blue E60 M5) on the A40
  415. E34 Grey M5 southbound on the M40 Sunday
  416. E39 M5 Honolulu, HI (WA plates)
  417. Two E60 M5's in one night - on the same block : Silverstone II and White
  418. BJ**UHW (Black E60 M5) in Paddington
  419. M5 E39 on M25 anti clockwise
  420. G*NIS (Silver E60 M5) near Marble Arch
  421. Potrero Hill San Francisco
  422. NEWBURY STREET, Boston MA
  423. New York Spotters Thread
  424. S*FES (Blue E39 M5) in Paddington
  425. Got passed by 2 coming back from Vermont
  426. 2 E39 M5 Sightings in less than 2 minutes (MA/NH)
  427. OV**XPT (Silver M6) in Harrow
  428. harge tuned stunning sounding reg: hulk plymouth
  429. E60 M5 in Ho Chi Minh City
  430. N*FKA (Black M6) in Marylebone
  431. Blk Alpina B7 - The Woodlands, Tx
  432. LMB E39 M5 Registration S55 G** on A41 Watford.....
  433. Spotted SilverStone II M6 getting off 55S at Edinger in SoCal
  434. LR**XBF (Black M6 cabrio) at Westfield Shopping Ctr.
  435. W**YNK (Black E39 M5) in Greenford
  436. MPOWERED E39 in Dayton, OH
  437. Y***CGH (Blue E39 M5) in Ealing
  438. V**JTA (Silverstone E60 M5) on the A40
  439. LC**RZY (Black E39 M5) in Chelsea
  440. NYC Triborough/FDR - e39 Chiarretto M5 - Sun 1/31
  441. Silver E39 M5 with foreign plates in Sweden Stockholm
  442. BMW2002 - E39 M5 Michigan
  443. LT**YVL (Grey E61 M5 touring) on the A40
  444. WR**UHS (Black M6) off Oxford Street
  445. Alpina B7 in Dayton, OH
  446. White e39 M5 in Newtown, PA
  447. M**ME (Black M6) in Park Royal
  448. RJ**AXA (Black E39 M5) in Park Royal
  449. RN**TBX (Silver E60 M5) in Park Royal
  450. Sepang Bronze M5 in Rotterdam (Netherlands
  451. Black E39 M5, Morris Plains NJ
  452. Carbon Black M5 Methuen, MA.
  453. Black e39 M5 in Washington DC
  454. Blue e39 M5 in Belmont CA
  455. YF**XKC (Black M6) in Harrow
  456. Sepang Bronze E60 M5 at Logan Airport, Boston, MA
  457. Black E60 M5 Alpharetta, GA
  458. XEZ**** (Black E60 M5) in Kensington
  460. M**LGR (Blue E39 M5) in Harrow
  461. F**PLR (Black E39 M5) in Wembley
  462. M5 E60 At Snowworld Zoetermeer The Netherlands
  463. Zwarte/Donkerblauwe E39 M5 (import?)
  464. Ti Silver 2001+ in Smyrna GA
  465. Sterling Grey M5 Haverhill,MA 12/24/09
  466. Heston Blumenthal's M5
  467. LT**NXZ (Blue E60 M5) in Perivale
  468. LM** VUA Hammersmith
  469. YF**XKC (Black M6) in Harrow
  470. YL**WCD (Blue E39 M5) in Harrow
  471. Black E60 M5 at the Lucky Dog in Plymouth Meeting 12/15
  472. Black E60 M5, Arizona 12/14/09
  473. H*NKO (Black E60 M5) in High Wycombe
  474. LM**JDO (Indianapolis Red E60 M5) in Ealing
  475. N**OLD (Black E60 M5) on the A40
  476. S**NDS (Black M6) on Finchley Road
  477. imola red e39 m5 in princeton
  478. Y***MJM (Black E39 M5) in Greenford
  479. VO**ZZE (Sepang Bronze E61 M5 touring)
  480. Spotted in Saudi Arabia
  481. UK, Wellingborough - Silver M5?
  482. Bluewater/Silverstone E39 M5 spotted on TOP GEAR S14 EP2
  483. J12*** (Blue E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  484. E60 M5 @ erasmus university in netherlands
  485. **OKU (Black M6) in Knightsbridge
  486. OV**XPT (Silver M6) in Harrow
  487. White E39 Dinan M5 with bike rack - Austin, TX
  488. FY**FSF (Interlagos Blue M6) in Harrow
  489. 11/5 IR E39 M5 on PA Turnpike West
  490. OGL*** (Black E39 M5) in Acton
  491. P***VRF (Silver E39 M5) in Harrow
  492. Jet black E39 M5 Maryland plates purple wheels?
  493. Who's Black Beast in my work parking structure?
  494. X*DAC (Blue E39 M5) in Kensington
  495. K**GLS (Blue E39 M5) in Ealing
  496. Yy**** alpine white gsp nj
  497. H*NJM (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) near Harley Street
  498. RO**NRL (Black E60 M5) in Mayfair
  499. Le Mans Blue ** SOY
  500. White E60 M5 in Armonk, NY (One North Castle Drive)
  501. E39 M5, LMB(?), Arizona 10/16/09
  502. G*CEK (Indianapolis Red M6) in Knightsbridge
  503. BD**JJY (Black E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  504. T***SRB (Indianapolis Red E61 M5 touring)
  505. Black Beast at The Black Horse
  506. W**YNK (Black E39 M5) in Harrow
  507. W**YNK (Black E39 M5) in Harrow
  508. M1 nr. Hemel, yesterday evening...Light blue...M5 ***
  509. Y***NBV (Silverstone E39 M5) on the A40
  510. chicago black e60
  511. M**BBB (Black E60 M5) in Paddington
  512. NT**HWW (Silver E60 M5) in Harrow
  513. LeMans Blue E39 M5 on Stanley Park Causeway
  514. LV**OFW (Blue E39 M5) on the A40
  515. Uk - 2000 e39 m5 - b8 **t
  516. **DBK (Black E39 M5) at Gatwick Airport
  517. LN51 *** Carbon Black on the M25, Friday
  518. W57 *** Carbon Black-Battersea
  519. LM51 *** South Kensington
  520. V**SCM (Black M6) on the M4
  521. W***EPU (Imola Red E39 M5) in Acton
  522. LF**FFP (Silver E60 M5) in Watford
  523. Morristown, NJ
  524. Silver E39 M5 in Mineola, New York
  525. Carbon Black E39 M5 spotted on tow truck on I-70 in Kansas
  526. Carbon Black E39 M5 spotted in NYC: Manhattan: Cooper Square Parking Gargage!!!
  527. DB**TKB (Black E60 M5) on the A40
  528. LN**TUP (Black E60 M5) near Sloane Square
  529. **RHK (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) near Hyde Park
  530. Y*POO (White E60 M5) in Greenford
  531. KC**VWB (Black E60 M5) on the A40
  532. EF**WBW (Grey E60 M5) on Park Lane
  533. Spotted White with Tan Leather Northbound Donkey Trail
  534. YE**JBY (Black E61 M5 touring) on the A40
  535. Y***UYW (Black E39 M5) on the A40
  536. M***XYY (Oxford Green E39 M5) in Harrow
  537. SG**HFD (Silver E60 M5) at Heathrow Airport
  538. RO**CRS (Black E60 M5) at Heathrow Airport
  539. P***PFC (Silver E60 M5) at Heathrow Airport
  540. M**CCB (Black E60 M5) in St. James's Square
  541. FY**FSF (Blue M6) in Harrow
  542. Blue E39 on NJTP to NJ Rt 46
  543. S***RAN (White E60 M5) in Hillingdon
  544. 8/27 LMB M5 w/ CT tags on NJTP South and PATP West
  545. A*RTE (Blue E39 M5) on the A40
  546. WF**KRK (Black E60 M5) at Heathrow Airport
  547. FT**CHH (Silver E61 M5 touring) in High Wycombe
  548. Black E39 in Manayunk
  549. M5 Carfreaks Trackday Alastaro on board?
  550. 5FA*** (Black E60 M5) in Washington DC
  551. Titanium Silver E39 in Scranton
  552. M5 racing a Viper on Woodward in Detroit Fri night??
  553. Jet Black M5-8/14/2009
  554. Black E39 and E60 M5 in Reykjavic, IS Sunday afternoon
  555. Indy Red M5 on Elgin, Houston TX 8/10/09
  556. Spotted M5 E39 M5 *OX on the M3 England.
  557. HV**PHZ (Black E39 M5) on the A40
  558. VX**CJE (Silver M6 cabrio) on the A40
  559. D** **** Grey E28 M5 - Hillingdon
  560. HBZ*** (Silverstone E39 M5) on Bond Street
  561. M56, Manchester, UK - White E60 M5, black wheels, black roof [pic...almost]
  562. LA**GWX (Black E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  563. LA**GKE (Black E60 M5) in Holland Park
  564. RX**UTU (Black E60 M5) in Park Royal
  565. HL**HHK (Individual Brass E39 M5) in Ealing
  566. Spotted (actually more heard) in Palatine, IL
  567. CV**GNK (Onyx Blue M6) in Acton
  568. EJ**VBF (Grey E60 M5) in Kensington
  569. M***NEW (Black M6 cabrio) in Chelsea
  570. Spanish M6 (grey) in London
  571. Bay area 925 (koll center e60)
  572. Black M6 convertible in NYC (27th June 2009) [PIC]
  573. E39 M5 on Clarendon Blvd (Arlington VA)
  574. T**PSR (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) in Harrow
  575. IB E60 M5 in Salem, NH
  576. Interlagos Blue ///M6 Santa Clara, CA
  577. HS**FNC (Silver E60 M5) in Park Royal
  578. Spare Tire / Not
  579. YF**XKC (Black M6) in Alperton
  580. MNZ**** (Indianapolis Red M6) in Acton
  581. Y*BAA (Black M6) in Acton
  582. White M3 in Middleton
  583. Black E63 M6 Convertible spotted at Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
  584. Y*** YBV (Blue E39 M5) in Aldwych
  585. M5 on the 15N
  586. N**OLD (Black E60 M5) on the A40
  587. **NPA (Blue E39 M5) in Paddington
  588. MEZ**** (Black E60 M5) in Wembley
  589. Steve Mac in Stanmore
  590. Imola Red E39 in Philly
  591. ***STW (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  592. Two near Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte
  593. Silver M5 w/ female driver 85-south Charlotte
  594. How far can you drive without seeing an M5
  595. T*OST Black E39 M5 in Chester with parking ticket [Photo]
  596. A*NNV (Blue E39 M5) in Kenton
  597. M5 in Bath / Somerset / Bristol Owners HELP!
  598. RK**OCW (Indianapolis Red E60 M5) in Kenton
  599. I saw blue m5 ASR TODAY
  600. V8**** (Blue E39 M5) in Kenton
  601. Black M6 WA***SSSUP NJTPK/Lincoln Tunnel
  602. BLK M5 on I-95 heading south
  603. HNA*H (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  604. 5/24 Silver E39 M5 in Rumson, NJ?
  605. BLK M5 in Santa Clara, CA today
  606. G*DAY (Silver E60 M5) in High Wycombe
  607. LM**DRO (Black E60 M5) in Acton
  608. MT**WTR (Silver M6) at Hyde Park Corner
  609. LT**YVL (grey E61 M5 touring) in Alperton
  610. Blue e60 M5 on Merrit Parkway in CT
  611. May 11th, Anthracite M5 on Sunrise Highway, Long Island
  612. 01-03 E39 M5 TiSi/black Tucson Home Depot
  613. White Hamann E60 - Brent Cross - 2nd May
  614. des moines westbound, MN tags, e60 silver
  615. Are you here? - Silver Dinan E39 M5 @ Frazer PA Home Depot
  616. A**000 (Silverstone M5) in Scarborough
  617. PY**CVD (Black E60 M5) in Greenford
  618. E24 M6 in NH
  619. K*JMT (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) in Gerrards Cross
  620. Black M5 on Euclid going into Glenview
  621. Alpina B7 in Charleston, SC
  622. YF**AUU (Black M6 cabrio) on the A40
  623. V**SKS (Interlagos Blue M6) on the A40
  624. S*LNY (Silver E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  625. (Orange County, CA) Silver E39 M5 57 Freeway
  626. E60 blue M5 ---- 80 East 8:45ampst
  627. Black E60 M5 Green Valley, AZ
  628. YF**WKB (Black E61 M5 touring) in Acton
  629. Black M6... Queens NYC...
  630. EA**AVR (Black E60 M5) in Harrow
  631. M*DSE (Indianapolis Red M6) in Acton
  632. RF**CNN (Sepang Bronze M6) on the A40 this evening
  633. M**DSB (Silver E60 M5) in South Harrow
  634. FL**NPJ (Oxford Green E39 M5) in Kenton
  635. H*LSE (Black M6) in Ruislip
  636. Allen, TX
  637. Carbon Black E39 this morning on MD Route 32
  638. Sunnyvale -- Arques Ave. Royal Red and Caramel.
  639. M**LAX (Silver E60 M5) in Greenford
  640. Spotted Black e39 M5 in Denver CO, 8**NPJ plate, black M wheels and tints
  641. GY**AZO (Black E39 M5) in Knightsbridge
  642. Spotted in Chester, UK - Silverstone E60 [MAD**7]
  643. W***VRK (Silverstone E39 M5) on the A40
  644. Sterling Gray in Gurnee, IL 3/19/09?
  645. E39 M5 Black/Carbon Black on Carlls Straight Path - Long Island
  646. J Reg Daytona Violet E34 M5
  647. HV**YRX (Black E60 M5) in Kensington
  648. red e39 m5 bloomsburg pa
  649. Silver E39 M5 on Embarcardero in SF, CA
  650. E39 M5 in Lancaster Outlets with MD Tags
  651. **25098 (Grey M6 Cabrio) in Geneva, Switzerland
  652. E60 M5 southbound on meadowbrook pkwy...
  653. Silver E39 M5 on Commack Road and LIE
  654. N*ELA (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) in Shepherd's Bush
  655. **PFH (Blue E39 M5) at Chalfont St. Peter
  656. Houston area sightings thread (3/2/09 start date)
  657. A**TRD (Silver E60 M5) in Harrow
  658. VX**VCK (Black E60 M5) at Hanger Lane
  659. KG**KNB (Indianapolis Red M6) in Harrow
  660. Blue E60 on A12 as I joined at Chelmsford
  661. P15E** (Alpine White M6 Cabrio) in Hyde Park
  662. 392*** (Alpine White E60 M5) in Bayswater
  663. Black M6 Convertible on the L.I.E
  664. Houston, Black E60 M5 flying south on FM1960
  665. ***E60 M5 @ LA fitness, lake success***
  666. X***CCB (Blue E39 M5) in Wembley
  667. lemans blue e39 m5 spotted in forest hills
  668. cmym6fly spotted on lie
  669. V***GNM (Black E39 M5) in Fulham
  670. LV**HVK (Black E60 M5) at Chalfont St. Giles
  671. G*TJT (Silver M6) in Amersham
  672. GV**BCE (Interlagos Blue E60 M5) on the A40
  673. E39 M5 at Franklins Gardens Northants
  674. M6 at Habberstad today
  675. RX**HVO (Black E60 M5) in Chelsea
  676. Member LI-M5 Spotted on LIE
  677. AJ**EXT (Black M6) in Mayfair
  678. LN**ZCJ (Silver E60 M5) in Hampstead
  679. HOT M.I.L.F. driving E60 M5...
  680. Saw a blue e39 m5 in atlanta
  681. saw 2 M5s stopped at a traffic light near my office in Menlo Park, CA (marsh and scott)
  682. W***MBJ (Black E39 M5) in Acton
  683. Blue e39 on Geneva Road in Wheaton
  684. Black e39 M5 w/ BBSS CH College Park, MD
  685. E60 M5 in Coconut Creek, FL
  686. E39 M5 in Boca
  687. 00**KWP (Black M6 Cabrio) in Northolt
  688. Maroon e39 M5 In College Park, MD
  689. Dinan M6 Convertible at Advantage BMW Houston Downtown
  690. WD**EYY (Grey E60 M5) in Harrow
  691. RK**ODM (Black M6 cabrio) in Northolt
  692. White E60 M5 in astoria queens (licence plate eurow3rk)
  693. white e60 chicago 1/22
  694. Silver M5 Long Island New York
  695. PNO**** (Blue M6) on the A40 in Hillingdon
  696. KNZ**** (Blue M6) on the A40 in Northolt
  697. m5 in Plano Texas
  698. FH**LTA (Black E60 M5) in Paddington
  699. Eastern Shore, MD Silver M5 sighted/heard?
  700. TSN*** (Blue E60 M5) in Fulham

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