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Sightings / Spotted M5 around the world: was it you?

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  1. E60 M5 on Hutchinson River Pky 10PM 8/9/06
  2. **LAW (Black E60) behind Harrods
  3. Blue Dinan M5 in SF
  4. Harrow on the Hill - Carbon Black E39
  5. Cloudesley Sq/St, E39, Black, 2006-08-08
  6. Spotted English M5 in Copenhagen
  7. Spotted Sterling Grey/ Agoura Hills Ca
  8. E60s in Wilmslow, Cheshire
  9. Furball 5000 - who had the blue M5?
  10. E39 Lemans Blue Hutchinson River North 8/4/06
  11. E60 M5 at Tropicana Newport
  12. E39 M** RYO on M6
  13. Spotted BMW M5
  14. Spotted: BMW AC Schnitzer ACS5 + 3 × M5 (see pictures!)
  15. LF55*** (Black E60 M5) outside Hatton X underground Station
  16. LG55*** (Silverstone E60 M5) on the A40
  17. LB52*** (Blue Z8)
  18. M5 ***Red E39 On A329 towards Bracknell
  19. Black E39 M5 heading north on the 805...
  20. Whose M5 in Camarillo today?
  21. seen a couple of beast in Santa monica
  22. Stillwater OK
  23. **DUKE
  24. Black E39, HWY280, Bay Area
  25. Escondido, silver
  26. V**DYY (Black E39) spotted today in Stanmore
  27. 101 South at Lynn Rd in Thousand Oaks
  28. Black E60 M5 spotted in Vienna, VA
  29. Morristown, NJ area M5's
  30. Black E60 M5 In Palm Beach 7/26
  31. V**HUS (Silverstone E60) spotted in Acton
  32. Nice M5 Spotted in Atlanta...
  33. W***DGC (Carbon Black M5) in Chelsea
  34. Silver Grey M5 White Plains, NY on 7/22/06
  35. Carbon Black at Mall of America...
  36. Del Mar
  37. SilverGrey M6 in Harrison NY
  38. Blue E60 M5 - H20 O*Y
  39. Silver E60 LHD UK reg spotted in Rotterdam
  40. CBlack/M555**/Tue 07:05/North London
  41. NL: D10 Biturbo Touring in Rotterdam
  42. Spotted In Downtown San Diego: Chiaretto Red w/ Dinan...
  43. I saw Greg last Friday
  44. Dinan S2 on Paseo Delicias.....
  45. Black E60M5 Again
  46. Black E60M5
  47. Holland: Alpina B5, 27-**-**, Alpinablue
  48. White E60M5
  49. M5 J**
  50. Charlott,NC Pineville-mathews road
  51. Black E60M5
  52. VC/Escondido
  53. Silver M5 in Pittsburgh this weekend
  54. Silver Gray sighting -- Boston Metro
  55. W***AVE (Silver E39) spotted in Acton
  56. E39 M5 at Croft RS Day
  57. Lots of Beasts wanted: Westlake Village, Woodland Hills, Malibu, Camarillo...
  58. Who was it?
  59. Silver M6 in Shadyside (Pittsburgh)
  60. Silverstone E60M5
  61. Grey E60M5
  62. Black E39M5
  63. V889 ***, Blue E39, Staines, 2006-07-06
  64. IB in NYC on July 3rd
  65. - M6 - YE ** RPZ Paddington today.
  66. E39 LMB
  67. Copper/Grey(?) E60, Roseberry Av London, 2006-07-05
  68. LG**XOX (Black E39 M5) in Northolt
  69. T*MMM (Sapphire Black E60) in Holland Park
  70. sighting in setauket, ny
  71. Mad mad blue, M40/UK 2006-07-02
  72. 3 E60 sightings in NYC/NJ
  73. Westlake Village, Ca Dark Grey (?) Plate M _ _ _SH
  74. Olympia, WA Maroon M5 on I-5 this a.m.
  75. LeMans Blue w/woman driver and custom license plates starting with an "A" - CHICAGO
  76. LeMans Blue w/woman driver and custom license plates starting with an "A"
  77. Black E60 M5 NYC 6/27 and 6/28/06
  78. All Black Beast, Woodland Hills, Ca
  79. **55XUU (Sapphire Black M6) on the A40
  80. Y*JAY (E39 M5) in Acton
  81. Downtown San Diego
  82. Silver E60/M5 Montreal, Canada (Mass. tags) F1 races
  83. 2 Beasts Spotted, Westlake Village, Ca
  84. KC***ZWK (Black M6) in Harrow
  85. GV06*** (Black E60) on M25 today
  86. Several today
  87. Blk E60 On King Street
  88. LS**NZM (Sepang Bronze E60) in Regents Park
  89. Romanian "home-made" BMW
  90. Yellow M5 spotted in San Diego
  91. E39 M5 on 2nd Ave travelling South in NYC 6PM 6/22/06
  92. BJ51*** (Blue E39) on Piccadilly
  93. youTube spot / Silver E60 - latin America ?
  94. Bluewater E39 Swindon
  95. Anthracite M5 in Round Rock?
  96. E34 M5 in Maida Vale 17th June
  97. D***XPA (E28 spotted today)
  98. Monday Nite in NYC
  99. ** ONT E60 M5 London M25 with picture!
  100. Two Chicago E39 sightings on Sat June 10th
  101. LT55*** (Sapphire Black E60) on A40
  102. ? for Atlanta owners
  103. M5 G** moonstone on M4 at 6.00 pm
  104. *13DBM (Blue E34 M5 spotted near Guildford)
  105. IB M5 sighting
  107. E63 at the Ring
  108. Westlake Village, California
  109. Black M5 North of Chicago
  110. M5/Z8 bonanza in Chicago/NY 6/4/06
  111. V12D** (Grey M6) in Hyde Park
  112. NK06*** (Silverstone E60) in Regent's Park
  113. So whos black Dinan M5 in Laguna Niguel?
  114. 88-xxxx Silverstone E60 M5 111 ave/156 st Edmonton, AB
  115. Juarez Mexico M5
  116. Gray or Anthracite E39 M5
  117. Black E60 M5 on West Side Hwy NYC on Sat 5/27/06
  118. Silverstone E60 M5 on West Broadway NYC on Memorial Day
  119. V10BEAST in NYC on Memorial Day
  120. 3 Silverstone's in NYC Saturday night
  121. LS55*** (Sepang Bronze E60) in Willesden
  122. V10M** (Interlagos Blue E60) in Harrow
  123. Silverstone E60 M5 from Germany in London
  124. L***PNU (E34 M5 spotted today in Harrow)
  125. KK**AGO (Sapphire Black E60) in Greenford
  126. Spotted Black M5 in Round Rock
  127. West Palm Beach, Silver Grey Spotted
  128. OMG I saw Like... in the Valley (San Diego); 2 M5, 1 Z8
  129. AGENTM5: Edmonton, AB Anthracite w/euro clears front and smoked tails and black rims
  130. Anthracite and Jet Black E39's, Plaza area of Kansas City, MO
  131. Anthracite Gray and Jet Black E39's in Plaza area of Kansas City
  132. W919 *** - Fence, Lancashire
  133. Y***MJM (Black E39) spotted in Acton
  134. Black E60 M5 spotted. Nora, Sweden
  135. M6 spotted (**55FMX) Sapphire Black
  136. silver e39 m5 with a white STi down fitzgerald dr. in Pinole, Ca
  137. Saphire Blk E60 in CT
  138. Indy Red e60 in Denton Texas?
  139. Valley Center Ca
  140. Photo: m5 in m6 side mirror. Is that you?
  141. Does a Z8 count?
  142. Who has a black E60 in Fayetteville (Fort Bragg), NC?
  143. Black or Carbon Black e39 w/nowack intakes in La Jolla, CA
  144. Alberta highway 1 - two E39s spotted!
  145. NYC: Henry hudson/West side highway North bound IB e60M5
  146. Tarpon Springs, FL *A Black Growling Beast*
  147. Red E60 M5 at Pastis in NYC 5/7/06
  148. OV**XVX (Interlagos Blue E60) in Greenford
  149. NK06*** (Silverstone E60) spotted today
  150. May 3rd, Black e60 M5 in West Palm Beach
  151. Red(E39) T *** *TD M74 Yesterday
  152. M**ENA (Blue E34) spotted today
  153. FDR Drive in NYC
  154. Silverstone E60 Behind a Gallardo in Weehawken/West NY
  155. silver m5
  156. Black Again
  157. 3 Sightings today
  158. Holland, 26/04/06, Avusblue e34 M5T, JN-GD-2*
  159. Black M5 in WPB
  160. Concord/charlotte, NC Black M5
  161. West Palm Beach, e60 Black M5, 4/20/2006
  162. 4-21-2006 Blue e39 M5 - E72-xxx on I-95 West Palm Beach Florida
  163. Silver E60, London 2006-04-20
  164. Palo Alto, CA - Silver e39 M5 - 4/19/06 License: 5BQ(?)****
  165. Black E60 M5 at Bremen
  166. BMW M5 E60 seen in Sydney - Auburn
  167. TiAg E39 in Charlotte
  168. Interlagos in San Diego
  169. e39 M5 - Silver, Palo Alto,CA on Deer Creek road at 6 p.m. 4/18/06
  170. M5 sighting - my first time seeing the beast!
  171. Interlagos in Deerfield
  172. SPOTTED: Individual Onyx Blue E60 and Imola Red E39 M5 in MD..!!
  173. Black E39 M5 in Holden MA today
  174. Two E60's M5's spotted today in Fairfax County VA
  175. Slivergrey E60 M5
  176. E34 M5 LE Metallic Green
  177. Indianapolis Red & Black E60M5s
  178. Black M5 on LIE
  179. Downtown Manhattan (Duane & Broadway)
  180. 4/11 e60 Sapphire Black in NYC and e39 carbon black on westside highway
  181. Charlotte, NC 4th street
  182. CN03*** (Black E39 M5) on M40
  183. London / Matilda St, Black E39, 2006-04-08
  184. London / Brent Cross, Silver E60, 2006-04-8/9
  185. Black E60 M5 Bristol
  186. White M6 in Middletown, NJ
  187. Sunday in the West Village
  188. White M5 at Wagner BMW
  189. GX03*** (silver E39 M5) at Gatwick
  190. Le mans Blue in London - near Bank Station...
  191. Sliver/Grey in Westchester
  192. April 4, 2006-Red E39 M5, xxx-FED in Boca Raton, Florida
  193. Silver E60 M5 w/exhaust & BBS LM's
  194. Alpine White - NYC
  195. NYC Chinatown
  196. Gassing Up
  197. 3 Alpine Whites in one week
  198. Smith St, Brooklyn
  199. 2 @ 15th & 7th in NYC
  200. Spotted E60 M5 in Tampa
  201. LeMans blue, E39, London Highbury corner
  202. Grey M6, London Brook st.
  203. Lemans E39 on River Road in Edgewater, NJ
  204. M5 Sightings
  205. Silver Gray E60 in Edgewater NJ
  206. M6 spotted in Fulham (GL55***)
  207. Spotted LeMans Blue E60 M5 on HWY 59 in South TX...
  208. 2 M5 sightings on Boulevard East, (weekhawken, West NY - NJ)
  209. White E60 M5 in Birkdale Village, Huntersville, NC
  210. X***TEO (Black E39 M5) in Bayswater
  211. [pic] E39 M5 HZY***, Malmoe, Sweden
  212. **EON (Black E39) spotted near Sloane Square
  213. **NJE (Black E39) spotted on A40
  214. M50 *** on M60 28/03/06
  215. Silver Grey E60??? in Rye Brook NY
  216. Debadged M5 on Mercer Island
  217. M5s in SF
  218. ***-41A Black e39 M5 in Miami 152nd ST
  219. Y789*** (Black E39 M5) in Harrow
  220. V* MRW in Harrogate..
  221. Le Mans Blue e39 in Stockton 25/03/2006
  222. Very dirty Interlagos E60 M5 with Packline in Sthlm
  223. ST05*** (Interlagos Blue E60) spotted today
  224. 00 Blue + Tints M5 in Chicago on i90
  225. 2 M5's sighted together
  226. Spotted in Acton (** BNH) Blue E39 M5
  227. Silver Gray in City Place West Palm Beach on 3/20
  228. Silver Gray in Boca on 3/20
  229. WV06*** (Sapphire Black E60) spotted today
  230. Black e60 M5 - Indian Wells - Pacific Life Open this past weekend
  231. Silver Gray in NYC
  232. UK - Saturday 18 March : URE **A
  233. Black E60 in Malmö, Sweden
  234. Bluewater E39 UK
  235. Sepang e60 M5 in front of Pastis, Meatpacking District, NYC 3/11 11pm
  236. SPOTTED: E60 M5 - Black - North Scottsdale, AZ - Near Mayo and Scottsdale rd 3/12
  237. London, Lee High Road, L*02 DKD, e39 M5 in LMB
  238. London, Southampton Row: A*55 XZH, black e60 M5
  239. Spotted: Carbon black E39 thursday on E314
  240. Spotted: Titanium Silver in Charlotte
  241. M5's on
  242. Silverstone e60 M5 on Henry Hudson Parkway, NY 745am 3/9
  243. MCA** (Interlagos Blue E60) spotted in Park Royal
  244. Holland: Nieuwegein March 7th '06, Silver M6
  245. TAMPA: Saturday night from downtown
  246. E60 in Bala Cynwyd, PA
  247. First sighting
  248. Silver Grey e60 - Scottsdale, AZ on McDowell heading east by Chapman BMW - March 1st
  249. Silverstone E39 - Hexthorpe, Doncaster (UK)
  250. Spotted in Rye NY
  251. LMB E39 Bicester
  252. SPOTTED: Tampa M5 by USF on Fowler...
  253. Black E39 M5 PIE *** AZ
  254. (2) E39 M5 spotted in Connecticut
  255. Silver M5 At SOS in Louisville, KY
  256. E60 Black M5 spotted in Rosenheim/Germany
  257. Y849*** (Imola Red E39) spotted today
  258. HN55*** Black M6 In Knightsbridge today
  259. TiSilver e60 in Chinatown (NYC)... 2/21 @7PM
  260. Arlington, VA (DC-metro) sighting
  261. Vegas roadie
  262. las vegas sighting
  263. Blk e39 M5 at Mobil Station this afternoon, Westchester, NY
  264. V205*** (Black E39 M5) spotted today
  265. Luvley White E60 M5 by Selfridges 16th Feb
  266. Spotted: New Black M5, Rt.22 NJ @ 4am heading towards NYC. anyone here?
  267. Black M5 spotted on Hwy 407 in Toronto
  268. e39 M5 Black - Scottsdale, AZ on 101 and exiting at Shea
  269. E34 M5 Touring in George Street Edinburgh
  270. 881 *** 2000 TiSi w/b on I-10 in AZ
  271. *FSE (Silver E60 M5) on Edgware Road
  272. Silver E60 M5 going north 71 Cinci
  273. Edmonton TiSi E39 Beast spotted at Bavaria BMW (dealership)
  274. First Southern California M5 sighting ...
  275. Houston Black E39 M5 - Midtown
  276. sterling grey 71 north Cincinnati
  277. Alpina B7 at Scotthall Temple Fortune
  278. E39 M5 Antracite in CT
  279. Black E60 M5 In NYC Wednesday 2/1
  280. E39 Carbon Black @ Kings Langley
  281. Tampa- Black E60 M5 Bay to Bay Just before 5.
  282. Black E60 M5 in Potomac
  283. Interlagos Blue At Torrey pines
  284. White E60 M5-Tampa, FL- On Dale Mabry
  285. "impresiv"
  286. Blue E39 in eastern CT
  287. Holland, PZ-HS-1*, e34 M5 Touring, Bussum
  288. P500**D (Silver Grey) spotted today
  289. Y***SUB (Black E39 M5) in Acton
  290. Black M5 in Midland, TX owner here?
  291. Black e34 m5 that wasn't
  292. X415*** and **BNH (both Blue E39) on A40 today
  293. Yet another M5 in Mumbai, India (Indianapolis Red)
  294. Saw TWO M5s This Morning
  295. **XXA (E34) spotted on Greenford Road
  296. Multiple Charlotte NC sightings
  297. LS**WXB (Black E39) spotted in Acton
  298. Spotted One
  299. LS***ZM (E60 M5) spotted outside Selfridges
  300. H3P*K (Black E60) in Acton
  301. I got spotted and found on another board...
  302. Saw my first M5 in Fort Lauderdale
  303. V8 *SO (Black E39 M5) in Harrow
  304. Silver Grey E60 M5 spotted in San Diego
  305. Interlagos Blue E60 M5 in NYC Tuesday 1/3
  306. White E60 M5 In NYC Friday 12/30
  307. Today E34 M5 *** 2272
  308. Anyone's blue M5 in Chester County?
  309. E60 Sepang Bronze Richmond, Va
  310. V205***(Black E39 M5) spotted today
  311. raced: another m5 (imola red) san diego
  312. Red e34 in Poole
  314. Grey E60 M5 spotted in Halle,...
  315. Grey E60 M5 spotted in Halle,...
  316. Black E60 in Phoenix, AZ at 51st and Elliot
  317. Black E60 M5 at Filli Ponte in NYC yesterday
  318. IB or SB M5 in front of Joe T Garcia's tonight at around 6:45
  319. Interlagos Blue M5 spotted on the Grand Central Pkwy in NYC Friday Night
  320. Silver E39 X** DJM
  321. Spotted E60 Lemans Blue in Federal way!!
  322. 3 M5's in 24hrs
  323. attn:nightdiverbill
  324. LS51*** (Black E39) on the back of a truck
  325. At Wegman's in Fairfax, VA
  326. Dark silver e39 with Stoptech, lowered, and Dinan cans in SF
  327. Black E39 M5 ** WOL
  328. Raced: TiSilver M5 w/ wheels+brembos, San Diego
  329. Houston encounter of the M kind...
  330. M5 Sighting Harvard ave Allston/Boston
  331. 758 ** Today In Swindon
  332. *Y55*YX (Silverstone E60 M5) in Knightsbridge
  333. **55NZM (Sepang Bronze E60 M5)
  334. Black E39 M5's in London (2)
  335. Newly S3'd Black; FL plate P77 4UZ
  336. New M5 Saratoga Springs-- anyone here?
  337. LK**HMY (Black E60 M5)
  338. Carbon Black? Dinan M5 - Rhode Island plates - Virginia Beach
  339. Burgundy or Maroon M5???
  340. LJ***EHE (Black E60 M5)
  341. **TRN (Green E34 Touring)
  342. Silver or Gray e39 at Wagner BMW today
  343. V305*** (Carbon Black E39)
  344. toast : e39 aginst new M5 Towcester
  345. L*TOP (Silver E39) spotted today
  346. E34 M5 Black in Edinburgh
  347. First real life sighting of the M5
  348. Saphire 06 M5 in houston--
  349. Dallas Guys! Who has an LMB?
  350. Blue E39 M5....
  351. saw my first M5 in real life!
  352. E34 M5 spotted on A6 north of Macon, France
  353. Saw 3 Today in Westchester NY
  354. Blue Dinan plated in Mass. seen on California Interstate 1
  355. Black E60 M5 At Reeves in Tampa *pics*
  356. Ti Sil M5 spotted I95 (Q-Bridge)
  357. ? Silverstone in Eastern CT
  358. spotted: sepang bronze at oakridge mall, san jose
  359. GV**KZD (Silverstone E60 M5) in Harrow
  360. V28*** (Black Z8) on Gt. Marlborough St. (London)
  361. Silver Beast in San Francisco Nov 10
  362. London
  363. Another M5 in Mumbai, India - this one's black
  364. Black M5 - Norfolk International Airport Garage
  365. Multiple Chicago Sitings
  366. Mark from Germany - guten tag!
  367. Tampa Dale Mabry Silver Grey(?) E60 M5 Pic!
  368. Picadili Curcus / London last Sunday
  369. Interlagos Blue near Harrods today
  370. Southampton M5 E60
  371. HXM* (E39 M5) in Shepherd's Bush
  372. YN**WNA (Black E60) in Acton
  373. Black E60 M5 in 'S-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
  374. M6 (MF55 X**) on the M6
  375. V**WFF (Interlagos Blue) in Harrow
  376. 12*K (Black E39) Marylebone Road
  377. W**LDP (Blue E39) westbound A40
  378. Carbon/Jet Black M5 In Alma, Wisconsin
  379. Silver Beast in Wetherby today
  380. Holland, 2*-RR-KJ, e60 M5,
  381. Holland, *7-RR-TS, Rotterdam 06/10/05 14:25
  382. Blue M5 on Rt. 140 in Boylston MA
  383. KJ55*** (Black E60 M5) in Shepherd's Bush
  384. Y973*** at Bruntingthorpe (Oct 1st)
  385. Silver M5 - RB8 or RB4 in Boca Raton,Florida on Tow Truck
  386. Imola M5 going to PA.
  387. white e34 in Calgary
  388. Black E39 Dinan M5 in Tampa, FL. *pic*
  389. Norcross, GA, USA
  390. Y*JAS (Black E39 M5) in Acton
  391. Black M6 in Italy at the supermarket (Photo)
  392. Sterling Grey M5 spotted at Kings Island
  393. Mclaren F1 in London
  394. My first sighting of an E60 M5
  395. ** BJO Red (Bristol)
  396. M5 in Delaware on Rt. 7 and rt. 48
  397. Holland: 9*-RS-ZV, Black/black/alu E60 M5, 's-Gravendeel, today 14:20
  398. Y996*** (Silver E39 M5) on A40
  399. Interlagos Blue M5 in India - whose is this?
  400. LeMans Blue M5 XY* in Berkhamsted
  401. K404 ***
  402. Honolulu Red?
  403. Vancouver on West 4th (Sunday Sept. 5th)
  404. Black e60 M5, 7*-RP-ZB, Holland, Fri. 2/sep/05, A4 near Schiphol, direction The Hague
  405. Le Mans Blue Motril (Spain)
  406. Saw Silverstone M5 in Horsforth, Leeds, UK today!
  407. Three black M5's spotted on recent S-Fran trip
  408. *Sweden* Saw a black M5 with the plate "BOOM"
  409. X48*** (black E39 M5) on Western Avenue
  410. 4 on Tuesday 2005-08-23, London
  411. Royal Red in Monterey
  412. RMC*R (Black E39 M5) on Sudbury Hill
  413. e60 interlagos blue totenhm ct Rd V10 ***
  414. KE* (Black E39 M5) spotted today in Ealing
  415. I saw an silver e39 m5
  416. Wallingford - in Waitrose car park on the morning of Sunday 14th
  417. Black E60, Faringdon Lane London 2005-08-10
  418. RMC** (Black M5) - Harrow 8pm last night
  419. RE02V** (Black M5) - Harrow on the Hill
  420. Aug. 3rd 17:45, E60 M5, Holland, A15 Ring Rotterdam, 29-RR-K*
  421. Atlanta 7/24 , morning
  422. Ocean's M5
  423. Dk Blue M5 - Phoenix - 101 N 7:45 a.m. - 8/1
  424. M5 Silverstone west sussex
  425. *TE (Black E60 M5) near Selfridges (with photo!)
  426. A couple of black M5's today (London).....
  427. Hey Mperor..
  428. ** FLY, Imola Red, M25/M20 2005-07-24
  429. Carbon Black, Brands Hatch, 2005-07-23
  430. KH05*** (Silverstone E60 M5) in Hyde Park
  431. M5 Green Horshan
  432. M5?, Exige, Evo, SL55, all from Britain, near Hannover, Germany
  433. ML03 R** Bath
  434. OV**ZTK (Silver M5) A40 Greenford
  435. SPOTTED: Gambrills, MD off rte 3
  436. Spotted a M5 in Peterborough.
  437. Spotted a M5 in Peterborough.
  438. W***XGP (Black M5) Marylebone High Street
  439. E60 M5 Spotted at Schiphol-Rijk, Amsterdam
  440. Interlagos Blue ///M5 in DC
  441. San Carlos, CA; El Camino, Imola; 4NKVxxx
  442. Friendly encounter
  443. Richardson, TX fender bender
  444. Was this you in Houston?
  445. So who was it? Dallas George Bush yesterday?
  446. Black M5 @ Vines West Sussex 6th July
  447. Blue, Scuderia(UK), waiting for Tubi 2005-07-05
  448. Lake Tahoe - 4th of July weekend
  449. E60 M5 Henley on Thames-M5 J**
  450. e60 m5 watford cinema car park m5 ct*
  451. Parked M5
  452. V63*** (Black M5), Harrow on the Hill
  453. Spotted, anyone on this board E39 (M5)
  454. V10*FF (Interlagos E60) in Acton
  455. S4*** (Black M5) caught on camera!
  456. MD02**X (Black M5) in Notting Hill
  457. X reg, Sky blue, Angel London 2005-06-21
  458. Sightings in San Diego
  459. X67*** (Avus Blue M5) in Stonebridge Park
  460. M5 *H* Worthing & Shoreham
  461. Y11 *** Black (Mortlake)
  462. 23** specialist BMW Stevenage
  463. Silver Z8 Autobahn CC South Track 6-4-05
  464. Deep red, Farringdon road 2005-06-09
  465. **NRW (silver M5) spotted in Perivale at 5:30pm today
  466. FH**XRZ (Black M5) say cheese!
  467. **SBA smile for the camera please
  468. L***SJY (Silver E60 M5) in Golders Green
  469. LS05U** (E60 M5) on the A40 Greenford
  470. ***TAX (Black M5) in Acton
  471. T874*** (Oxford Green M5) at Heathrow
  472. Bluewater E39 M5 - Teddington
  473. TLA ** Le Mans Blue
  474. Spotted... Anyone here?
  475. Carbon Black M555 *** on the M4 sunday 29
  476. W611 *** A27 Lewes to Brighton
  477. Phoenix, AZ - Silver PDM *** in DHL parking lot
  478. W72 *** in Hove
  479. Le Mans on M23 going south M5 C**
  480. Le mans in Hove
  481. individual colour, Palace Pier, Brighton
  482. Ashok spotted this morning
  483. Black, Rockingham, 22nd May.
  484. Carmichael, CA
  485. Blue E39 in Boise Idaho
  486. L48*** (E34 M5) in St. John's Wood today
  487. Mattar's red E55 in London
  488. Orlando - Rollins College
  489. Spotted Cidair in Kullavik, Sweden.
  490. O'Hare Airport parking Chicago
  491. V354*** (black M5) near Baker Street yesterday
  492. WN02 *** LMB Bristol
  493. Y**TAB (Black M5) in Fulham
  494. Moded M5 sighting.."ALL LED" are you here?
  495. E60 M5 RF05*** Henley on Thames
  496. T252*** (black M5) on A40 in Acton
  497. V205*** (black M5) in Harrow
  498. **AJX spotted last night at Hanger Lane
  499. J88*** (Blue M5) on A40 Acton yesterday
  500. EK51*** (Blue M5) Friday evening near Baker Street
  501. 1Carbon Black and 1-Silver in Monterey/PG California area
  502. Blue M5 - Hayes - uxbridge road...
  503. Y32*** (black M5) at Brent Cross
  504. CK51 *** LMB
  505. 30.04 - Blue M5 Notting Hill
  506. BM1N in watford multistory Sunday
  507. W72*** (Silver M5) on Hanger Lane last night
  508. Y8*9*** (Black M5) in Pinner
  509. Silverstone Blue V477 *** M4 Friday eve
  510. DU52 ***
  511. M5 Spotted
  512. GY02*** in Fulham (Black M5) - I gave you a card
  513. ** KG Black (Manchester)
  514. W314 *** Black (Putney)
  515. Carbon Black E39 M5 in Madrid - Spain
  516. silver m5, mthuzst Ca plate, walnut creek, ca
  517. **OLY (Silver M5) spotted on the M25
  518. B1**V (Blue E34) spotted in Harrow
  519. Spotted in Santa Rosa
  520. 3 M5s in 100 yards
  521. Spotted in Berlin yesterday N:VU984
  522. TiSilver-London, ONT, Canada-York St
  523. Saw an LMB M5 in Livermore--->Anyone's? nt
  524. E39 Black M5 - Santa Clara, CA 4NOV**
  525. E60 M5 in FINLAND, Helsinki/Herttoniemi !
  526. PA03*** (Silver M5) on A40 this morning
  527. Sliver M5 in Alameda 94502 area
  528. 04/11/2005 Blue M5 Gainesville Florida
  529. Black R9 *** Bracknell
  530. Modified M5 in london on the great west road [M5 A**]
  531. **PFH (Blue M5) on A40 last night
  532. K31TH* (Bluewater M5) at Carphone Warehouse HQ
  533. W893*** (Imola Red M5) in Park Royal
  534. A*LDS (Blue M5) at Heathrow Airport
  535. Carbon Black 'M5 BMW' in Charlotte, NC
  536. Black E39 Boise Idaho
  537. Ti Ag with Temp Plates, Chicago
  538. W72 *** Hove
  539. CA Plate "400V8" Lemans Blue M5
  540. Silver Dinan M5 spotted in Rowayton,
  541. Black Dinan M5 at Marriott Hotel, Fremont (CA)
  542. spotted in
  543. JC**** (Silver M5) at Heathrow Airport
  544. 275 *** Hove
  545. Y99** ***
  546. M5 T** Hove
  547. Chiaretto Red M5 - The Woodlands, TX
  548. LM Blue M5 on M4 (FH51 *** I think)
  549. Imola Red M5 Westbound 118 FWY in Simi Valley, CA?
  550. Carbon Black M5 reg M5***
  551. Silverstone
  552. M5 on M4 (** YAY)
  553. Royal Crescent, Bath (my mother & friends have the Ashok bug !!!)
  554. W94*** (Anthracite M5) in Holland Park
  555. Black M5, Chicago, IL
  556. W901*** (Green M5) in Chiswick
  557. Spotted Carbon black I-55 southbound IL
  558. 03 M3 CSL on the M4 nr reading
  559. Blue, private plate, Angel Sainsburys car park
  560. Black E34 M5 Touring
  561. Imola Red, Feb 26, 405S Fwy, Cali
  562. Holland, Dark Grey e39 M5, 78-HF-**, skinny winter wheels.
  563. Black M5 - 101s (by San Francisco Airport) 4xxx603
  564. Another M5 *** Brighton
  565. FL51*** (Green M5) on A40
  566. Ashok today 1pm Hyde Park Sq
  567. A Litttle of topic: Porsche Carrera GT in Orlando
  568. M5 *** Brighton
  569. Spotted M5 in Alameda 94502 area
  570. Bluewater M5 South London
  571. M5 Spotted South London
  572. Spotted M5 @ FLETC
  573. SF51*** (Black M5) on A40
  574. "M5 5KY" Worpelsdon @ 3.30pm Today (10th)
  575. Le Man Blue Hayes
  576. Silver/MAG**/Mon 08:45/Amwell St
  577. SOP** (Blue M5) spotted in Bloomsbury
  578. *JFR (Black M5) spotted on A40 Paddington
  579. Le Mans Blue x 3
  580. Late E34 spotted near Glasgow 25/01/05
  581. Spotted 4 on Sunday
  582. M500*** (Silver M5) spotted in Greenford
  583. YG51*** (Blue M5) spotted on A40
  584. Black M5 - License Plate M5PWRED - San Francisco
  585. M5 Fake in Sussex
  586. Imola Red E39 M5 Downtown LA
  587. Ti Silver M5 in Temple City
  588. Carbon Black with caramel interior on cathedral Ave. DC
  589. M5 LA*
  590. Blue M5 spotted in Madrid
  591. 4RIE*** - Blue M5 Spotted in Palm Springs, CA
  592. MAGIC** - London Amwell St./Rosebery Av.
  593. Y532*** (Blue M5) spotted in South Harrow
  594. Blackhawk, CA
  595. plate # 4nov807 Black m5
  596. EF51*** spotted near Sloane Square
  597. BLACK M5 in Feltham, middlesex, UK
  598. E60 M5 !
  599. E39 M5 ** GGJ
  600. E39 Carbonblack in Stockholm
  601. M5 A**
  602. Carbon Black M5 (Illinois)
  603. Spotted 2 e39 M5's and had a pen handy! - UK.
  604. F97 2xxx - Black M5 - Chicago, IL - Japonais restaurant
  605. Black de-badged M5 in Turnhout
  606. Dark Gray (Sterling?) M5 in Macon, GA
  607. Black (or carbon or some dark blue?)O M5 on I-20 east in Madison, GA
  608. ****VM (Bluewater M5) spotted in Central London
  609. Y***OLF (Silver M5) in Holland Park
  610. XX 02 HYU Carbonblack M5 Howe Street Edinburgh
  611. M3 CSL in Queen Street Edinburgh XX04 XYU
  612. M5 round the Milton Keynes area "** ORAL"...
  613. M5 round the Milton Keynes area "ORAL" in numberplate...
  614. 3000 miles in 1 week and noone saw me?!
  615. Light Blue M5 on the 110 towards Pasadena
  616. LR51*** (Blue M5) in Chiswick
  617. Ashok's "M5 radar"
  618. Y319*** (Avus Blue M5) in Acton
  619. Blue S2 in San Antonio
  620. M5's everywhere!! (Los Angeles/Orange Cty)
  621. M5 Sighting today 134fwy...
  622. RMC** (Black M5) in South Harrow
  623. **LAW (Black M5) today in Hyde Park
  624. Carbon Black "MMMM5"
  625. Black E39 M5 spotted in Pasadena
  626. White M5 on FDR Drive
  627. M5&M3 from Southamtpon?
  628. Not one but TWO M5's today
  629. Carbon Black M5 on M25
  630. N*ELA (Black M5) spotted on Hanger Lane
  631. WM51*** (Bluewater M5) spotted in Wembley
  632. I-88 eastbound Illinois
  633. Carbon Black E39 M5 Spotted in Old Town Pasadena
  634. Is this your M5 at the DMV in NY ?
  635. K *** SUS in Albyn Place Edinburgh
  636. Y532*** (Blue M5) spotted in Harrow
  637. Belgium
  638. B*NJE (Black M5) spotted on A40 in Acton
  639. SIlver M5 tonight(friday) on Van Wyck (Temp Tags)
  640. 2 today
  641. Ti Silver spotted in Pico Rivera area
  642. Silver E39 M5 in Lexington, SC
  643. 4 Sightings in one day in London NW11!
  644. Titanium Silver M5
  645. W297*** (Black M5) spotted in Notting Hill
  646. B1MW * (Carbonblack M5) on A40 Greenford
  647. Black M5 seen in Belgium - Roeselare
  648. EF51*** (Black M5) spotted in Eaton Place
  649. Silverstone w/Schnitzer Exhaust - Wimbledon Village
  650. V205*** (Black M5) in Greenford
  651. Seen E34 M5
  652. X***HRD (Carbonblack M5) spotted today
  653. RY02Y** (Black M5) spotted on Baker Street
  654. W567*** (Black M5) in Portman Square
  655. A**SKT (Silver E34 M5) on Baker Street
  656. W249*** (Black M5) in Kendal Street W2
  657. Gatwick Airport 02 plate M5
  658. M25 8.30am junc 8-9 **WOW
  659. LL02*** (Black M5) spotted in Holland Park
  660. X555*** (Black M5) in Central London
  661. RUE**A (Bluewater M5) spotted in Notting Hill
  662. Galena, IL 8/16 Imola Red E39 '00 or '01
  663. Wrecked Silver M5 @ Small cars in NY
  664. Black E39 M5 Carmel interior in Elk Rapids, MI
  665. YG51*** (Blue M5)
  666. Garden State Parkway
  667. Anyone Else Feel This "Sightings" Forum Is A Waste of Time ??
  668. Black E39 M5 on Garfield Ave.
  669. Spotted: FBC***** Black E39 in Montreal (René-Lévêque st).
  670. TiSi in Miami
  671. Spotted: **FRU (Silver M5)
  672. Le Mans Blue M5 in Coral Springs
  673. Bluewater (I think) E39 M5 on I20 near Augusta, GA
  674. Le Mans Blue E39, M* AOL
  675. Spotted: T996*** (Oxford Green M5)
  676. spotedn in westport-LZF
  677. Spotted: A40 SILVER M5 WP 03 ***
  678. Saw 3 yesterday in San Francisco
  679. Spotted in Greenford: KU02***
  680. spotted a black M5 842***
  681. silver/grey tourer
  682. Carbon Black in Miami
  683. E39 Estoril Blue
  684. Glen Cove, NY Silver M5
  685. New Mexico plate: "0 2 60"
  686. silverstone 2004
  687. Spotted: T91*** (Bluewater M5)
  688. Spotted: DV51*** (Blue M5)
  689. Michigan US131 - Silver E39 M5 on 7/6/04
  690. Oxford Green M5 spotted on the A46 last Thursday
  691. M5 Le Mans Blue M5 E*A
  692. M5 Le Mans Blue M5 E*A
  693. Blue E34 M5 in Portsmouth (H*** BOT)
  694. Black Convert Z06
  695. Sterling Gray M5
  696. Black Z8 (** CFC) spotted yesterday
  697. Le Mans Blue G* BSN
  698. Spotted: T91*** (Silver M5)
  699. Spotted: V63 *** (Carbonblack M5)
  700. Spotted LMB E39 in Portland

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