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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. 4am in the middle of the Everglades alone...
  2. Scary : Anybody having his new beast shipped these days ?
  3. any owners near Dublin, CA ?
  4. Bent front alloy
  5. Needed: Good tint shop in South Bay area
  6. BMW Shop Needed in CA
  7. I think it's time to stop attemps at track time in the beast
  8. What's up with my dip stick.....?
  9. a comment from a guy who drives a Toyota Tundra pickup...........
  10. What do you guys think of OZ wheels?
  12. Spongy brake pedal feel
  13. Shifts like "buttah" w/o Royal Purple
  14. Need help locating a new...
  15. Any Temporary Spare Available???
  16. 18's or 19's......which works best on the M5
  17. Dealer personnel caught Joyriding in my M5!
  18. How angry can you get?
  19. O.C. Meeting point for So Cal ride Jan 25th
  20. E39 M5 v E34 M5
  21. Where is the best service in Fla.
  22. "Best Motoring" track video with 996 Turbo, Skyline, Corvette, NSX and F360
  23. BANNED from Houston BMW Agencies!!!
  24. Blast form the past: Tiff NMeedell in the BMW M5!
  25. Caramel Nappa Heritage w/split folding?
  26. Beast in trouble - need advice please....
  27. Keep the Porsche?
  28. M5 as Ultimate Kiddie Express: Experience with Child Booster Seats?
  29. DINAN Group Buy Update! I have good news for you guys........
  30. GruppeM Filter Ram Charger for M5 (PICS)
  31. 275's in front-rubbing??? BTDT??
  32. 01 vs 02
  33. Not to bring up the topic of Oil again, but.......
  34. Who has the LOWEST odometer reading?
  35. Anyone w/Borla cat-back?
  36. Stereo Upgrade in LA -- Looking for Good Place/Person
  37. Dinan Rear Bars, Which Hole?
  38. Sebring this weekend..any other M5er's heading over?
  39. Roadside Assistance?
  40. Exhaust mods causing SES light - need advice
  41. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy an ALPINA part?.........
  42. SES Light - Cats/Headers/X-pipe/New exhaust/CAI
  43. Bluetooth technical questions.
  44. info wanted from Z8 owners
  45. Engine oil question
  46. Anyone need a "new" CD changer?
  47. Very nice Recaro seats in the M5
  48. Owners Gallery now working!
  50. You want a good laugh, check this out.....
  51. Engine longevity with aftermarket cams?
  52. What's in your CD changer?
  53. Cost of Inspection I
  54. Racing Dynamics RS2 pics
  55. Tire Rack - Pilot Sport 245/40/18
  56. 100,000 Maintenance Option
  57. Does anyone know the difference between HARTGE headers and SuperSprint's headers?
  58. Rear Airbags??
  59. Silverstone interior
  60. CPO question
  61. Dam Cadillac. Even the CTS-V has vented louver slats on it's engine hood.
  62. Bi-Xenon lights
  63. Sport Mode on at Start Up
  64. Off to RMS she goes...
  65. Got smoked by a kid in a hopped-up F150!
  66. wish I had more time with the beast
  67. Who has the Most Miles on their M5?
  68. test - please reply in this thread.
  69. High milage M5, should I worry ?
  70. Big Brother??
  71. Anybody know where I can get projected resale value data?
  72. It's going to my head...
  73. Another happy customer...
  74. Installed: 3.45 diff, SS headers and Cats!.
  75. My visit to Lidatek to check out the new LE-30
  76. Lidatek does it again
  77. Need Advice - 2 year maintenance appointment
  78. Autoweek article on BMW
  79. Have a question about Supersprint Headers and Cats
  80. Dinan suspension settings???
  81. new owner questions: key remote / on board computer
  82. Flywheel but not clutch?
  83. BMW Widescreen.
  84. Finally ready to do my maintenance, parts info here & questions
  85. How hard do you drive your beast?
  86. Costly mistakes
  87. Anyone had the Kelleners Engine Tune Kit?
  88. **** this pisses me off
  89. CPS, or VANOS, or O2 sensor?
  90. Does anyone make a smooth solid clutch for the e39 M5
  91. In search for a used M5
  92. Replacing Turn signal bulbs...need help!!
  93. Kelleners M5 exhaust - disappointment
  94. Just when you thought a 600hp M5 was enough !
  95. Question about my differentials!
  96. BREMBO- What is your pad of choice?
  97. Will we have a Bay Area 04 Spring Drive?
  98. Dealer visit - RESULTS (long)
  99. Feb M3 meet but how bout some M5's?
  100. Suspension Questions....HELP!!
  101. M5 w/Ground Control, RUF w/PSS9, one route: a comparo
  102. Huge problem=cant open gas door (electrical)
  103. Steering wheel change
  104. Wheels that will take a 275/285 combo without rolling the fenders
  105. Problems or normal operation?
  106. M5 or Porsche 996
  108. help with wheel scratches and brakes?
  109. Lost respect for Brabus
  110. X Driving Experience from the Performance Center
  111. With the Strong Euro/Pound, are US M5s a Bargain for Europeans?
  112. Will this Wheel/Tire combo fit?
  113. New M5 Trailer! [ Video ]
  114. Hello, need some help from Chicago M5ers
  115. Installing headers and SS cats.
  116. Detroit Or Bust! The LI Posse's visit to NAIAS
  118. High-mileage M5 value!!!
  119. What do you guys think?
  120. OT-Is this for real?!
  121. Bay Area folks: NorCal SAAC at Laguna 2/7-8
  122. 16:9 nav upgrade
  123. Ferrari F40 and Maranello asleep in winter awaiting company from a new M5
  124. Rear-ended Beast
  125. Towed
  126. BMW CCA, golden gate chapter Driver school
  127. Beast vs 540 Suspension...
  128. Nav Question
  129. CA declares war on cars with no front plates!
  130. So, does this car have M Audio?
  131. Average Miles for a tank of gas?
  132. Today's pet peeve: unreasonable expectations
  133. 2000 mile report of Goodyear F1 GS-D3 tires
  134. OEM M5 suspensions, will it fit other E39s?
  135. SwayBars - Options?
  136. Does anyone have a shortcut to Hamanns Daytona Widebody kit?
  137. Getting spooked about E39 M5....advice please.
  138. '03 M5 still on the lot...*NEW*....
  139. Bangle to leave BMWAG ? Could this really be true ???
  140. Snow Beast
  141. Software upgrade for Navigation Systems
  142. Spring rates of stock springs for E39 M5
  143. Do somebody know how many M5 E39 there is in North America?
  144. What did you give your beast for christmas?
  145. Bumpy Roads...
  146. bmwm5.com goes racing!
  147. Where to get real 00' M5 wheels?
  148. Where to get real 00' M5 wheels?
  149. Does the N500 come supercharged? from Nowack
  150. Buying a used E39 M5!
  151. Question about the front head-rest
  152. E34 UK Dyno Shootout - open to E39 owners
  153. Ground Control Coilovers Installed (pics, long)
  154. PICS: M5 with salt and new camera
  155. How to tell if wheels are legit OEM?
  156. Best clutch/pressure plate for Dinan S1 flywheel?
  157. First gear power cutback?
  158. TEC vibrates
  159. ne1 have trouble passing emissions
  160. RMS's Reputation changed??
  161. Awesome stealthy install/operation of V1 units!
  162. Gustav's Dinan S2 Video
  163. Last "second" joining of Dinan rear diff. may be possible........
  164. Dual Mass Flywheel .vs. Lightweight Flywheel--What Performance Differences Do You See
  165. New Schools/Drives at the Performance Center
  166. Problems
  167. VANDALISM: Brake caliper bolts removed
  168. Great Ferrari F50, Enzo video on track + McLaren F1 + CSL videos
  169. Favor
  170. BMW M5 and Subaru Imperza GT @ Nurburgring
  171. Northeast Posse rides again (and freezes)
  172. M5 VANOS pack problems?
  173. Dinan Upgrades
  174. Steering wheel change may require alignment?
  175. Additional details on the M5/DINAN Group Buy event........
  176. Pics: of Random Metal cats(and resonators,not random)
  177. New Member (PIX)
  178. Clutch return spring just fell out....
  179. V/Stacks are on !
  180. Suspenion upgrade questions....
  181. Out of warranty pre-inspection?
  182. My "Stealth" V1 installation [PICS]
  183. Dealer visit this Monday: what is reasonable and what is not?
  184. Arizona Drivers
  185. Good News! You can buy ext. maintenance to 6/100!
  186. Thinking about the Nowack 500 Conversion?
  187. Do you wave? (Poll)
  188. Project RMS back on track
  189. Rubbers
  190. 1/7: 2 M5 + DINAN5 sightings
  191. Out of Warranty
  192. SS Racing cats are here!!!! Pic (sorta)
  193. New pics - '02 Imola/Black
  194. Z8 Dyno procedure
  195. M5 from "Star" BMW Film for sale..
  196. Hit by a rock(ok large stone)
  197. Whats better ACS DFC or KW Stage 3?
  198. Board Member Apples Featured in NY Times
  199. Spare the criticism, I bought 20" wheels.. lol
  200. Would you be upset?!
  201. Our lesson for today is....
  202. Are clutches under warrantee?
  203. Warranty renewal time warning!
  204. M5 Coolant Flush Schedule
  205. Ground Clearance compared with 5-series?
  206. '01 M5 wheels offsets
  207. Whine During Cold Start
  208. Thinking of replacing OEM navigation with Kenwood System
  209. Please Don't Laugh...................
  210. Cluster of M5 Sightings In FL and WI—Sorry, Sorta Old
  211. A companion for My beast...
  212. iPod Will Work Directly With Alpine Head Unit
  213. Question about a potential '02 purchase
  214. To those with an '00 M5........
  215. Trying to keep up with the upcoming/new competitors cars ...........
  216. Newbie to the board...couple questions.
  217. M5 Coupe pic
  218. Has anyone trailered their Z8?
  219. Anyone been to the LA Autoshow yet?
  220. Switching Sport Seats for Comfort Seats '01 M5
  221. Switching cars.....
  222. Anyone with 19's and ACS DFC fitted??
  223. Attn. Lonman
  224. New McLaren F1LM videos
  225. Spartanburg Revisited - Question...
  226. iPod users: connection method?
  227. Shifting gears without engine running, is it harmful?
  228. My SS Cats are on the Way!!
  229. How do I fold the **** ski bag?
  230. Tips on getting BMW to replace a clutch?
  231. Dinan "Announces" The S3 Kit For the E39 M5
  232. Psychotic homeless woman vs. M5. Woman: 1, Beast: 0 [PICS]
  233. Have: Video of Steve Dinan racing S2 M5 vs standard M5, want: help with digitalizing
  234. ne1 know about this intake kit
  235. I hate wanna be's
  236. I miss my rack & pinion!
  237. 2004/2005 M5 on order
  238. Boston Quarterly CCA at Turner MotorSports
  239. Dealership Service = Managed Healthcare...
  240. Question on additives............
  241. M5 drifting abilities
  242. Thinking of doing this years Gumball?
  243. Rear spoiler Missing?
  244. no cost performance enhancement!
  245. Two tone seats with wood trim?
  246. Southern California Drive date poll
  247. A few M5 clips from inside.
  248. Upgrade to 19" or 20" on Z8
  249. Breyton Visions: What are your thoughts
  250. MaShaw hoods? (pics of past hood prjct.)
  251. Anyone fitted ALPINA brakes to their M5 ?
  252. Experience with Cracked Shield Under M5
  253. Back at last
  254. Damaged front air dam
  255. Latest Exhaust Choice Count?
  256. The M5 owners worst nightmare...
  257. ? Do SuperChargers on a M5 = uncharted territory?
  258. I have an......idea
  259. Latest UK Navigation CD / DVD with postcodes
  260. Just Installed - Kelleners & X-Pipe
  261. Any opinions on Scorpion exhaust for the M5?
  262. Spotted in Brook Green
  263. Climate Control
  264. SuperCharging v TurboCharging??
  265. M5 - "Cambelt" service/change?
  266. C55?
  267. long island meet?
  268. 14K Miles - going in for service - anything else to look for?
  269. Over seas car shipping - anyone with experience?
  270. I Broke My Rear Subframe and Driveshaft!
  271. I Broke My Rear Subframe and Driveshaft!
  272. Free M5
  273. Error Uploading V22
  274. A new era
  275. Well now my Garage has 1200 HP (Cayenne Came In)
  276. Need help guys - Tyre pressure keeps dropping
  277. Silly Nav Question
  278. dinan exhaust clip
  279. Ok.here's the question..how many of youall shift from 1-3 or 2-4 from a stop ??
  280. Help With X-Pipe/Kelleners Install...Please
  281. New CPO car shows signs of repaint - was told there were none. Advice?
  282. Southern California Malibu Drive - Jan. 25th
  283. tissue on dipstick
  284. Finally paid off my M5
  285. Aliens jamming remote?
  286. Vanos Again - Need Advice
  287. Happy New Year
  288. EUROPEAN CAR magazine features the BMW DINAN M5 S2 sedan......
  289. Boston Gang - Tax Question 4 U
  290. Hamann7..where are you !!!
  291. Custom SSK Installed, Loving It
  292. Good Dealer Recognition
  293. Where to buy accessories?
  294. Just Weighed In - Kelleners & X-Pipe
  295. For those who wanted a Carbon Fiber hood.....
  296. Does my car need tune Up? Advice neded
  297. Power difference between European and US M5?
  298. a blast to drive
  299. Thinking of selling my '03 M5
  300. North America's Fastest Production Cars
  301. Hot topics on other car forums :) Add yours
  302. new member - a few qs on E39
  303. Heads Up, SpeedTV will have the DINAN M5 car.......
  304. Any of you guys NOT getting the instant E-mail notification......
  305. Dam !! rear engine seal oil leak
  306. Remove screens from the MAFs?
  307. obd 2 CODE READER
  308. Clarkson's Top Gear article about BMW M cars
  309. So when we havin' another So Cal meet ?
  310. Article on getting positive boost with CAI intakes...
  311. New MAFS= Lots of Smiles
  312. Fog Light Assembly ??
  313. Grey/Beige M5 in Raleigh NC on Strickland Rd Sunday Afternoon
  314. Almost had CLK 55 for lunch!
  315. Kelleners+Xpipe+Water injection video
  316. Who wants to host my video?
  317. OT: what should i do? possible scam? please read... need advice
  318. Trouble getting BMW OEM touch up paint?
  319. Dent in Windshield
  320. Production Figures
  321. Anyone know this car - or owner?
  322. Anyone else had head replacement
  323. Scheduled Maintenance
  324. Excellent Dealer Service - Bay Area Rarity
  325. Why so Cheap?
  326. E55AMG Using "Beast" advertising - DC Auto Show
  327. M5 Engine, Trans and Differential Oil requirements?
  328. anyone have sound disappear on M Audio?
  329. Brand Newbie Here - Questions:
  330. Local Dealer wants $700 to extend maintenance.....
  331. Front Big Brake Kits ... Are they truly better??
  332. Regarding video or TV on our NAV screens..........
  333. Tire Defect
  334. aww man, no presents for the M5.
  335. 8 Throttle bodies vs Dual Throttle bodies, Dinan Myth?
  336. Hidden OBC/nav options, speed sensitive volume, etc.? (01 M5)
  337. Merry Christmas from Black M5
  338. Request: Good pic of the M5 door sill
  339. Question: Is a 2003 model M5 capable of having SIRIUS radio installed by the dealer?
  340. Dinan folks - what gives the most bang for the buck?
  341. Merry, Merry Christmas to all!
  342. Researching for potential buy, looking for help/advice
  343. Problem with washer fluid detergent pump
  344. Flat spotting tires
  345. Few M5 problems... NEWBIE HERE
  346. Spotted: Waitrose South Harrow
  347. ok picked up the beast
  348. Search Over- Modified "BEAST" Acquired
  349. Fikse M5
  350. Warning Triangle No No Please...
  351. Tfung's Beast being Exploited
  352. Black M5 in Raleigh, NC???
  353. weight of kelleners + x-pipe?
  354. Warranty Coverage 3/36,000 or 4/50,000
  355. REST button doesn't light?
  356. Tempted by Audi
  357. Having a bad day? Just drive the M5
  358. Looking for E39 M5 spy photos (old pics)
  359. 2003 M5 - Rear Wheel Hop...
  360. Mod Crazy
  361. If you thought the M5 was a bad winter car...
  362. Windshield Wipers
  363. OUCH...!!
  364. Help with present for the wife
  365. Has anyone here ever smoked his/her orange blinkers?
  366. V1 Hardwire - getting wire past HPS airbag for remote display?
  367. Christmas Pics----->all Mods<-----
  368. M5 Windshield Wiper Crisis!
  369. Tubi hooked up....
  370. Starter noise upon start up?
  371. H&S chip - any good?
  372. New user :) first...hmmm...third post :) And some irony
  373. KelleyBlueBook.com--->Good News
  374. All Mods On Siggy Complete------>Pics Long...
  375. Want To Take My M5 Ice Racing! Any Tips/Advice? See Pics Of An Event Done Last Year
  376. Kellener Exhaust - I need some (expert witnesses)
  377. Lamborghini Gallardo has arrived.....1000kms report
  378. Any Kelleners owners thought about powdercoating black?
  379. Pulled the trigger on a set of HEADERS!
  380. Richmond Hill Dinan M5
  381. My 1st BMW - M5 - Yeaaaaaaaah!
  382. Tangled With An E55 AMG...
  383. SIGHTING: Black M5 on 1st street bet 2nd & Bowery (BDT????)
  384. Black-Out Grills are in! Pics------>
  385. Imola Red M5 on Hillside Avenue
  386. Sighting: Black (Florida plates) M5 parked on Varick Street
  387. ok time to update my sig
  388. Stock Backspacing?
  389. DSC is AMAZING in the snow & ice
  390. ? for those who live in the snow belt or north east..
  391. Made it to Bahrain- mini report...
  392. Klasse Wax Looks Awesome!! Pics
  393. Carbon Fibre Interior Trim
  394. Interior color and Trim prefrence
  395. Lidatek LE-30 Group Buy Information needed
  396. OT: Can any of you Electronic Wiz's help me, I need a good indoor powered FM antenna.
  397. Clutch Noises
  398. Floating Wooden Ferrari!
  399. Here is an update regarding the Dinan 3.45 rear diff. Group Buy situation.
  400. No front license plate...
  401. Good article...not sure if a repost
  402. M5 Mpv
  403. What colour is this?
  404. Kelleners exhaust endorsement
  405. Has anyone ever painted
  406. Help Prevent Duplicate Key Theft by
  407. Recall 2001 Model
  408. Telly On The Move??
  409. Running of the ///Ms
  410. OEM Wheel weight?
  411. My M5 was stolen last night !
  412. ? coolant temp gauge
  413. Good M5 vs. 993 Track Video......
  414. new here... and still searching....
  415. Removed Rogue SSK ......
  416. Red white and Blue w/ touch of silver
  417. brembo 380mm(used) vs. stoptech 355mm(new)
  418. Share your Rationale for purchasing an E39 M5
  419. ATTN: LeMans Blue M5 in San Diego
  420. Mad at dealer
  421. Witnessed near-disaster on 75 north of Atlanta
  422. bra/nose mask for M5
  423. Evosport diff......Concrete numbers!
  424. Have any of you checked out Dinan's NEW clothing line.........
  425. Yet another peevish observation about the board
  426. Bay Area discounted parts? Service Day?
  427. UUC Evo 3 SSK. Anybody have it yet?
  428. Irvine Black M5
  429. Any UK owners got Superchip installed
  430. RUF- Scenic Pics and Write up
  431. Rattles - one from front and one from rear - you too?
  432. Boston M5ers: Lunch on December 17th?
  433. Need help from M5 owners: pricing/options
  434. Nowack/AA - CAI
  435. Looking for certain M5
  436. Engine Vibration
  437. Test Drove E60 545 and WRX STI (long)
  438. M5 Sighting...
  439. Finally..the car is up to full strength engine wise
  440. US reg. M5 spotted at Düsseldorf Airport
  441. Another snow day: pics of the M5 snow plow
  442. 2003 e39 m5 break in period
  443. Opinions/Ideas Please-Does Offering A Legit Place To Race Cause Less Street Racing?
  444. Modified Beast
  445. HID Stage I Foglights - Does anyone know ....
  446. Which Exhaust?
  447. OT: F1 driver + Jaguar S Type + track = Bad crash
  448. M5 Calendar on eBay - 2004
  449. How to wash the beast in freezing temps
  450. Possible problem with my Z8
  451. Drunk Driver!!!
  452. FINALLY, an end to the 5w-30 vs. 10w-60 oil debate!
  453. If you were at the San Mateo Home Depot tying a Christmas tree...
  454. Hi All
  455. Question about calling BMWNA
  456. Had to have a tow
  457. Anita's Super Happy Service Tip Of The Day: Low Mileage Drivers-Get Your 1 Yr Oil Chg
  458. Tubi Installer in SF?
  459. Whats the latest/newest software for the MKIV DVD NAV system?
  460. Navigation Manuals?
  461. Lead Foot
  462. Ok, I've been STF but can't find it....
  463. Switched power source in trunk?
  464. NYC mechanic needed.
  465. OT: Fine dining in SF/Wine country
  466. VERY VERY bad news on my car...broken driveshaft, etc
  467. Bluetooth Option req'd for Install
  468. anyone else have power steering problems
  469. Gruppe M intakes
  470. Billet Aluminum Wheels
  471. Automotive Innovation Discussion at BMW AG
  472. Wiper blade replacements, where to buy...
  473. Can anyone help me with RPMs and speed
  474. BMW Accessories
  475. New M5 and Car-toon fun
  476. Wife Upset. Wasted Money. Re-tool needed.
  477. Sway Bar bushing question
  478. Wow, my CPO M5 is AWESOME. Now a few questions :)
  479. Anyone use a trickle charger?
  480. Warranty replacement Aluminum Trim
  481. Two Pictures: The Classic to be and the Classic. Also some other crap i want to say
  482. Wow 0- 60 times!!!!!
  483. Updates on the server
  484. Good buy to SL55.....hello to Gallardo!
  485. Decided to put up pics before the big snow storm in New York
  486. wheels on stoptech ad
  487. E39 99 M5 or 2000-2003 M5??????????
  488. 99M5 or 2000-2003 M5
  489. 99M5 or 2000-2003M5?????
  490. Are all BMW wheel offsets negative?
  491. Differential Replaced
  492. Anyone still interested in the vented GTR hood?
  493. New home for the Beast
  494. M5 D.e.
  495. NYC Poser
  496. Power mods - can someone help me out here?
  497. How did you adjust your KW stage .III ?
  498. Features you never knew you had...
  499. Velocity Stacks, No Mafs, No Plenum What...
  500. New Math: RUF-Plate = Cop Magnet
  501. paging atomic 80
  502. Unsolicited compliments
  503. Elevens - Phone Question
  504. Winter Mats Question
  505. Was Imola red available with Black Nappa?
  506. News Tidbit-USA Today Article on Tire Rack Shows Owner's Son's Drives An '00 M5
  507. Best 19" wheels for M5?
  508. HELP: Road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas (need directions)
  509. Clutch replacement installation
  510. Lubricants for the M5
  511. Hello Everyone (New Member with PICTURES)
  512. Titanium Pedals - Review
  513. 1st ever BOSTON-BAHRAIN M5 MEET
  514. How not to De-ice your car
  515. Clutch, clutch, Clutch
  516. Beast Profile
  517. A couple of sightings around London
  518. M Parallel Spoke 66
  519. Bay Area Lunch - Saturday 12-20-03, RUF on display
  520. Airbag Light
  521. 993 RUF BTR-2 (long, 69 pics)
  522. Audio problem - drained battery
  523. Interior problems
  524. Premonition :-(
  525. Wheel Chip
  526. Need Help With M5!
  527. New owner w/ Rogue SSK issues...
  528. Owners Manual: lots of optional features - do US cars have this (and other questions)
  529. Mods: What purpose do they serve you?
  530. Rare M5 colour, is this Chiaretto Red?
  531. What would it be like without the Board?
  532. Help - I just blew something in my driveline
  533. Finally! Just bought Lemans/Caramel 2001 M5 (PICS)
  534. Where to buy a wheel...
  535. Anyone find black wheel locks for BBK w/ spacers?
  536. Over-reving
  537. Need M5 help in Richmond, VA
  538. Blackout Hamann grill w/ AC Schnitzer grill (pics)
  539. This Board Is Awesome
  540. err-post
  541. Essen Motorshow 2003 (Warning ALOT of pics!!)
  542. Snowing in the Main Index?
  543. Tech: Clutch/Tranny/Flywheel Warm Up Crunch?
  544. Dropping Power Powerchip
  545. My M5 attacked by feline beast!
  546. My M5 Threw a Rod... BMW is denying my warranty claim!
  547. Wrecked white 2001 M5 in L.A., who owns it?
  548. OT: X5 owners - how do you like?
  549. Swap xpipe back to stock resonator? (long)
  550. Did you guys saw this commercial??
  551. We've got quite the popular community here..
  552. Are you in the San Jose area? Do you need a stock rear anti-sway bar barcket?
  553. Heel Toe
  554. Yoda's IATS Install
  555. Snow tires are on! Im depressed.
  556. Tail Light Bulb ?
  557. Anyone know where I can find extra wide "car ramps"..................
  558. So Guess What I Did the Last Couple of Days: 996TT Shootout!
  559. Question for anyone with knowledge on car's DME software programing..........
  560. Dinan Stage 3 and 19 " rims
  561. Pre Christmas Meet....Last of year...BIG!
  562. Who knows of a friendly smog station in the South Bay?
  563. a/c cleaner deoderizer info
  564. Car cover advice?
  565. Props to you, whoever you are
  566. Question: Anyone Have Bluetooth on Pre-MY03?
  567. Pics of OEM Viper Fronts for M5 rear
  568. M5+V10 = F1 Sound?
  569. Pics of Semi-Polished Tubi Tips!
  570. E39 Bentley Manual Great for the DIY'er
  571. Does your car seem lower on the back passenger side?
  572. Rear Differential Fluid
  573. New Injectors
  574. Does anyone have?
  575. bmwm5.com Exclusive: In depth look at Frankfurt's Finest! No 1: Brabus and Porsche
  576. What is a "clutch delay valve" and...
  577. what is the correct part number for the AUX imput?
  578. How much boost does the RMS SC run?
  579. How to drive an M5 (lots of pics)
  580. poseur alert!
  581. Holy Smokes! My M5 is DEAD!
  582. Boy, I still love my E39!
  583. Anyone near Norwood, Mass?
  584. Reed Magnetic Switch, V-1 Stealth install O.Z. Style.
  585. Universal Warranty Corporation
  586. Worn shifter...whats next
  587. What ECU software do you use/plan on using?
  588. How much NA power can an E39 M5 produce?
  589. (little OT) test drove a CL55....
  590. All the new mods...lots of pics and evaluation
  591. Driving Roads...
  592. Pics from today's meet at Leeds Castle
  593. Problem with the Beast
  594. New MASS Grill Install------>Pic
  595. M5 Manual---->Whatcha think about it?
  596. LA Service
  597. Did Something Change here?
  598. Two interesting spottings in Manhattan.
  599. Another Powerchip Story...
  600. Pilot Sports are on: OMG big improvement!
  601. Wife's new X5 needs a new windshield!
  602. Question for those with brake cooling ducts (non-U.S. cars)
  603. Odd Motorola Cell Phone Question
  604. GRRR!! Found out that someone scratched my car today...
  605. Snow tire installation tip
  606. Spotted at Clementine Churchill Hospital
  607. Diff M5 Z8
  608. Happy Thanksgivings Everyone!! =)
  609. feels like my car leans to the left or left rear corner
  610. Render Rolling in Vancouver BC
  611. Please help techies!!!
  612. Technik1 auto detailer in NYC: Thumbs up!
  613. Would you like to come to Geneva in March for the M5 E60 presentation?
  614. Ignition Solutions Plasma Coils in -first impression and hints
  615. DC Area Drive
  616. Question, regarding mounting & placement of the BMW first aid kit............
  617. Anyone polish headlight plastic covers??
  618. Reminder: UK Meet this Sunday 30/11
  619. To buy or not to buy
  620. Dinan Flywheel help please.
  621. To all the US members and...
  622. More on the CPO tire saga
  623. M5 Art [ Give Away! ]
  624. Headers installed....LOUD!!
  625. Long Distance Auto Transport Companies?
  626. Bluetooth Question
  627. OT:carrera gt spotted in michigan!!!!
  628. Kelleners people (eisenmann race too) do people look at you funny when you drive by?
  629. Nice swaybar brackets
  630. Valintine 1 Install .. power connx
  631. Just received velocity stacks and headers on the way
  632. possible hot-rod stable addition
  633. Anyone upgrade the cam of M5
  634. Technik1 Detailer in NYC W29th
  635. Laguna Seca experience/welcome
  636. Can I install 265/35-18's for rears?
  637. Answers from Dinan, regarding rear diff. lockup ratio...........
  638. Spotted: Silver M5 near Hyde Park
  639. Chiplogic..............any new thoughts?
  640. ATTN: For anyone who hasn't seen or responded to the DINAN rear diff. Group Buy.....
  641. Stock Rear Wheels on The Front?
  642. Dead Battery
  643. Is the site slow?
  644. Do we need a new server? Is the site slow?
  645. Oxygenated Gasoline
  646. Tubi Installations - Question
  647. Rocket & Tc
  648. Wrecked M5's
  649. Anyone going to MPH03 ?
  650. M. Schumacher's F2002 is in Bahrain!!
  651. New owner
  652. Bike Rack
  653. My engine has oil all over it!!
  654. Anybody using the Auterra Scanning tool
  655. Even Mr. T had a Starter Kit, so...
  656. E39 M5 airbag safety recall - help!
  657. Dinan Carbon Fiber CAI ... What Can I Expect?
  658. Best Independent Shops in San Francisco/Bay Area
  659. Your best 100 - 200 km/h times please
  660. Mov'it Brakes
  661. Customized license plate question....
  662. Least amount of miles on four tires....?
  663. Where is located the RCA connector for AV Input
  664. M5 Vs. Corvette C5
  665. I want to modify my car
  666. Installed BMW AUX input: No more burned CD's!
  667. Who had a set of custom Work Wheels on M5?
  668. Interesting article on BMW Individual
  669. Auxiliary Audio Input
  670. Is the E39 a safe car? I Thought so.
  671. Euro Newbie with Pix!
  672. 911 turbo owners, SL 55 owners please hellp.
  673. OT: SL500 Saved my parents' lives today
  674. Took a ride in an an E60 5-series. I think I'm sold.
  675. Long Awaited TUBI's Are in!! Long-----------------------------------Bring a lunch...
  676. New M5 owner
  677. Game -- Can you identify these parts?
  678. Warm up "redline" question
  679. New to the Board
  680. An emotional Farewell
  681. Tiff Needell MB CL65 AMG Road Test in Monaco
  682. The Beaujolais Run - lots of pics & story
  683. Spotted: Black M5 near Hyde Park
  684. New Avatar - can you see the difference?
  685. True weight of M5
  686. Another M5...
  687. If you want the euro first aid kit or warning triangle hurry.
  688. Brakes for Dummies
  689. Is this a good price???
  690. Apologies to Ben and Brad at Evo Sport.
  691. Ft. tire as spare for rear.
  692. Gumball The Movie
  693. The most Impressive garage I've ever seen
  694. Thinking of buying an E38; advice?
  695. Lamborghini Videos.. Including 1 of a GTR's !
  696. SoCal Euro Car Meet Saturday 11/22 1-4pm
  697. SES light
  698. Smoked An S500 This Morning
  699. Original Manufacturer of Chrome Shadow paint
  700. Scam or oddball modified M5 auto??

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