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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. Take a look at this item and tell me what you think.........
  2. Mixing Tire Brands
  3. Dinan is selling an S2 on his site.
  4. OT: How do I get rid of the old wheel weight tape stuck on rims?
  5. What DRIVING SHOES do you wear while driving your beast? Here is mine (PIC)
  6. NAV-Min vs Nav Volume
  7. JMK BMW Rocks! NAV "accept" screen: Now you see it, now you don't!
  8. Bay Area BMWCCA Car Control Clinic, May 15th
  9. Would you sell your house including your M5?
  10. 35+ Laps @ Sebring in the Gallardo's rookie track day
  11. KW Coilover system
  12. Anyone ever loose oil pressure from an oil change?
  13. Anyone in Toronto?
  14. Dinan Rear Sway bar Pics and after installation impressions
  15. BMW or MOPAR... (decision pic)
  16. M5 driving experience 6/10/04...Who's going?
  17. Schnitzer Exhaust & Strut Braces - PART#'s??
  18. UUC Stage 2 is in...but a few other questions/issues..hmmm
  19. Reprogram NAV to Remove "I Accept" Screen
  20. High Performance Driving School, Buttonwillow April 24-25
  21. Shifting Technique
  22. Big Brake Kits and track use.
  23. BEFORE pictures of Black M5's engine!!!
  24. Strut and Shock tower braces
  25. Dinan S1 M5 package. Is it worth it?
  26. Minnesota Bluff Country Drive May 8th
  27. Is the dampening adjustable on the Dinan stage 3 suspension?
  28. Exhaust Pipes
  29. SVT cobra
  30. Driving Route: Virginia Beach, VA to Greenville, SC
  31. Shift knob in Titan/Alu (OEM) need help!
  32. I'm a proud new father....."Dinan" is her name
  33. Q: Best Laser / Radar Proection
  34. Hardened Brake Dust on Wheels After Track Event--How To Safely Clean, Used PF 97 Pads
  35. Power problems?
  36. Hey ’01 LeMans M5er At Road Am Sat, Is This SetUp Info Right? & One Sad M Coupe (PIC)
  37. Which Beast CAI SOUNDS best?
  38. E60 M5 Interior
  39. E39 M5 Dinan S2 vs E60 M5, how close will the performance be
  40. Possible New RMS???????
  41. Did you guys see the pic of my engine when it was @RMS ?
  42. M5 3.45 ALiVE
  43. My experience with RMS
  44. OT: I need to find out what size speakers are in the M3 car......
  45. DINAN contact info?
  46. OT: What is the best comment you got from a police officer after being pulled over?
  47. Phone module location in 2001
  48. Oxygen sensor ???
  49. bluetooth on 2000 M5
  50. cam position sensor failure or maf?
  51. Best Short Shift?
  52. anyone else trade in their M5?
  53. Compliant Bluetooth Phones
  54. Rear end hops under hard acceleration ...
  55. Retrieve code when Service Engine Soon light is on
  56. late production Z8 with optional engine ??
  57. Steering wheel buttons used to "X" and now they "Y"
  58. Restoring leather on driver's seat
  59. Which exhaust?
  60. For those interested, installed ZEX NOS kit in my ESS540
  61. Is there a difference in performance between the supersprint and Dinan Headers?
  63. nabbed going slow!!!!!!
  65. This is what I'm talking about!
  66. New E39 M5's still available
  67. Cam sensor repair
  68. MAFs cleaned , now testing !!!!
  69. Tire Question (Again)
  70. What is the best Bang for Buck mods for E39 M5
  71. Bimmerfest East...Who's going!!
  72. New Flywheel has arrived
  73. v23 Satnav update - download...
  74. Bolt-in coilovers (e.g. Ground Control) - how hard to install?
  75. Heel/Toe Shifting Technique How To
  76. M5 Holding Back
  77. Wheel Offset
  78. Red Sacramento Dinan M5
  79. IATS with GruppeM
  80. Got a new 2000 M5, a few questions
  81. Close encouter of the M5 kind... (E60 M5 vs E39 M5)
  82. 900 Horsepower
  83. Tech: How to reset your service indicator
  84. Anyone tried this v1 install?
  85. Bimmerfest
  86. Going to purchase a M5 - needed questions answered
  87. X-Pipe Size (Parameters)....???
  88. "hard water" on windshield?
  89. No power !!!!!! Need help
  90. Video:Jeremy Clarkson tests the Koenigsegg
  91. Air Mass Meters
  93. M5board vendors: who's got Kmac camber plates in stock?
  94. I love paintchips and worn leather!!
  95. NAV V23 4-1/30 Upgrade is out
  96. ?'s used 2001 M5 & Reconditioning Leather
  97. RMS ...so as not to get lost in a previous thread
  98. CA emissions certified cars?
  99. M5 Subwoofer Installation
  100. Can an un-reset Service Indicator cause intermittent SES light?
  101. A little brake help!
  102. This pisses me off....
  103. AP Racing Front Brake Kit for E39
  104. StealthOne: installation procedure comments
  105. thinking of selling my m5
  106. Michelin Pilot Sport "Rib" Experience
  107. Second life for E39 M5 engine
  108. S3 Dinan suspension: Need Advice, pros and cons
  109. Stay away from RMS because Osh is a conman !!
  110. Considering HRE Wheels...
  111. Just had a can of Whoop-*** opened on my Beast
  112. Off topic: Portable MP3 players
  113. Triangle area, NC M5ers - BMW CCA meeting Thurs. 4/15
  114. Choices for light weight track wheels
  115. Private sale & CPO process
  116. heal toe peice/pedels
  117. Need rear rotors - used ok - rear BBK folks wanna sell?
  118. Well guys I bought a 2000 M5 today!!
  119. 50-50 weight distribution and handling
  120. Tire Question
  121. Reasonable weight reduction for track?
  122. Lookie what just arrived to save me some weight (PICS)
  123. Dinan 25th Anniversary Celebration registration form
  124. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to do these mods, parts and labor?
  125. Need your opinion, Should I buy NEW Dinan rims and its rubber............
  126. DuPont Teflon Car Car Products
  127. Xenon shades acting funny
  128. What colour is this ?
  129. E39 M5 engine to live on ?
  130. 3M Paint Protection Film for M5, no rock chips after tomorrow, hopefully.
  131. RMS M5 reviewed in new Car & Driver!
  132. Is there a REAL radar JAMMER out there?
  133. My first M5 is here...
  134. Is The Castor and Camber Adjustable Front And Rear On The M5? If So.....
  135. Rear Seat Radio Controls
  136. Anyone in the Queens area want to check out a modded M5 for me?
  137. Anyone in New york city or Queens want to check out an M5 for me?
  138. Need to borrow a stock/factory front driver's side wheel
  139. Spotted in London: LC51*** (Black M5)
  140. LeMans Blue + Caramel Lux interior + black mats = sporty but still classy (PICS)
  141. Brake pedal goes to floor after hot lapping for 20min, and other track goodies...
  142. Best Prices on LM's?
  143. M5 springs, disturbing discovery.....
  144. What's the best radar detector now that POP is here . . .
  145. M5 Scam
  146. Spring Break Road Trip-Lap At Mid America/Wichita M5 Gossip/Storm Chasing(LONG/LOOSE)
  147. Zymol vs. Zaino wax test
  148. Passport GT2 on the way!
  149. M5 for sale...A Love Story.
  150. High Marques in Morristown NJ
  151. A nice picture from yesterday's drive
  152. Drove a 2001 E55 today
  153. Performance meter,which one to buy??
  154. 'Must Do' Mods?
  155. Do the M5's airbags protect us as much as we think they do?
  156. Bad Guibo???
  157. New UUC clutch and Short Shifter
  158. Not really feeling the BEAST.....Yet!
  159. Was not impress with the M5's power.
  160. NY Auto Show Pics
  161. Polishing and Waxing
  162. first oil service light?
  163. Pics from today's (unlucky) Bay Area M5 Drive
  164. Help! NAV-TV Install
  165. Part number help please
  166. Floating Rotors
  167. Get your Lidatek Order in Before April 15!
  168. re: MK IV NAV system, Is "4 - 1/12" the most current version for software?
  169. 04/2004 Hi Res Pics -->25 ea!!-->Black M5
  170. Feedback on UF Motorsport IATS relocation?
  171. Painting the beast.
  172. ATTN: For the two guys who recently contacted me, re: rear diff. group buy...........
  173. You meet the nicest people...
  174. G-Power Exhausts...
  175. DSP DEMO
  176. Another eBay fraudulent auction! $15.4k for 03 M5?
  177. Tri state meet
  178. display pixels
  179. CAI Question for those in the north ..
  180. Went to the NY Intl Auto Show Last Night...
  181. Aint that the truth !
  182. warranty almost over.. - advice?
  183. Dinan strut bar
  184. Need help troubleshooting false Alarms!
  185. A comic to brighten your day
  186. Look at this model M5...
  187. What's going on here?
  188. For all who have installed aftermarket CATS...........
  189. UK M5 pics
  190. LA Times review of CTS-V
  191. Dinan Sway Bar Question
  192. GPS RADAR DETECTORS - which one?
  193. Check Engine Oil False Alarm?
  194. U.S. Grand Prix Weekend With BMW. Interested?
  195. Electronic Rust Protector.
  196. To Black M5 (GTech Pro Comp. Data)
  197. Simple question regarding our stock headers.......
  198. Vid/Sound clips of Full M5 exhaust (inc headers/cats/mufflers)??
  199. Unique M5 with lots of Carbon Fiber
  200. Cat on car! What to do?
  201. V-MAX module
  202. Spotted: Y253*** (Black M5)
  203. Racing Dynimics Chip Tuning....
  204. The Beast's desire for Synthetic Oil?
  205. How many UUC clutches installed?
  206. There a good chance the Dinan S3 package will be shown & released on JUNE 12th.......
  207. Anybody have BMW Assist?
  208. Help locating DSC module......
  209. Two Broken Parts, Where to Buy?
  210. Video: 612 Scagletti Test (in German) and the CL65 AMG
  211. Updated Dinan website.
  212. Supercharged Dinan S2??
  213. Michelin PS/2 Impressions
  214. Replacing damaged catalytic converters
  215. 3.45 LSD Question
  216. Car&Driver RMS M5 Supercharger Article
  217. How many UUC clutches installed?
  218. Cleaning Advise
  219. A Minnesota Spring Odyssey: Photodocumentation Of A Reconnaisance Run
  220. anyone is San Antonio?
  221. Must have for spirited M5 driving: CG-Lock
  222. PDC
  223. Stealth One Install question for those that have done it already
  224. Pics of my ///M at the BIC !
  225. Passenger side mirror gears slipping!
  226. Good bodyshop in NYC area?
  227. The real top speed of M5(E39), E55(W211) and new 760il?
  228. Warning.. tons of pics of the Bahrain Grand Prix
  229. Replacement Battery, dealer or aftermarket?
  230. Is it possible to switch from Nav w/cassette over to Nav w/CD player ?
  231. Brake cooling ducts.
  232. jerks in second gear.
  233. Verizon Wireless
  234. Fluid around drive shaft. Cause for concern??
  235. I need an Advice...on Exhausts Mods....
  236. Anyone on the board
  237. F40 and M5
  238. Popular Mechanics does the 1/4 mile
  239. I know the clutch issue has been worn out but...
  240. DEAD IN 21 DAYS
  241. "Cyclical rotating friction" felt in drivetrain?
  242. another sub 13sec M5!
  243. Majestic Drive Down the California Coast..
  244. M5 DE in April
  246. 2001 M5 - stock - 16,750 miles - dyno graph
  247. DYNO results from today
  248. Xenon lights , how to disconnect ?
  249. Gasoline
  250. Engine trouble help
  251. what's the best gas in massachusetts?
  252. Fuel Tank Vent Valve Failure Again-Anyone Else With Multiple Failures? Ideas/Advice?
  253. HELP! Clutch Slippage on my M5
  254. Special Delivery!
  255. My primary key remote died
  256. Help, front bumper won't come off
  257. Stoptech Stage 2 Slotted Brake Kit Questions
  258. Transmission and Diff Fluid Change/Coolant Flush/Change - When?
  259. Help for a new buyer
  260. Little storage area between shift and armrest
  261. Inspiration from Atomic80
  262. suggestion with built-in phone?
  263. Which full size spare tire/rim combo?
  264. Which short shift kit?
  265. I feel so bad!, wait no I dont.....
  266. GruppeM intake and Dinan Air Flow Meter Possible
  267. track tires (old vs. new?)
  268. OT: SLR & RS6 in NYC
  269. Member MartinW great collection of cars incl. Individual Estoril M5
  270. Question, re: Apples M5 ride and NOWACK.
  271. Great Pic: 3 Stealth Super Saloons
  272. Need your opinions- Northwest M5 meet?
  273. SES upon removing MAF screens. And some questions
  274. Who's got the most Rwhp M5 on here?
  275. Night shots of the M5
  276. How to tell if rims are bent?
  277. Stinky Heat (and someties A/C)
  278. Laterst Pics of my M5!
  279. Race TRacks in new york/Long Island
  280. Habberstad BMW service/body shop?
  281. Aftermarket Warrentee
  283. Stuck Vanos
  284. Parktronic!
  285. Let bygones be bygones. But it sure hurts like hell!
  286. Dyno Guesses and Results.... (was "Dyno Results")
  287. M5 center arm rest.
  288. New addition to my fleet
  289. Any opinions about Maserati's ?
  291. Prospective Beast
  292. Has anyone installed the newly released StealthOne V1 module?
  293. New M5 owner needs info
  294. where to dyno in Toronto?
  295. window wax spots
  296. Once again....... Header quetion please...
  297. Navigation ACCEPT screen
  298. ACS DFC Owners... a quick q...
  299. Dyno results
  300. Run time
  301. Track Report on Dinan Rear Sway Bar
  302. Anyone going to Limerock tomorrow?
  303. Rear Sway Bar Brackets
  304. Back To Normal
  305. Replacement bulb for halo lights?
  306. What to look for when buy an E39 M5?
  307. Where to get Carbon fibre details?
  308. Fastfwd to be on TV
  309. E39 M5 still available?
  310. Need advice PLEASE HELP!
  311. Anyone going to TechFest East '04
  312. My 5th GEAR !!!
  313. Can't go into first gear when engine is cold
  314. price on M5 rear diff
  315. How to adjust the seatbelt hight?
  316. Hey Gustave
  317. Anyone with upgraded mufflers want to sell me their original muffler cans?
  318. Installed MK IV navigation computer today!
  319. Long Island Meet Videos
  320. Need new Front bumper
  321. Need a new front rim
  322. What car for this years Gumball 3000?
  323. That "new car smell"... it's back!
  324. New Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Premiere Party in Tokyo
  325. Spotted: Black M5 at Pasadena DMV
  326. M5 V8 in a Z4....
  327. Remanufactured Clutch
  328. nasty paint chip
  329. Good deal for 2000 M5?
  330. IPOD Connectivity FYI...
  331. Exhaust Overrun: Normal? Harmful?
  332. M5ers in Toronto, London, Italy, and Germany - look inside
  333. Anyone installed a storage net
  334. Modifying OEM Mufflers?
  335. Poll: Win a lap around Nürburgring in a racecar, all expenses paid for!
  336. Would you take this supercharger route?
  337. Susupension
  338. Sirius Satellite Radio
  339. Q for the specialists: Shock absorber testing / specification?
  340. M5 Exhaust
  341. Rear light gremlin
  342. Tubis INSTALLED, but, just one issue
  343. Crazy shifting!
  344. Smells like new Supersprints in my garage!
  345. big fat ticket best laser protection?
  346. Just installed IATS relocation switch today...and
  347. Dinan exhaust break-in period? X-Pipe?
  348. Is this your carbon black m5? LIE around 10:15am
  349. M5 and Diablo drag race+RUF R turbo and TVR Tuscan
  350. question for the dinan diff group buyers...
  351. RUF R turbo and Brabus SV 12- you guys are going to fall over when you see this...
  352. Headlight Plastic Cover Replacement
  353. Supersprint exhaust in Toronto ???
  354. CTS V Continued
  355. UK: Tubi exhaust/AP Racing brakes
  356. NorCal Wine Drive 2001<---Pics!
  357. Advice with supercharger
  358. Factory 4 Wheel Alignment Specs
  359. sway bar install time
  360. Differences betwen Z8 and M5...
  361. Blk Dinan M5 spotted
  362. M5 Service / Tech Manual on eBay?
  363. Spotted in Kensington: Bluewater M5
  364. Rear Tires Rubbing
  365. SES - Now you see it, now you don't
  366. tail lights upgrade
  367. E39 M5 commercial video
  368. Blonde and Dinan M5
  369. More "From the Web" M5 pics
  370. ELEVENS take a look at this...
  371. M5 Alternator Defect
  372. How would you like to drive here...Pic
  373. Someone asked which one-->Caddy Ctsv or M5
  374. Talk me out of CTS V
  375. Porterfield R4S for everyday use
  376. RMS Software for E39 M5
  377. Where can I find a good high quality M5 photo as a screen saver?
  378. Hood and front bumper paint job?
  379. Spotted on Picadilly W1: Carbonblack M5
  380. Motorola V50 phone
  381. Great summary of the M-cars! M5 E39 finish 2nd after M3 CSL!
  382. Faulty Alarm
  383. Tracking the M5 - Northern California?
  384. BMW Graded Training Program
  385. Pic of the Day
  386. Caramel Interior
  387. Dinan upgrade in April
  388. GruppeM and plasma coils!!!
  389. M5 Sighting in Glendale this past saturday...
  390. Reposting a series of old M5 wallpaper favorites!
  391. Dinan's CAI and High Air Flow Meters
  392. The RUF CTR experience
  393. Changing to EBC Red Brake Pads. Any gotchas on the install?
  394. latest views on UK extended warranty please
  395. Kellners, Tubi, orEisenmann exhusts ?
  396. Congrats to Apples
  397. Technical problem
  398. M5 or X5
  399. Anyone know if V23 Nav CD is out or when it will be available.....
  400. Gas Pedal Extension - info
  401. Phatbox v. IPOD
  402. Brake pad change question
  403. M5 rear diff
  404. Turner Motorsport gets pole and win at Sebring - set your Tivo ...
  405. Spotted: Black M5 at Mövenpick Airport Hotel, Zürich
  406. Nowack M5, where to buy a pre-owned one from?
  407. Nurburgring meet ???
  409. Valve stem question
  410. $595 for ClearBra install - good price?
  411. Weighted Shift Rod - any difference?
  412. Nav CD
  413. Gearbox Oil question
  414. Be careful who you buy your carbon fiber hoods from........
  415. 180mph......
  416. Selling my M5 ...
  417. engine "decarbon" and a bit more....info req.
  418. Hi guys...(intro and Q's)
  419. Front Plate Ticket Advise???
  420. Long island meet march 28th!!
  421. I have seen the LIGHT...the BEAST is alive!!!
  422. Hamann Fog Lamp inserts
  423. Gruppe M CAI question
  424. Quick Question:
  425. Dinan Stage 2 or 3 Suspension
  426. Powerchip and headers?
  427. A Beautiful Drive
  428. PowerChip and Smog Check
  429. Wheels scuffed, upset now!
  430. 4/19 M5DE and sightseeing suggestions for afterwards?
  431. The biggest smile you've ever seen and then..(long)
  432. My Weekend at Skip Barber
  433. Movie: Flying cars!
  435. (4) NEW DUNLOP 8080E replaced!
  436. Report from Geneva Salon 2004 finished (8 pages)
  437. Thank you V1 AND 11-99 . . . (Wait, does that make sense?)
  438. New 21mm rear swaybar in ACS kit?
  439. 1st gear under 75% of full power is going all jerky...whats up?
  440. Need help with Shock Replacement
  441. bought 6yr-100K mile warranty !!!
  442. Stealthone Module Installed - Impressions
  443. Fouled spark plugs causing smog failure?
  444. CD-Nav to DVD-Nav upgrade
  445. Will 2000 E39 headlights fit a 2000 M5?
  446. Two things I have really come to appreciate during this past week...
  447. Movie: FD Driftdays, Papenburg march 13th 2004
  448. European Car Mag-M5 upgrades-Part 2
  449. Who in Dinan and BMW NA should I write to complain about poor workmanship?
  450. Recommendation-shop in NYC metro area for work on the Z8
  451. VR vs Bluetooth Microphone
  452. What car to get?
  453. What brakes are these? (Mr. Z ...check these out!)
  455. More useful "black box" info
  456. Ok I got popped in NY! Advice needed.
  457. Heads up TUBI Boys, The E60 M5 sedan sounds like it has the Kelleners and X-Pipe.....
  458. E60 M5 Videoclip WITH SOUND ! !
  459. I feel like crying when I am typing this...
  460. Rear Sway Bar Mount
  461. E39 M5 Suspension different to M Sports models?
  462. Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance
  463. Sachs Heavy Duty Clutch..any comments?
  464. X-Pipe Exhaust
  465. M5 spotted in Geneva Sunday Afternoon
  466. Standard cats vs high flow cats ?
  467. check out my ride, curious what you think (pics)
  468. Audio problem? Driver's door speakers have most of the volume???
  469. M5 Exhusts
  470. Dinan Rear Sway Bar is On
  471. What do you guys think about products that claim to lower the car's radiator temp. ?
  472. BBS RGR's are on!
  473. clean car, refurb wheels and apologies!
  474. Connect DVD in Stereo
  475. Anyone here tried Milltek exhausts?
  476. NOS
  477. M Brand Manager to speak in Boston
  478. VIDEO: My new Kelleners exhaust
  479. Recommened windows tinters in Northern CA?
  480. Headers are finally on! +'s and -'s.
  481. RE: Headers, Are SuperSprint Headers any less in quality, compared to HARTGE Headers?
  482. M5 spotted on Broadway & 23rd (NYC)
  483. Yet another clutch theory/technique thread
  485. Are the Nitto tires as good as advertised ?
  486. Springs again
  487. Headlights mist ????
  488. Info and Pics of Michelin PS2's
  489. Dinan S3 (SC) Update - Anyone Have The Latest Info?
  490. How many miles to expect from M5 engine
  491. Attn: Boston area M5 guys, need someone for testing a StealthOne!
  492. Anyone going to TOBAY FEST 4?
  493. The Cluster
  494. Opportunity to meet any London M5ers?
  495. Comparing the M5 and Z8 Clutch's
  496. When to switch from 5W30 to 10W60
  497. New Guys with tough situation! (long post)
  498. Spotted: Avus Blue M5 on A40
  499. Idiot learns how to use the Wiper delay switch!
  500. wheel fitment question
  502. I crashed my M5 in a snowstorm at 60 mph
  503. 2001 740i Sport or 2001 S430 Sport
  504. Mr. clean wash...no dry?
  505. Nice AC Schnitzer S5 wallpaper
  506. Castrol 10w60 RS
  507. Nice M5-powered Schnitzer Z4 video
  508. Lamborghini Gallardo pics are ready...Yeah baby!
  509. ACS DFC Installed! (LHD kit in RHD Car!)
  510. Where can i buy 345 ring&pinoin for my 2000 M5
  511. Z8 Alpina tyre pressure
  512. Its rumored that MB will have its own F1 team. Should BMW do the same ?
  513. 2000 vs. 2001
  514. Rear deck vibrates with M-Audio woofers.
  515. Need Source(s) For USED Stock BMW Wheels and Advise On How To Buy Used Wheels
  516. Anyone in LA for a drink with Swiss M5 and M3 owner?
  517. Quick Poll
  518. "Check engine oil level" and how the freak do you use the STOPWATCH function?
  519. Lets all look into the crystal ball
  520. audio system
  521. Audi S4
  522. My impression of todays s2 540 ride.
  524. Just got my 01 M5, bought it from..
  525. Backfiring and VERY rough cold start.......
  526. Zaino ZFX
  527. this would be great .
  528. oxugen sensor test
  529. Guys, BMWNA is asking for opinions on the E39 M5 messageboard at the Roadfly site....
  530. Do different name brand "Headers" all weigh differently or similar in weight?
  531. Looking for Track Brake pad options for factory brakes
  532. How do you turn on M audio (DSP)
  533. another poser in our midsts!
  534. Need Help with DIY Inspection 1 on my beast..please help
  535. 1st Laser Experience!
  536. Unlucky S-03s
  537. What's The Worst Thing You've Ever Hauled In Your M5?--Confess!! Make Me Feel Better
  538. 20" chrome alloys on black z8 pics
  539. My rear will be in a Gallardo in 24 hours..for keeps!
  540. The time has come....Unfortunately (clutch related)
  541. Does anyone know when the next NAV-TECH software update will be?
  542. Journalist get to ride with Montoya in the M5
  543. Header install question.
  544. Sunroof Glass Breakage
  545. Zagreb auto show
  546. When doing an oil change, is it SAFE to do a half-n-half mix of 10W-60 & 5W-30 weight
  547. Wow - Watch out for a MB C32 "AMG"
  548. Cheap M5's on Ebay
  549. Comment & question about engines and horse power......
  550. Tech. theory: Engine Power vs. Fuel Consumption
  551. Any USA M5's with active seat option?
  552. Not happy with Dinan rear swaybar
  553. ARGH! 3 of 4 rims scratched by tire shop - where to get them fixed?
  554. Quick stock exhaust question.
  555. Minnesota M5 Late Winter Social March 13th
  556. Modifications for the financially strapped
  557. Chipped paint on front of M5 help?
  558. BRA
  559. Emission Test Results with Headers
  560. E39 M5 Touring
  561. Need part# lookup
  562. Memorial Run 2004
  563. BIG question !!!!
  564. What do you like this new rim from Breyton?
  565. Koni with stock springs?
  566. Brembo 355mm front brakes only require 3mm spacers - not 5mm.
  567. Fuel Gauge Conundrum
  568. Has anyone used Peak Research tool
  569. Fuel Injector Seals Replaced—What Causes Seal Leaks?
  570. TRIVIA, Does anyone know the "TRUE" meaning of the (triple) ///M stripes/logo?
  571. pics of my new ///M5
  572. clutch slippage
  573. Detailing explanations
  574. anyone has a pic of smoked tail lights?
  575. What's up with all the fake M5's in Houston TX as of lately???
  576. OMG the World today only saw RED!!!
  577. 178mph and still pulling!!!
  578. Any info on the one E39 M5 Touring?
  579. Tubi Style
  580. HP/Torque increases for Supersprint cans + X-Pipe
  581. Just Got PS2s -- Car is Completely Transformed!!!
  582. M5 in Bucks County Today
  583. SPARE FRONT 18 x 8.5 WHEEL
  584. 18x8 up front?
  585. TIRE JACK FOR 2003 M5
  586. Attention Bay Area - New Tires - Great Install
  587. How to do 12's in the QM (long)
  588. My first Beast pics !!!!
  589. Nervous about upcoming M5 purchase
  591. About them chips
  592. Spring Break: CT to Ohio
  593. # 2 inspection
  594. Malibu to Santa Barbara Drive 3/21
  595. M5 Shifter Boot - are they always conected to the shift knob?
  596. My New STi vs my old M5
  597. Has anyone added Dinan's MAFs to their stock air intake system?
  598. QUICK HELP: Dinan rear sway bar - can't get nuts off stock endlinks
  599. Is anyone interested in attending Gumball but not paid yet!
  600. Fog lamp help please!!!!
  601. Stiff gearbox when cold
  602. What's your view, sport 'on' or 'off ?'
  603. La Mans Race 2004..
  604. mass air flow meter issues w/AA CAIS
  605. Out of state purchase
  606. Extended Warranty
  607. >M5 Facts--Pics--Wallpaper--Screensavers<
  608. How hot do oil temps of the M5/Z8 get?
  609. With an exhaust, to chip or not to chip?
  610. OT: Help w/ Shipping an Exhaust
  611. Tuning, upgrading, Dinan in Netherlands or Germany
  612. Question, Brake rotors of E60 and E39 M5......
  613. Spotted: Avus Blue M5 on A40
  614. Finally Beast has arrived !!!!
  615. Anybody got/seen sport on/off performance figures?
  616. Amusing M5 Pics ?
  617. Anyone on the west coast with Sachs clutch?
  618. Look who took a picture of me next to his beast!
  619. Brembo or StopTech
  620. 745 Wheel Fit?
  621. bluewater pics
  622. Chrome Trim
  623. Is this acceptable
  624. Trading in my 03 M5 for 04 cayenne turbo..
  625. Remove chrome scratches (chrome exhaust tips)
  626. Where to buy Tubi
  627. UK people, where do you get your tyres fitted ?
  628. spring question
  629. TiSi M5 in Windsor (California)
  630. Body shop needed in LA. My baby is a hit and run victim!
  631. Would you recommend a Clear Bra?
  632. Apples need clutch.."she's not gunna make it captain"
  633. West Chester Pa Silver M5??
  634. Spotted in Hyde Park: Silver M5
  635. True Remote V1 radar setup??
  636. modifications and insurance
  637. Best place to buy Alpine CD adapter?
  638. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's coming soon!
  639. Too many symptoms at once...Whats the problem...
  641. largest rear tire on stock rim. i searched...
  642. 350Z, 911, C5 anyone else?
  643. Movit Brakes
  644. E39 M5 Registry, Newbie Must Read.
  645. Where can I get Pilot Sport 2's for M5?
  646. Simple Exhaust upgrade
  647. 4 exhaust pipes pics
  648. OT: But i dont care cuz im on the swiss alps
  649. Another Extended Warranty Question
  650. slightly off topic but is anyone the silver m5
  651. M5 Sighting: Newbury Street 12/28
  652. M5 E39 Body Style S62 engine FACTS...Long
  653. Advice please - Vibration in Shifter
  654. Saw 2 M5s today, Whos were they? WPB, FL
  655. Still new to my M
  656. Update From London - Finallly Saw The Beast
  657. For the experienced detailing guys, what do you think of this product/
  658. F1 on SpeedChannel (OT)
  659. Towbar
  661. Pilot Sport for your enjoyment
  662. What should we ask BMW M at Geneva next weekend?
  663. Sea of F-cars in Hong Kong
  664. The Magic Is Still There! (Large pics)
  665. Played around with my camera today and...
  666. VIN Decoder
  667. Waterpump issues
  668. Navigation 'sub-menu' volume
  669. Some decent pics of the 5
  670. Proper install of Dinan Camber plates?
  671. How about a Denver get together
  672. 16K 03 M5. Scam or what?
  673. Z8?
  674. Edmunds reviews the E60 530i and its not ....
  675. Re: Leases, why is the MF calculated on cap. costs + residual?
  676. A few Hi-Res pics I took just before she left...(56K Warning!!)
  677. Video: Z8 vs 996 Turbo
  678. New Owner
  679. Excluding the track, how fast have you ever....
  680. Do I have the right (stock) transmission???
  681. Fast....Faster.....M5
  682. Carbon Black/Black and a nice Tint ?
  683. Peake Research R5/FCX tool...
  684. Big News: Official M5 E60 pics! Anymore coming with us to Geneva?
  685. First Drive
  686. Oil Leak Advice
  687. Hey anyone? can you show me the light?
  688. how do you normally drive your 5
  689. Any SD area M5ers want to meet at La Costa and hoot for Apples??
  690. US love M5's...and l've got the stats to prove it!
  691. E39 M5 500 YARD BURNOUT VIDEO
  692. Boston M5 Dyno day and meet May 1st
  693. Spotted: B***DHC (Bluewater M5 on A40)
  694. Owners Gallery now operational
  695. Stock Zenon's
  696. Suspension squeak - anyone else
  697. Replaceing the steering and Nav
  698. Anyone have both GruppeM intake with Dinan Airflow Meter?
  699. Rain-sensing wipers...NOT!!
  700. Run Flat Tires for the Beast!

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