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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. PLEASE READ!!! Not for the faint of heart!
  2. Minor OIL leak
  3. SS Headers -- Install time?
  4. M5 illuminates the night - experimental pictures!
  5. Oil pressure too high
  6. What metal is the car body?
  7. The Babe Thread: Rated PG 13
  8. The great Canadian M5 sushi tour begins...
  9. Oil Testing Sources?
  10. Short shifter installation question
  11. Cost of switching from Wood to Aluminium trim?
  12. wheel & tire performance experts please :)
  13. Navigation Problem!! Need help!!
  14. Beauty & the Beast... But Which is Which?
  15. Lazy fuel gauge
  16. Advice for M5 purchase
  17. Would anyone recommend the Bimmian Xenesis Tru-Match Bulbs for the Fog Lights?
  18. "Beast" in the movies
  19. Before you sell your Beast, sell me the Tubi off it!
  20. Looking for more punch...
  21. Tempted by 03 SGM/Blk 25.5k Can't decide
  22. Could E39 M5's be ordered in Zinnober Red?
  23. car bottoms out under heavy acceleration....
  24. My Dinan S1 vs Dad's 1960 Corvette who wins ?
  25. M5 in the green.
  26. Anybody have a copy of the ETM?
  27. Issues with stereo no sound from entire passenger side
  28. Cheap e39 m5-s in germany
  29. iPod adapter from BMW
  30. Fun on 35W - 360 Modena vs E39 M5
  31. M5 Driving Perils 101, for newbie
  32. Alarm has a mind of it's own
  33. any e39 m5 running around with 18 x 8.5 all around? more ?s
  34. Gas mileage drop since Ethanol released
  35. Finally have my Beast
  36. Price for '02 w/CPO?
  37. Matrix Micro-CoatingsTM
  38. Main Menu on Display (OBC, NAV, etc.)
  39. Shops in Raleigh Durham NC area?
  40. Recommendations for a GOOD dealer + Indi around Chicago Land
  41. Spacers on OEM wheels
  42. Enabling TV in Hong Kong
  43. just got back from the dragaway
  44. Millenium Platinum Warranty.. Anyone have this? Feedback?
  45. Tire pressures performance oriented
  46. I'd like to hear from those who have a Laser jammer
  47. What are the 10 most expensive repairs on an M5?
  48. Drive shaft poped ouit ???!!!
  49. Does the Peake scan tool for our M5's work on the E46?
  50. Question about modifying interior
  51. Inspection II done - got a new clutch for free
  52. Crunching noises from steering... (was: Bikini Babes....)
  53. 275/35/18 vs. 275/40/17 tire sizes.
  54. Weight of M5 wheels
  55. Exhaust setup, please advise
  56. X-pipes or Straight pipes??
  57. About to pull the trigger. 2001/17k/no warranty for $35k
  58. Wood trim replacement options?
  59. Auto-Headlight Retrofit
  60. M5 Mechanic in Boston Area
  61. Installing Hamann Front Lip
  62. When did the last '03 E39 roll of the line?
  63. PDC modul
  64. S62 racing engine
  65. Hello from a new e39 M5 owner in Seattle
  66. 19" AC Schnitzer Type III wheels
  67. brazilians please contact
  68. supercharged M5 CRASH
  69. slight lag at 4000 rpm
  70. Removing Cats, O2 sims?
  71. Aussie SC'd M5 for sale
  72. Whats with the huge dispairity in M5 prices?
  73. San Diego stuff
  74. weird steering noises
  75. NAVI UPGRADE HELP (Euro unit)
  76. White E39 M5 and 360 Modena on the side of the road (San Francisco I 380)
  77. X or H pipe?
  78. Gas mileage
  79. Need wheels loan for a week for my m5(UK)
  80. 639 Crank HP -- Dyno Charts for Supercharged M5
  81. 128 000 km change of MAF's
  82. BMW on the rock's
  83. 01 M5, 02 996tt, back to 03 M5
  84. wierd stripped oil pan fix
  85. The Beast in the desert.
  86. Erratic fan speed - resistor pack?
  87. 6.500 rev limiter in 6th gear
  88. PPI Results - Good, Bad, Run? Help Needed
  89. Denver Independent Mechanic Recommendations?
  90. M Power Clinics : UK Owners have a read
  91. buy a scan tool locally?
  92. High Milage M5s - Bad Idea?
  93. 9.5" OEM's Stoptech brakes and PSS9's
  94. Informal SF Bay Area Meet/Drive Sunday June 4th
  95. Need some help
  96. Buyer protection plan/maintain.plan costs!
  97. DVD Map Disk?
  98. Powerchip Installed!
  99. Another Newbie 2000 M5 Lemans Blue
  100. Best alternative to OEM rotors and pads?
  101. Possible to remove M-Audio Subs w/o taking apart the rear deck?
  102. Exhaust question
  103. Display/Radio Question
  104. Wow - It's like being inside a pair of headphones!
  105. m5 e39 running in
  106. Debadged car - What to rebadge?
  107. Regular unleaded or Hi Octane fuel?
  108. What's it worth?
  109. car wash hazards
  110. 1999 m5
  111. Ping (knock) sensor location?
  112. GREEN M5 on caramel KEEP OR SELL?
  113. A little headlight swap: New lights plus what was old is new once more.....
  114. E39 Hand brake vibration at speed
  115. Random pics (no 56k)
  116. Leaking tappet cover seal
  117. 10% discount on sparkplugs.com
  118. Tire replacement - 2 or all 4
  119. Shifter carrier movement
  120. OMG! E39 M5 hood scoop available!
  121. Best UK BMW Garage
  122. New purchase: opinions please!
  123. OK you british guys.....when we going to arrange a meet?
  124. Handy Dandy 11-99 Tip for CA Drivers
  125. scantool readings
  126. M5 Withdralws
  127. New '00 M5 Owner... meeting place?
  128. Driver's Side Rear Tire Being Cut By Fenderwell...
  130. M5 my top speed....and yours?
  131. OT: My M5 makes a jump to hyperspace - PICTURE!
  132. Fram oil filters
  133. Took my baby out for a spin yesterday
  134. Body Shop Screw Up?
  135. M5-99 problems. DTC P0390,P0150,P0308
  136. sport mode question
  137. Feedback on re-using IAT sensor?
  138. Argh! Radio Defaults To 87.7 FM...
  139. NYC M5 Owner Meets?
  140. Recommendations for purchasing oil?
  141. Butchered the Tubi....but in a good way
  142. 1 quart of oil for $15.00!
  143. Routine service for $362.36.
  144. Did my Beast inhale a kazoo?
  145. Post your best E39 M5 wallpaper
  146. Best Fog light bulbs to match color of 6000k Xenon Headlights
  147. Alright nyc m5'rs... whos keeping secrets
  148. Interior colour suggestions please
  149. Check low beams error message + lock coding issue
  150. Was there an update to the '01 mid-stream?
  151. Plz Post any High Quality E39 Drifting pics!!
  152. Mk IV DVD unit - Part no help !!
  153. Intake muffler
  154. UK DVD Map
  155. Anybody in the South SF Bay Area have Tubi?
  156. Tyre theory question - any ideas?
  157. Idle problem?
  158. Crazy exhaust thoughts...
  159. Rial Daytona wheels?
  160. Cheapest mods ever
  161. V1- Hard Wire Install in DC,VA,MD
  162. Cup Holders
  163. Safe place in NYC to park?
  164. Any Interest in a SoCal Dyno Day?
  165. DIY E39 M5 headers
  166. Dynoed my beast yesterday
  167. Considering an E39 M5.....got some questions for you pros
  168. Break Judder with gentle breaking
  169. Help - need wheel hub and carrier!
  170. Help required from Delaware Members
  171. Should I pull the trigger or wait it out?
  172. Icelink/Ipod-Stupid Question
  173. 01 M5, 02 996tt, back to 03 M5?
  174. need feedback from owners with Dinan Stage III suspension
  175. My complaints about the M5
  176. Hello from another new member
  177. Where to get PSS9 coilovers installed in NNJ
  178. Tire rotation intervals
  179. I have 2 questions
  180. Anyone bought from "ana_cernys"? ebay in lithuania
  181. Octoberfest 2006
  182. Highway *Star*??
  183. Maybe good deal on Ebay
  184. M5 stock alarm/immobilizer how good?
  185. Running With The New Beast: ACTION/STILL PICS e60M5/Z8/e39M5s & Friends(56K Warning)
  186. Speak now or forever hold your peace...
  187. Rear camera and dvd update pictures
  188. POLL: VW MAFS? YEA! or NEA!
  189. New M5 Owner!
  190. Has anyone drilled holes in the airbox?
  191. My trip to London was proved interesting and VERY significant.
  192. strange engine noise between 1500-2300 rpm
  193. Removing Nav trim piece?
  194. "M"?
  195. Racing Pads screwed the brakes
  196. The orginal phone...
  197. Note to Canadians looking for M5's
  198. WOW green interior very rare!
  199. alcantara door panels, pulls & boots
  200. how many beast owners in Ohio?
  201. E60 M5 Front brakes on a E39M5?
  202. Cracked underbody plastic
  203. 2003 seats
  204. dashboard icons??
  205. If you are in Stockholm, Sweden be sure to use your front license plate
  206. Running Rich in Bank 1 and Bank 2?
  207. Heel & Toe / RPM matching, Blip the throttle
  208. Is there a power bulge hood for the M5
  209. Trunk release issue.
  210. Spotlight options
  211. Finally a member - looking for Advice
  212. HID Projector Fog's
  213. LF: People with aftermarket bodyparts!!! Free parts to be had!
  214. Anyone in London available tomorrow??
  215. Am I the only one to have had this happen?
  216. Help with Sirius situation... seriously!!
  217. M5 gearbox change! Help please
  218. Spare Wheel for M5?!?
  219. Rich mixture
  220. Odd Goings on with the Cig. Lighter Socket...
  221. Brake problems....Severe shaking.
  222. NEW to Forum : Hello
  223. Can power rear sun shade be installed?
  224. Is this a bad battery or something worse?
  225. Bunches of Porsches- Pics
  226. WOT Shifting?
  227. New Owner - 01 M5 LMB
  228. Turtle wax ice
  229. Production numbers
  230. Bluetooth retrofit installation questions
  231. MKIII Navigation Issue
  232. Anyone with Black and Blue interior want to
  233. Changed my speakers...:(
  234. whats the most depreciating factor?
  235. How much have you spent or prepared to spend on mods?
  236. Dinan CAI / Stage 2 Software
  237. Pleasantly surprised with Toyos.
  238. Back up camera installed
  239. Are you happy with your M5.
  240. Black spots (rash) on wheels
  241. Post Your So Cal M5 Meet/Drive Photos Here...
  242. New M5? or keep the E39 for another 4 years?
  243. Is My DSP Amp on the Way Out?
  244. Finally received my licence plate's
  245. Z06 vette
  246. clutch pedal stop
  247. Help with Peake Reader Codes
  248. XM Radio Integration??
  249. Little guys love to help Dad detail the baby
  250. Two Speed Supercharger
  251. Removed baffles on stock airbox
  252. if it was an M5 instead of a 540 he'd a been doin' 186
  253. z06 1st kill
  254. All UK members say hello + what mods you have?
  255. Spent 2hrs waxing the OEM wheels - see Results!
  256. update on SES after tubi install
  257. Buying a short shifter, which one???
  258. green service lights acting up
  259. Clear Bra
  260. experiences with bumper cover repair?
  261. Costco for Tires?
  262. OT: A PILL can increase your car's gas mileage!?
  263. My first experience with the M5 and VA emissions testing
  264. Edmonton Beast Brunch: Saturday May 20th
  265. Looking for Leather on a 2000 M5
  266. Missing a part?
  267. Any piccies of a CB car with body colour trim ?
  268. 3,200 miles in 10 days to Italy and back
  269. New "accessory" for my baby!
  270. Nice ride home ;)
  271. Any Canadians with a recent BMW TIS?
  272. Oil leak - need help
  273. just got tubi installed. wwooooww..
  274. Replaced the MAF´s
  275. Clearwater/St. Pete Florida Mechanic
  276. PS2 Availability?
  277. Where can I find the best prices on OEM xenon bulbs?
  278. Harman kardon drive + play ipod adaptor
  279. bY bY m5
  280. My Best Car Ever.
  281. Silver M5 at Roy Foss Chevy in Woodbridge (Toronto)
  282. Props to BMW
  283. A Different Wax Question
  284. San Diego
  285. MKIII Navigation
  286. Which short shift to buy
  287. M5 service disc
  288. 10 or 12 inch subs?
  289. Will a stock '05 e46 bluetooth module work in the e39?
  290. Has anyone made a custom trunk tool kit?
  291. Time for some M5 Pr0n!!
  292. Problem with Stage 3 Clutch/Flywheel...Help
  293. Embroidered headrests?
  294. Hybrid Thrust Arm Bushing
  295. E39 M5 Stock Exhaust vs Eisenmann Sport Exhaust
  296. Weekend Fun in a RS4
  297. OT: How they drive in India
  298. Brake Sensor for Brembo?
  299. Anyone know where I can get illum. shift know - CF
  300. New M5 Owner w/ a question
  301. plastic front headlight covers
  302. Need Detailer in South Bay (Cal)...
  303. Understanding partners are great =)
  304. Angel Eyes upgrade - where to buy? Where not to buy
  305. Looking for a good shop to do a PPI in Philly/South NJ area
  306. Ok my new car looks great apart from...
  307. tomtom go 300 or BMW SAT NAV?
  308. Does anyone need an ///M mirror with rain sensor?
  309. 28mpg-Imperial gallon that is.
  310. Racing Story - M5vS3 !!!
  311. Where can I buy Dinan anti sway-bar?
  312. sell for a lower milage m5 or keep it?
  313. Keyless Entry/Remote stops for no apparent reason
  314. Fuel Pump Install (and Purchase)
  315. $700 oil change
  316. Wax List
  317. US gallon or Imperial gallon
  318. GruppeM Carbon Intake --> new K&N Filters?
  319. 10% Ethanol
  320. Best Portable GPS for International Travel, Recommendations?
  321. Anyone Name Their Beast?
  322. Gearlever trimming/ashtray cover
  323. Replaced Lower Control Arm - check yours
  324. Black smoke
  325. finally got one....
  326. June 15, 2006: M Tour Edmonton @ Bavaria BMW. Is anyone going?
  327. Help: Im losing coolant and its coming from places that are scary
  328. What is the correct coolant levels?
  329. How to remove Sump Plug??
  330. Pics of my Beast
  331. Pics of my Beast
  332. Sirius radio on '03 M5
  333. Broken Fog Light Glass, Part 2
  334. Any beast owners in St Petersburg, Russia here ?
  335. Observations from roadtrip
  336. Broken Fog Light Glass
  337. Video: Part II 27/6: the first 300+ km/h sprint with Hartge H50 5.0 V-10 3-series
  338. Video: Part II: the first 300+ km/h run of the Hartge H50 5.0 V-10 3-series
  339. 8-piston Brembo's for E39
  340. E39 M5 OEM Battery Backorder till ?@!
  341. M5 That flies on sale
  342. Finally took Pics
  343. DSC - You can completely turn it off!!
  344. Hello all...
  345. Front Air Dam Damaged Underside
  346. Fitting E46 M3 OEM 19X9.5's on the M5?
  347. Down on power, engine erratic at standstill
  348. PS2 tire help!
  349. Owners with Eisenmann Race or Sport Exhaust please help
  350. IATS wires
  351. Buying a Foreign MKIV
  352. I did it! I got my beast! but probs already!
  353. Leather Care product, should I use Zaino, Griot's or BMW Leather Care?
  354. auto dim rearview mirror issue
  355. Do the 4.8is and 4.6is X5 share the same ride height?
  356. What's the Best M5 I can get for $35k?
  357. Precut Headlight/Foglight Film For The M5?
  358. K40 Users: Two Radar Receivers In Front?
  359. Video: minutes on the top speed limiter, driving on Germany's Autobahn in the night
  360. Which V-MAX (Gustav?)
  361. Ice>Link Plus Installed
  362. Insurance renewal UK
  363. Video: BMW M5 E39 on the limiter and measured by GPS
  364. How would M6 wheels look on an E39 Beast ?
  365. Is it possible ??? Flip-out screen.......help !!!
  366. mafs test done
  367. Update - 03, 35k mi, 09 CPO for $45k -Deal or No Deal?
  368. Troubleshooting noise when turning (video clip included)
  369. Stuttgart, I have a problem....
  370. Where to Get a PPI - North side of Boston?
  371. Anyone good at German?
  372. Experience w/ UUC SSK vs. Rogue Engineering
  373. Any luck on Titanium Silver color matches...bumper replacement?
  374. Battery light is red...
  375. Cutting down the tail pipes?
  376. Dyno blues, I need Dynos for Dummys or expert advise please
  377. Shop recommendations from PA. members
  378. Bavarian Sound Werks Question . . .
  379. Recommended Shop for PPI in Seattle Area
  380. Freshly Zaino'ed and looking good!
  381. Stock wheel question(s)
  382. Put on BBS CH's (pics)
  383. StopTech BBK Advice
  384. Got Reckless/new clutch
  385. Mod Opinions-taking the M5 to the next level
  386. Are low rpm's bad for the M5?
  387. Euro(?) Steering Wheel
  388. It broke!
  389. Seattle Area M5's: want to try out UUC Evo 3 SSK
  390. Clay bar
  391. Track wheels
  392. How reliable is the E39?
  393. Awesome M5 driving techniques videos
  394. Indie Recommendation, Bay Area
  395. Anyone here have Beyern wheels???
  396. Using Euro MK4 dvd nav how do I change the language??
  397. I replaced every sensor... finally fixed it
  398. Carbon Cleaning
  399. Project Update: A USEABLE supercharged M5
  400. Good Deal? - 2003, CPO'09, 35k mi, $45k
  401. Replaced MAF's with VW ones, car runs ALOT faster but SES light
  402. Sway bar braket installation
  403. Child care in Spartanburg/ M school
  404. Advice on installing Euro dash?
  405. Disappointing MAF test results
  406. E34 E39 comparison
  407. Inspection II: Is Dinan worth the premium?
  408. Advice on Bar setup
  409. No more swirl marks!!!
  410. No warm up! Why?
  411. Oil change mishap! Now I need an oil analysis...
  412. No coasting in neutral per manual.. why not?
  413. Proud New Beast Owner!
  414. Navi, Ipod, XM, oh my...Need advice
  415. Reprogram 4:3 to 16:9 for your TV module
  416. Wheel Locks?
  417. Mothers Power Ball for Rims?
  418. Where's the Firewall?
  419. 1/8 mile tonight! *videos added*
  420. How much air does the M5 breathe?
  421. Need switched power source in driver side under steering column for Blinder/Lidatek
  422. Dinan headers with ss race cats
  423. Suggestions for shipping out of USA to OZ (rims etc)
  424. Another Key Question; Can The Valet & Wallet Keys Be Ordered?
  425. My first M5 video...
  426. Acceleration E39 M5 vs. E46 M3
  427. DIRTY!!!
  428. torx for the mafs
  429. Video from Lime Rock
  430. Sources for aftermarket center console?
  431. Semi OT: Almost the end of an era. It's been a good 6 year run.
  432. Is it safe to drive the M with an Intake Camshaft Vanos Position Control Error?
  433. Oil question
  434. South east Pub Meet Sussex : Surrey and Kent
  435. Phantom Beeping
  436. My first oil change
  437. Greater Toronto Area M5 Owner's Meet (FINALLY!!)
  438. BBS LM's Installed (Pics)
  439. AP BBK fitted - Noises when turning left - HELP!
  440. OT: Verizon settlement regarding RAZR bluetooth phonebook upload
  441. What do you think about Pilot Sport A/S?
  442. Newbie with problems on the 1 -> 2 shift
  443. There's a Beast In My Driveway!
  444. 0-100 km/h & 1/4 mile ...
  445. Newbie (sort of) intro
  446. Need help with Trunk Lock
  447. New Navteq CD Map Upgrade?
  448. Need Tint Removed - So California
  450. The M5 is in getting Insp I, new clutch and rear main seal leak fixed
  451. Drove my E36M3 after 2 weeks
  452. Newbie questions on pinking and other
  453. Tappety sound......
  454. It's probably the MAFS
  455. Bad Pixels in OBD
  456. Timing chain cover leak
  457. e39 540i/6 vs. e39 M5 - What do you get for 3 X the $?
  458. good sites for aftermarket parts
  459. Axxis Deluxe Squeal, when does it go away??
  460. Tires, tires, tires... I need help
  461. Is my car lowered?
  462. Siemens Car Phone - Unlocking??
  463. Sat Nav question
  464. Black Kidney Grilles ???
  465. Has Anyone Attended The World Class Driving Tour
  466. 993 tt or E39 M5?
  467. Has anyone here used VDO repair...
  468. Complete F&R pdc retrofit
  469. Driving Scenario Question
  470. Nice Sunday drive; Viper and DB9
  471. Do I need a new battery ?
  472. Got TV but no Satnav
  473. Almost Got Dinged By Runaway Grocery Cart!
  474. Tire Mounting - SEATTLE
  475. SuperFast: Electric Ariel
  476. Video from the Atlanta cruise on Sat. 5/6
  477. Radio, OBC and NAV question
  478. DSC good or bad? Vote here!
  479. What are my Hamann PG3's worth?
  480. interesting speedo lag
  481. It pays to join
  482. icelink
  483. Another MAF report
  484. Ground Control owners
  485. Tubi question
  486. Used Oil Analysis in the UK ?
  487. Transparent intake venturi cover??
  488. 03 LMB finally here
  489. E39 M5 Pricing!?
  490. Improving Handling
  491. CAI grill tubes
  492. Any TUBI'd M5s in Long Island?
  493. Running Rich, no faults...
  494. Warning Light!
  495. Let's see your aftermarket wheels
  496. M5 fun
  497. Would this wheel/tire combo need a spacer on the front?
  498. Aftermarket subwoofer install need help; BSW Subwoofer Upgrade people please chime in
  499. DSC can be extremely dangerous
  500. Car purchase scenario, what would you do???
  501. Three new problems: 1. IceLink/iPod; 2. Squeaks; 3. Dash Pixels.
  502. co-worker looking for a covertible m3
  503. Icelink question.
  504. Just back from Lime Rock.
  505. Clutch question from new E39 M5 owner and new member
  506. Rear facelift conversion kit
  507. 0w40 mobil 1 seythtic oil
  508. My 99 M5 sluggish when warm
  509. Squeek from left rear?
  510. Just bought an 00 M5, have problems :( (power loss, etc)
  511. Just bought an 00 M5, have problems :( (power loss, etc)
  512. Older S2 or Newer Stock M5?
  513. A few little googies: ice>Link, V1 hardwire, steering wheel trim
  514. How to remove the driver window controls ?
  515. Pls Read: RE: Discovery Automotive
  516. How much is the insurance for the beast!!!!
  517. Is it Common for the Rear Bushings to Go Out?
  518. Sold and Delivered
  519. In LA next week....
  520. Too much negative camber
  521. Interesting article on chip tuning
  522. New cheaper way to get tv on nav pictures inside
  523. sighting m5 bmwsf service - what's ur aftermarket exhaust?
  524. Can I use these MAF's on my car?
  525. Minneapolis Area Service
  526. Radio (amp) stopped working... help!!!
  527. Where to buy lug bolts for aftermarket wheels near Irvine, CA?
  528. Fault Codes= camshaft position issues
  529. Ferraris & Lambos & Astons, oh my!
  530. Nav CD-key link please
  531. Block Exemption Agreement - Europe
  532. Steering wheel shake - but only when cold
  533. z8 conversion to right hand drive
  534. San Diegans: Rally On May 21st?
  535. opinions on rogue short shifer
  536. Bluetooth upgrade
  537. Left front turning signal problem
  538. Melting Mirror
  539. oem m5 side view mirror problem..help pls???
  540. 2001 M5 audio upgrade - Please help !
  541. Question on SES
  542. Upholstery Question
  543. unbelievable
  544. Factory Audio - Integration Technology
  545. New oil out; Greddy 10w-60
  546. Octane question
  547. Calling all Seattle people!
  548. Adding an amp and sub to the E39 M5
  549. Towing hookups
  550. buying recommendations?
  551. New sensors! Out with the old codes…in with the new…
  552. Pressure, what pressure?
  553. Check engine oil level...
  554. Droaning / Whine Noise
  555. RunFlat Tires for the Beast???
  556. Fold Down Rear Seats...How Rare?
  557. Clutch replacement UK
  558. malfunctioning navigation (computer) brain
  559. just got my 03 M5
  560. Has anyone attended a Dinan Roadshow?
  561. E39 Dynan Flywheel & Stock Front Springs
  562. Just picked up an 00 M5...
  563. Second hand Instrument cluster, will it work?
  564. Bluetooth Cradle for Orange M600 Phone - TECHIE HELP NEEDED !
  565. Help, I need everyone's input!!
  566. of cam position sensors
  567. CPS a likely candidate?
  568. Can I buy just the clear corners?
  569. sideview mirror
  570. The Beast brings out the kid in me...
  571. How To Change 2001 Angel Eyes? Is It Dificult?
  572. Nice Surprise...M5 Came With A K40...How Do I Use It?
  573. Worst part of owning the beast.....and best mod
  574. Knocking after IATS install.
  575. Wife never to drive the Beast again.
  576. New Jersey: Black Modified M5...
  577. What is the best option for adding sat radio to a 2002 M5?
  578. 2003 M5 for sale as New
  579. Where can I get replacement CD cartridges / magazines for the CD changer?
  580. significance of the 3-2000 build date
  581. Track wheel set up concerns
  582. Holding my breath
  583. Dealer says don't change diff/gear oil
  584. Dina -ve camber plates
  585. Motorspeed West in San Jose
  586. Took the plunge!!!
  587. Box in Headliner behind sunroof?
  588. Preventative Engine Maintenance - Major stuff ... !
  589. OBD-2 Device for a Mac?
  590. Cylinder Crack
  591. How well do you know your Beast? Part 2! 3 Photos...
  592. My MAF tests ( DavidS please come in )
  593. Hello All
  594. Impromptu San Diego rally
  595. Camshaft sensors
  596. Hit The 100K Mark !
  597. Corvette ZO6 BBK (6&4 piston) on a E39 M5?
  598. Rant on the "sport button"
  599. Angel eyes installed on 2000 m5 headlights
  600. How well do you know your Beast? 8 Photos
  601. Auto-RX and LubeControl - possible solution to carbon buildup and prevention?
  602. Headlights stuck in park mode
  603. Is Your Beast a Daily Driver?
  604. Fiber Design CF front lip
  605. EIS Blue tooth problem.
  606. More Modifications...Photos of Radio Knobs, Stereo System, Angel iBrights, and More
  607. Wow! That was a close one...
  608. Dublin, Nor Cal - Engima Motors - Experiences?
  609. My claim to fame!!!
  610. IceLink Installation Instructions Needed
  611. need a favor from chicago m5ers...
  612. Pirelli taking a page from the BMW marketing book
  613. Compass
  614. The M5 has gone...
  615. Anyone interested in Xenon RHS unit ? What price should I ask for it ?
  616. Zainos Z-pc review
  617. 275/40/18, 285/35/18 or 285/30/18 on the rear? any advice?
  618. Attention Apples.
  619. well it's true or maybe i'm a manual freak....
  620. Wicked Fast M5
  621. Anybody else content in keeping thier car stock?
  622. Aftermarket Exhaust Tips?
  623. Clock icon on service indicator ?
  624. Britalman exhaust owners??
  625. Mixing oil?
  626. Fixing the bottleneck:Finding the best Cat
  627. AA Cold Air Intake/Software Combo
  628. I'm part of the clan now!
  629. Taking 12" from BSW?
  630. Whats fast, expensive n ugly ?
  631. Installed the Angel iBrights...Questions!
  632. need help from front and rear pdc equiped m5
  633. Bring me to the dark side...
  634. I'm getting too old for this
  635. To Dinan or not to Dinan (software stage I)?!?!
  636. Need advice: Clutchmaster stageI & Rogue SSK Installed-minor issue?
  637. SOUTH FLORIDA M5 Meet
  638. Stressing over MAFs
  639. How many quarts of oil does it take to fill
  640. Slight whistle or whine from steering
  641. BMW technical CD
  642. Had a bad feeling... (help please...)
  643. Trying again; my non-NAV 00/M5, what and how (computer/monitor stuff again)...
  644. Stereo
  645. Well, I did it...Just Bought A 2002 M5...
  646. ALERT: Dinan 20% off rebate for Roundel subscribers - advice: ACT FAST
  647. How much does a pre-purchasae inspection cost?
  648. fix a key ?
  649. Search part numbers asc dfc absorbers(+)
  650. Radio and Police Scanners
  651. Chicago meet II - Pick the date
  652. Oh Happy days....
  653. oil
  654. Video: BMW M5 E39 180 km/h to 260 km/h (limiter)
  655. CSL-Style trunk/wing for the E39?
  656. any wheels nice rims for sale
  657. Where to buy 3mm spacer???
  658. Console phone receptacle/ tray swap
  659. The newly improved Polizei M5
  660. new detailing product to consider
  661. E39 M5 on Ebay WARNING
  662. MAF's tested - another data point
  663. TT Mountain Course Clip
  664. Which Peake tool?
  665. MKIII to MKIV Question
  666. ≡≡BMW≡≡ display on Nav Screen... How??
  667. I love this board
  668. IN SANE M5
  669. Help : Breaking issue ..
  670. Windshield Stone Chip Protection
  671. My poor tranny
  672. Hole on Silencer tip?
  673. BUYING 2000 M5, please looking for advicee!!!!
  674. Finally decided on next mod...Open wide!
  675. any experience w/ Motorspeed West in San Jose?
  676. MAF Group buy - still open?
  677. 01 Nav question
  678. Painted OEM 18" in carbonblack / chromeshadow
  679. Finally, perfection! What a fabulous car!
  680. X'mas time in Spring. BIG UPS TO TOM@EAS!!!
  681. Error codes thrown last night
  682. voice control module
  683. Anyone have an IMOLA M5 pic with a roof spoiler?
  684. looking for new tires - need opinions (a little different)
  685. The best driving video ever....?
  686. Anyone upgrade the CD changer to support MP3s?
  687. scratched my wood trim...any ideas on touch up?
  688. M5 Donuts !!!
  689. Hello [Source for trailer hitch option?]
  690. M5´s on the Nurburgring - video
  691. UK M5'ers. Chip upgrade options
  692. heres an idea, your thoughts?
  693. Photoshoppers
  694. Single OEM wheel, or 4 After market?
  695. M5 Bluetooth Options
  696. Slightly OT - E39 (non M) tire help and suggestions - see inside
  697. AutoX'ing the m5 this saturday!
  698. "final stage resistor" - need your thoughts!
  699. OBDII or not - how to tell?
  700. No heated seats

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