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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. Three good reasons for me to keep my M5
  2. Aftermarket Navigation...
  3. Wrecked 2000 M5 [Rear ended]
  4. BMW Emissions Recall
  5. 2007 6 speed manual vs SMG in the e60 vs e39?
  6. Stainless steel exhaust tips
  7. porsche calipers
  8. New Owner with Engine Shutdown
  9. Full Miltek+100cell cats......
  10. Supercharging and Nitrous...
  11. Just did the MAF test...feedback requested
  12. My lost exhaust videos
  13. Replacing front and rear lower bumper trim?
  14. Interior questions - split seats? PDC?
  15. Dilema on what rear wheel size to get
  16. Photo Shoot [Le Mans Blue M5]
  17. EVOTech Software? - +20HP and +20 Tq!
  18. Not a nice start of the day... [Stolen front spoiler, headlights and disabled alarm]
  19. Experiences with VW MAF's from Performance Cafe?
  20. Troubleshooting very strange electrical fault?
  21. BBK Friendly Wheels
  22. Got my Peake R5 Fcx2...assistance with 5 fault codes?
  23. Buttholder replacement for $5
  24. Question regarding exhaust video ...
  25. Recommendation for PPI? (Houston)
  26. Dinan is a first class company ALL the way. My experiences...
  27. Extended Maintenance Warranty ...
  28. Voice Recognition Commands for UK V27 SW
  29. M5 ECM, I need a dead one
  30. Tubi vs Eisenmann vs Supersprint
  31. Need a Favor from Chicago M5 ers [borrowing front wheel/tire]
  32. Dealer or Specialist to fit clutch ?
  33. Used Oil Analysis - good predictor of impending engine failure?
  34. Q&A from a Dinan Engineer
  35. Turbo M5
  36. Is it safe to clean the mafs with brake cleaner?
  37. Experiences with Superchips?
  38. My first track experience in the beast.....impressions
  39. Feedback on replacing dashboard?
  40. Bluetooth Module on E39
  41. Upgrade to Dinan S2 or trade in for new C6 Z06 ?
  42. 2nd day of ownership, 2 problems already :(
  43. Air Duct bolt question . Help :)
  44. black oem wheels
  45. Dinan Software Upgrade
  46. A question and a poll about headers and ceramic coating.
  47. Look At These Cool Pedals
  48. BMW radio upgrade part #65.12-6 964 398 will it work?
  49. Full throttle hesitation @4,000RPM
  50. Gas Mileage - unsure of what i am doing
  51. Sourcing after-market black housing headlights
  52. Alternatives to stock air filter (non CAI)
  53. Color Code for Sterling Gray Metallic?
  54. Hey Gustav [m5board.com stickers]
  55. Sources for carbon fiber driveshaft?
  56. Speculations wanted. BMWNA visits DINAN in CA
  57. Supersprint Mufflers for M5
  58. Umnitza HID Fogs - Installed - PICS
  59. CD Changer Wiring
  60. Water pools under car?
  61. Any NYC-area Header Owners Looking to Convince Me?
  62. Question boys..... Are these considered R-Compound tires?
  63. Just called Dinan about their E39 Supercharger Kit
  64. Seat belt rattle
  65. rogue short shift : main lever rotates problem
  66. New Pictures of SuperCharged M5
  67. Aftermarket Clutch Warranty - is labor generally covered?
  68. My first ticket with the M....and I got out of it
  69. Air Mass Sensors covered under 7/70,000
  70. Past Blast - 2005 'review' E39 Beast
  71. Start up vanos noise getting louder
  72. The car is "thumping" under heavy wot
  73. Rear end fender modification.....? [to fit 305 tires]
  74. Feedback on tread life - Pilot Sport vs Toyo T1-R tires?
  75. What car to get to accompany the M5?
  76. Synchronization of banks
  77. How long do beasts live?
  78. MAFs - clean early, clean often...
  79. Nav Upgrade
  80. Is my clutch going bad?
  81. Powder Coating M5 Wheels
  82. Low speed tremor
  83. Knocking noise while braking?
  84. Clutch slipping
  85. Gas goo
  86. Gauges and PODS
  87. Broken Headlight Adjusters
  88. Today's CA Dyno Day Results are in
  89. Xenon vs. Xenon HID
  90. My car doesnt burn oil all of a sudden.....
  91. Took the plunge... left a deposit, pick up the car monday
  92. Getting cold feet! [thinking of trading 2000 M5] UK
  93. Service lights
  94. I need to buy MAF's. Where to buy from?
  95. BMW Individual
  96. high revving in neutral
  97. New rims... [Breyton Spririt 19"]
  98. opinions wanted, RE: tire size versus rim size for S3 conversion.........
  99. Purchase advice used M5?
  100. E39 M5 is 30/100
  101. Seeking opinions on rim options
  102. Off to the track tomorrow, and I love my stealer
  103. Girth?
  104. 374mm/370mm BBK and new wheels
  105. Alternative on our front license plate?
  106. Adjusting Clutch Pedal Engagement
  107. 2000 M5 Purchase
  108. Tyre compound question
  109. Experiences with Ventura lowering springs?
  110. Lighting Setup Question
  111. What does this mean [tire pressure warning]
  112. SS X-pipe and SS street mufflers
  113. Not another oil question!!
  114. 2001 Tailight conversion
  115. 67 427 corvette or m5?
  116. $tealer gets headlight glass in stock!
  117. New member ratings...
  118. Why you should change your fuel filter
  119. Overheat
  120. Help with fault codes?
  121. Video: Ferrari F355 F1 '98 vs BMW M5 E39 '03
  122. Wheel experiences and newbie question -- need advice (LONG)
  123. Radio, NAV 16x9 problem!!
  124. Car dies when driving
  125. Troubleshooting heater/AC blower?
  126. Alarm Question
  127. TEV Fault Code?
  128. Recommendations: Vista BMW or Braman BMW for Pre-Purchase Inspection?
  129. How to lift the engine...
  130. Lowered spring recommendations
  131. Wheel Alignment Shop Recomendations in NoVA
  132. How use splash screen on v.27
  133. M5 w/ SS exhaust in Dallas Area
  134. Source for pre-cat O2 sensor (US)?
  135. Nav OS v.28?
  136. Possibly one of the hottest M5's ever
  137. Exhaust/ignition/wheel bearings/Imola
  138. Pictures of my DPE wheels
  139. Anyone ever support the car this way?
  140. M Shop - Glendale, CA Fantastic!!
  141. $tealer made a boo-boo...
  142. Help tracking down service records...
  143. Soft tappet ?
  144. spec.dock for iPod / DICE
  145. M5 or M6 Wheels on a Z8 and Tyres
  146. Grinding metal---need advice
  147. SS X-Pipe + Dinan Exhaust question
  148. Wrecked E-60
  149. Advice on Price on used M5
  150. Experiences with Rick Case (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)? Request for drive-by...
  151. Background information on VANOS system?
  152. Anyone have experience with Dinan S package?
  153. Rare? Stealer no thief.
  154. Mod Success - SSK, X5 Bushings
  155. Help with Clutch Stop Install
  156. Uh Oh, SSK came loose under a fast start
  157. Image of right front wear - thoughts?
  158. Straight pipe or X-pipe
  159. What ever happened to this SC'r.....
  160. Clutch Masters Stg3 clutch kit
  161. South Florida M5 Drivers
  162. E39 M5 Super Sprint Exhaust
  163. Wanted: Pics of E39 M5 with Fikse Wheels
  164. Tools required for sink drain mod?
  165. Advice on using 540i fuel pump for M5?
  166. Shifter area getting hot...
  167. Who was it that purchased the Green 2006-2 DVD a while back?
  168. Why so many E39 M5's for sale?
  169. Another tyre size/wheel offset question
  170. Hartge vs H&R springs...
  171. Catalyst System Efficiency?
  172. Troubleshooting shuddering at idle? MAFs?
  173. A/C fan issues
  174. Oil Change (Thoughts and Questions)
  175. Advice on alternator replacement?
  176. E39 M5 Rebuild time?
  177. Which temperature sensor does the ECU use?
  178. Recommended Salt Lake City Exhaust Installers?
  179. Rear view mirror issues
  180. Another type of engine noise??
  181. E39 M5 6 speed Tranny part number?
  182. Intermittent Cam Position Sensor Failure or Something Else?
  183. SES/Service Engine Soon Faults - Interpretation needed
  184. Instructions/help for changing value cover gaskets
  185. M5Board.com Sticker
  186. Who has aftermarket rear sway bars in stock?
  187. Alcantara Steering Wheel install complete (pics inside)
  188. What do you guys think I should ask for my car?
  189. Advice needed [Purchasing 2002 M5 (UK)]
  190. Can anyone tell me why my alarm is going off randomly?
  191. Stereo DSP Setting for Sub
  192. Z8 colors opinions?
  193. Ordered Yokahama AVS Sport
  194. Here it is - $150.00 AEM Custom Air Intake CAI - (PICS)
  195. First track session in m5 yesterday
  196. Time to change oil?
  197. Solving seatbelt discomfort
  198. New beast owner in Virginia!
  199. x-pipe install
  200. Letting it purr or letting it roar...
  201. BBP's CAI (DIY save $$$)
  202. Questions regarding random misfire?
  203. Shifting in and out of 1st and 2nd is getting very tight
  204. 2000 M5 [Good deal or not?]
  205. Nav software explained
  206. WANTED: 2003 M5 - Carbon Black
  207. M5 vs Audi A8 W12?
  208. Ready to Pull Trigger on Coilovers - Maybe H&R Any Thoughts?
  209. alloy wheel cleaner
  210. My E39 and E60 M5 Garage
  211. I just bought my M5 in Toronto
  212. What do you guys think of these shift & E-brake boots? [Redline Goods]
  213. Bluetooth (apologies)
  214. Extended Warranty / Service Contract
  215. Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Conversion
  216. Advice on Buying a Z8 at a distance and color question
  217. BMW Nav-TV : Watch DVD on Navi Screen
  218. Advice on removing bumper grill?
  219. Troubleshooting: DSC off ABS and brake warning lights
  220. Raced the new C63AMG
  221. Thanks to you all!!!! [Bought 2003 M5 - LeMans/Caramel]
  222. What does a stock M5 sound like without CATs?
  223. Anyone using Dunlop Direzza?
  224. Kelleners/Eisenmann Exhaust Question
  225. BMW emblem ripped off on Sunset strip
  226. Suggestions for Dinan S3 license plate.........?
  227. "NEW" ZO6 vette vs E39 S3 package ?
  228. Kelleners ECU Software
  229. UUC SSK Noise....
  230. OH.. Clutch? [symptoms of worn clutch?]
  231. Just cleaned my MAF's
  232. What are your experiences with heat soak?
  233. Griot Garage's Hand Pump Oil/Liquid Extractor
  234. Put straight pipes from the resonator back on my M5
  235. Atlanta Paint Recommendation?
  236. Car odometer has 12 more miles after service?
  237. Just Ordered Some DPE Wheels - Photos
  238. Axial flow super-charging, small, light, huge power?
  239. What kind of wheels are these?
  240. Picture Request: Sterling Grey with Black Kidney Grills
  241. Which is best diff and trans oil
  242. Greyscale M5 Badge
  243. CPS = Injector problem
  244. Paint chip question
  245. Removed the resonator, sounds GOOD
  246. Good aftermarket goodies installer in Atlanta?
  247. Is there a big difference in speed/performance going from Dinan S1 to S2 ?
  248. Debadged Badges
  249. Mislead by BMW on Extended Warranty
  250. I can not stop driving the Beast
  251. Susan Komen / BMW Test drive for a Cure
  252. Noise on start up
  253. Noisy Idler Pulley Replacement
  254. [OT] Where's the strangest place you've worked on your car?
  255. Center Bore Question...Fitting E60 Wheels on a E39
  256. Headers and views
  257. Easy way to remove Air Bag warning stickers?
  258. Winter Wheel Recommendations
  259. Upgrading from MK3 to MK4 satnav?
  260. West Coast LA DICE users
  261. Slotted vs drilled brake rotors
  262. Original brakes & Clutch @ 70,000+ miles
  263. Cost comparison for Inspection II
  264. Troubleshooting warmer A/C at idle?
  265. SES Codes, advice on the following please...
  266. How many board members perform their own maintainence?
  267. Advice on wheel spacer selection?
  268. Feedback on removing door lock knobs?
  269. My collection, including videos (M6, 800 HP M3 E36, M3 E46 and white M5 E39)
  270. Would a M3 CSL bootspoiler fit a E39 M5?
  271. Sources for current Nav DVD?
  272. FNG... newly arrived
  273. Experiences with powdercoating rims black with polished or amchined lip?
  274. Encompass Platinum extended warranty from AA Auto Warranties?
  275. Advice on sources for used M5 parts? (UK)
  276. Matching Rotors to Calipers?
  277. Size of E39 v. E34
  278. Front Calipers as Rear BB upgrade?
  279. Fueling M5 while running may trigger SES light.
  280. Interesting comment on Eagle GSD3's
  281. Swaybar brackets or upgrade?
  282. 9.5 F with SSR dunlops
  283. Swapped my xpipe for stock with Kelleners
  284. Experiences with Amsoil oil?
  285. Advice on spark plugs for E39 M5?
  286. Max A/C Operation
  287. Sun Visor Light
  288. Undercarriage Protection and Waxoyl
  289. List: Sultan of Brunei's complete car collection, no M5 but an Alpina
  290. Board members in Cambridge (UK)?
  291. Attention Long Island Posse - Do any of you know this car?
  292. Will an e46 m3 tv and sat fit a e39 m5?
  293. "Complete weekend with the M5" now online for free
  294. Question regarding hood fitment issue:
  295. Neez wheels on M5
  296. Specific output of DSP amp?
  297. Request for assistance from German member
  298. Aftermarket exhaust options?
  299. Recommendations for independent mechanic? (Hayward area)
  300. Fitting X5 16:9 satnav screen in E39?
  301. PEAKE Error Code Help - left book at home
  302. Mystery click
  303. Nice aftermarket carbon hood!
  304. A (temporary!) Farewell to Arms and thanks to Gustav!
  305. New project, M5 GTR
  306. Sources for buying wheel spacers?
  307. Best way to hardwire V1 in M5?
  308. Question regarding range calculation?
  309. SES, different noise and down on power ?
  310. Advice on purchasing low mileage beast?
  311. Source for twin-turbo kit for E39 M5?
  312. Awesome car cover
  313. Locked out of my car
  314. Photos Of My New DVD Navigation Upgrades
  315. Organizing E60 M5 vs E39 Dinan S3 race!
  316. New Wheels - Breyton Spirit (high bandwidth warning)
  317. Why $250 for maintenance/oil at 43Kmiles?
  318. Performing major service on my 2000 M5
  319. Advice on removing exhaust hangers?
  320. Replace rear tires only?
  321. Do regular E39 wheels fit the M5?
  322. Feedback on MASHAW Hood
  323. Recommendations for Speaker Replacement
  324. Painting my brake calpiers
  325. M5 vs RS6 Saloon 4.2 bi turbo
  326. Original m5 wheels
  327. M5 vs NSX
  328. Front windshield trim chipping away
  329. Front tire-to-shock clearance
  330. Preventive Maintenance?
  331. The First Time You Knew You Were Driving an M5
  332. Someone tried to take my wheels
  333. DSC Question for X5
  334. Cost to upgrade from DINAN S2 to S3?
  335. CAI airflow resistance.
  336. Tubi V Borla exhaust
  337. Troubleshooting strange vibration (again)?
  338. Recommended price for turning on daytime running lights?
  339. Killed E430 AMG..
  340. Battery Cost
  341. Request for defective MAF housing
  342. 10W-60 oil @ $7.24 per quart
  343. Stealth One - Upgrade off the car?
  344. Dunlop sp sport 9000
  345. clutch question
  346. Supercharging the M5 - My story... (CA Automotive Bi-compressor project)
  347. Feedback on E60 M5 wheels on E39?
  348. Redesigned BMW Sway Bar Brackets?
  349. Fog light surrounds
  350. Weird Brake pedal feel.
  351. Is this a good deal on an '02?
  352. 2002 E39 M5 - What is it worth?
  353. Advice on nice sounding aftermarket exhaust?
  354. Feedback on painting an intercooler?
  355. Very poor AM radio reception
  356. Useful site for cleaning products Australia
  357. car coming soon in toronto
  358. BMW car and Key memory settings Customer Selection form
  359. My brake pads look odd... crumbling?
  360. TireRack DOES Have PS2's in OEM -- NON "MO" -- Sizes...
  361. Flywheel
  362. Experiences with OZ Superleggera wheels?
  363. Long time lurker-New Owner!
  364. Dinan clutch users: Any updates?
  365. Hopefully I've Convinced Another M5er To Join...
  366. Video: BMW M5 E39 races tuned Audi RS4 (old one) with "450 HP"
  367. Dealer program options
  368. Questions about Dinan Anti Roll Bars and more....
  369. POLL: Are G-Tech devices accurate?
  370. Modified Powerflew bushes
  371. Vines Thrust Arms and OE Control Arms Installed Today
  372. Mild Performance mods for track days with E39
  373. After almost 2 years of owning an M5 the inevitable has happened!
  374. M5 Stereo Issue: Mutes randomly
  375. No Universal Garage Door Opener
  376. MAF's
  377. Aftermarket stereo and subwoofers (pics)
  378. How many members have had Inspection II?
  379. Quick Question - Turning off climate control
  380. Cheapest source for OEM clutch?
  381. M5 arches
  382. M5 vs M3CSL?
  383. Car returns from dealer with kerbed wheel
  384. Stumped by Sat Nav
  385. Dinan Stage II sway bar brackets
  386. Car frequently dies upon restart when warmed up -- any clues?
  387. Video: One more round with Sabine in the E39 M5 ringtaxi
  388. re-occuring Peake code faults
  389. Want to buy: E39 M5 Supersprint X-Pipe (UK)
  390. Transmission Oil Analysis
  391. Video: M5 doing doughnuts in Middle East
  392. Getting 2001 M5 today!
  393. Soundclip Mariani exhaust
  394. Which Navi do I have?
  395. Proud new M5 owner
  396. Source for titanium aftermarket exhaust?
  397. Why is it so hard to find an Alpine White E39 M5?
  398. Recommendations for wheel repair (S. Florida)?
  399. Feedback on ethanol use on m5 or other bmw's?
  400. M5 key chain
  401. Can a Dinan Exhaust damage catalytic converters?
  402. Cheapest option for CD changer?
  403. Parts list & exploded view of rear bumper?
  404. My clutch totally died yesterday
  405. Should I take the plunge?
  406. Front tire wear anomaly- thoughts?
  407. Joining the club after 6 years! (Long)
  408. Contact information for Stealth1?
  409. Opinions on the best looking modified M5?
  410. Interesting stuff to track down previous owners of your Beast
  411. Recommendations for mechanic? (Sacramento area)
  412. What is this aftermarket exhaust?
  413. Experiences with squealing from StopTech BBK?
  414. Dunlop SSR track day tyres
  415. Question regarding container under passenger-side microfilter?
  416. Feedback on Dension Ice Link displaying song info?
  417. Another fix for SES light: On higher mileage check PCV vent hoses
  418. Worth another look...Gustav @ 290kph (video)
  419. Advice on troubleshooting SES light?
  420. Excessive coolant temperatures on track?
  421. Experiences with AFE intake?
  422. Question regarding Dinan S2 software with factory intake?
  423. BMW Extended warranty or independent service contract?
  424. Source for new or used CPSs?
  425. Assistance with checking out Beast? (Boston area)
  426. Recommendations for replacement tires?
  427. Feedback on NAV screen (4x3) flickering & rebooting?
  428. Would a bad temperature sensor cause this?
  429. Advice on pricing lost flywheel?
  430. E39 Mk II Version 27.1 Software Upgrade
  431. Dinan SSK
  432. Feedback on CAC MAF cleaner?
  433. Troubleshooting annoying interior rattle?
  434. My new aftermarket wheels
  435. Imola Red Dinan M5 in the ATL
  436. Explanation of the air circulation settings
  437. Feedback on shifter movement under hard acceleration?
  438. Recommendations for Ecu remap and topspeed delimit? (UK)
  439. Feedback on Supersprint xpipe?
  440. Feedback on extending BMW warranty? (UK)
  441. Retrofit of Navigation & bluetooth in 2002 M5?
  442. Bent Strut Towers (Important for aftermarket suspension owners)
  443. Intro - New to Forum
  444. Price for Dinan springs?
  445. Feedback on crappy paint job?
  446. Were fold down seats standard on 2000 M5?
  447. Question regarding brake fluid change?
  448. Feedback on rev counter temp indicators?
  449. Advice on performing Inspection I for a very low-mileage 2003 M5?
  450. Assistance on opening the DME box?
  451. Feedback on PowerChip93 installation!
  452. Sources for upgraded swaybar brackets...?
  453. Troubleshooting stalling?
  454. Bluetooth Kit for 2001 M5
  455. Assistance requested with fault codes
  456. Experiences with Hancook or Falken tires?
  457. Interest in possible group discount for ceramic window tint...? (CA)
  458. Wheel cleaning products - don't use PAM!
  459. Purpose of lights next to fog light switch?
  460. Thank you BMWNA!! Saved some money on repairs
  461. Feedback on shuddering noise while reversing?
  462. Recommendations for track day tire pressure?
  463. Feedback on low-speed brake noise?
  464. Contents of electronic box in left front of engine compartment?
  465. DINAN 20% rebate status
  466. Identifying possible VANOS problems?
  467. Source for 16:9 Nav upgrade?
  468. Moving to CA - questions regarding smog testing, etc...?
  469. Sources for vented hoods?
  470. Found source for aftermarket Hi-Flow Performance cats! (UK)
  471. I did it! Bought an E39 M5 (Carbonblack with Mariani exhaust)
  472. E39 Strut Brace
  473. Troubleshooting random check engine light & loss of power?
  474. Dinan Technical Service Bulletin regarding Dinan headers
  475. Recommended window tinting! (NY, NJ & CT)
  476. Opening trunk with dead battery?
  477. Experiences with mixing mods from different manufacturers?
  478. Problem with dealer installed Runflats on CPO 2003
  479. Recommendations for sourcing facelift headlights?
  480. Trading aftermarket vs stock parts? (Chicago & Mid-West)
  481. Dinan vs. Powerchip?
  482. Troubleshooting front suspension squeak?
  483. Source for trunk spoiler?
  484. Soliciting thoughts (again) - selling 2003 M5 for 997S
  485. Lurker - No More!
  486. She's back!
  487. Recommendation for PPI in Northern Virginia?
  488. Troubleshooting pinking under load?
  489. AP Racing brake pad suppliers?
  490. Feedback on engine fan constantly on?
  491. Fuel Filter - A DIY?
  492. Source for 2001 M5 wheels?
  493. Troubleshooting oil in spark plug holes
  494. Windshield molding perforations
  495. Another Peake Code testimony
  496. Dedicated thread: Feedback on all available clutch/flywheel combinations
  497. Troubleshooting stalling on cold start after cleaning MAFs?
  498. Advice on pricing 2000 CB M5?
  499. Price for ceramic tint?
  500. Feedback on purchasing suspension parts from FCP Groton?
  501. Feedback on widebody fenders?
  502. Feedback on fault code "TEV Fault"?
  503. Feedback on aftermarket chips?
  504. Feedback on building an Ascari-themed M5?
  505. New gearbox fitted under warranty!
  506. MAFs, Oil, and Air Filters...oh my!
  507. Troubleshooting driver seat adjustment problem?
  508. Heavy clutch pedal impending doom?
  509. Feedback on misfire fault codes?
  510. Feedback on engine rattle/ticking?
  511. E39 DSP Amp Suitability for Z4 Carver DSP Amp ?
  512. Experiences with installation of Dinan S1 software?
  513. Troubleshooting 'kangarooing' in low gears?
  514. Part Number for 6-CD changer for 2003 M5?
  515. Question regarding Kelleners exhaust?
  516. Dedicated thread for aftermarket exhaust sounds (videos)
  517. 100,000 mile club
  518. Recommendations for tech? (Cleveland)
  519. Feedback on anticipated long-term repairs?
  520. Experiences with Edva Motorsport in Carol Stream (Chicago area)?
  521. Feedback on wheel bearing sounds?
  522. Lightweight leaderboard? Stripped down E39 M5s?
  523. Feedback on radio installation?
  524. VIDEO: Atlanta M5's car with no mufflers!
  525. Inspection II -- What Issues to Look For?
  526. Pics, quick before it gets dirty.
  527. NAV CD's upgrade
  528. Just bought a 2000 M5
  529. Motorola RAZR snap-in adaptor
  530. NAV Computer MKIII warranty replacement (UK)
  531. Dunlop Sport SP01 run flats
  532. I'm a Zaino Believer
  533. Ground-Control Coilover's for E39 M5??
  534. Bought a 2000 M5
  535. Luxury Motors--Anyone familiar w/ this M5?
  536. Brake diagnosis...crunching sound?
  537. Feedback on air filter preferences?
  538. Silverstone M5 in Atlanta Sighting
  539. Symptoms of unbalanced flywheel?
  540. Modification to hear your exhaust better?
  541. Are M5 and 540/6 transmissions the same?
  542. Computer & CD Freezes
  543. Feedback on tyre sensor warning?
  544. Stuck in 2nd gear!
  545. Stock C6 vs E39 M5
  546. Experiences with Bridgestone RE050A?
  547. Feedback on very high oil consumption?
  548. What are used performance parts worth?
  549. Opinions on aftermarket sideskirts?
  550. Tour de France roadtrip with M5 (pics)
  551. Feedback on automatic trunk opening?
  552. DA M5 vs. 996GT 700 (video)
  553. Dinan rear swaybar
  554. Troubleshooting continuous running of AC fan?
  555. Source for Dinan CAI replacement filters?
  556. Big Props to The M Shop
  557. Opinions on aftermarket wheels?
  558. Troubleshooting lack of power to audio system?
  559. Opinions on Carbon Black interior trim?
  560. Another reason for rough idle - water in the intake!
  561. Sandblasted headlights...suggested fix?
  562. Troubleshooting stalling at idle in Sport mode?
  563. Clutch issues
  564. LINCOLN, NE next week!!!
  565. Repairing dimming oil leak from rearview mirror?
  566. Service and detail recommendations? (San Diego area)
  567. Introduction and thanks
  568. MB Quart Sub for $25?!
  569. G tech performance meters
  570. New Cooper Zeon 2XS tires for the M5.
  571. Spoke to my beast's original owner..
  572. Oil Filter Recommended?
  573. Troubleshooting in-gear free revving?
  574. Yep, I did it this time...x-pipe with no mufflers!
  575. Feedback on replacing slipping clutch?
  576. Clutch small grind when going in reverse?
  577. Troubleshooting rough running when cold?
  578. SoCal Bimmermeet #2 - Summerfest
  579. Unidentified fault code......"P0440 Evap Purge"
  580. 2000 4:3 navigation software/maps upgrade?
  581. Recommendations for windshield replacement? (Bay Area)
  582. E39 M5 marketing
  583. Pinstriping on E39 M5?
  584. Video: BMW M5 E39 without top speed limiter on Autobahn (now also on Google Video)
  585. Michelin PS1 load rating
  586. Odd oil change experience at the dealers...?
  587. 4 step paint restoration.
  588. M3 Competition wheels on my M5
  589. TREO 700W, Pairing Issues
  590. Questions re: gremlins in fuel gauge and speedo
  591. Peake code/reset tool paid for itself in its first use
  592. What questions do I ask before buying an M5?
  593. Anyone know where I can purchase gunmetal colored M5 badge?
  594. Clutch slipping - what to do?
  595. Does anyone know which rims are on this car?
  596. Opinions on modding M5 or getting weekend car?
  597. Best rear sway bar & Expelling Nav Gremlins
  598. Is it worth putting 100 cell cats on!!!
  599. Best reasonable wax for Carbon Black
  600. Spotted! Silver M5 w/ Wheels & Exhaust In Phoenix, AZ...
  601. Enhanced bass woofer blown. Any pearls?
  602. Brunch this sunday @ paradise cove (malibu) july 30
  603. Curb Rash Repair?
  604. All Turn Signals stop working
  605. Opinions on Bridgestone Potenza tires?
  606. For those that have the complete Dinan S2 package
  607. Just got my DPE wheels today, tire issues!
  608. Feedback on VW MAF installation?
  609. New to the M5 community
  610. possible m5 purchase?
  611. Troubleshooting car pushing on during braking?
  612. Where are the 'parking lights' ?
  613. Oil Drain Plug turns but does not unscrew
  614. Tubi listen session request (Bay Area)
  615. "stealth" question
  616. New M5 Owner Needs Help
  617. Got the new kidney grilles installed
  618. Michelin PS2 Blowout - Ouch!
  619. I'm back...
  620. newbie with a few questions!
  621. Troubleshooting On Board Computer?
  622. OT: New car suggestions ?
  623. Coinholder is Jammed...
  624. problem getting car smogged - OBDII related
  625. Got my first Check Engine light today..read on.
  626. m3 vs m5 in twisties
  627. Feedback on abnormal tire wear pattern?
  628. Dead Battery - Help Please
  629. Troubleshooting battery drain?
  630. New to M5
  631. Best exhaust for performance
  632. Auto Trader scam!?
  633. Creaking doors
  634. Short Story: Tunnel & Tubi = blue lights ?
  635. Longevity of stock shocks?
  636. Passenger side foot well is 'WET'???
  637. Troubleshooting limp home mode?
  638. Tail of the Dragon Meet: October 13-15
  639. Brake pads and lines
  640. E39 M5 options code list?
  641. introduction
  642. Newbie question
  643. What is Individual Audio?
  645. Sluggish performance / auxiliary fan
  646. Recommendation for Indy? (Bay Area)
  647. Disappointing display in Austin
  648. Rusty calipers
  649. New shoes...LMB with Kinesis K19
  650. where to buy 2 maf sensor/ m5
  651. Regular VS sport mode pedal feel...read on
  652. Safe to open power steering resivoir when warm?
  653. Recommendations for dealer/mechanic? (London, UK)
  654. Trunk Kit?
  655. Any E39ers in the New England area?
  656. Replacement Xenon Headlight
  657. Troubleshooting overheating on a hot day with AC on
  658. Differences between TV module versions?
  659. Recommendations for SSK?
  660. What is IATS?
  661. Reducing interior noise from exhaust with Dynamat?
  662. Supersprint Magnums installed
  663. MAFs under pressure
  664. Feedback on Tubi exhaust vibration at 3500rpm?
  665. HRE 447 & brembo 8pot clearance?
  666. What front lips/splitters are there?
  667. Feedback on changing ring & pinion?
  668. engine knock
  669. Recommendations on washing Carbonblack M5?
  670. Recommendations for winter snow tires?
  671. Looking for Caramel Nappa Leather from a 2000 M5
  672. Experiences with Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons?
  673. Nail in the tire
  674. Reflashing OEM ECU
  675. Sort of a newbie(w/pic's this time) (Chiaretto Red M5 & 996TT)
  676. Two questions regarding E39 M5 street etiquette...
  677. Online Parts
  678. M5 Vs 528i
  679. Wear and Tear Estimates
  680. M5 Fog Lights
  681. How much HP does AC take up?
  682. A few new interior modifications...Photos!
  683. Just drove a new DINAN Supercharged M3
  684. Sterling Grey paint match, rock chips...
  685. "SES" with the following codes.........
  686. Some pretty sweet pictures of my M5 taken while driving
  687. Tweaking...waiting to get my M5 back!
  688. IATS Relocation in airbox
  689. M audio troubleshooting
  690. Refinishing OEM wheels ... (SoCal)
  691. Stoptech discs rubbing
  692. Question regarding Zaino car cleaning products?
  693. Clutchmasters stage 3 break in report
  694. Crystal Cove meet
  695. Smokin tire deal!
  696. Quiet Performance
  697. Thanks to the Board...Tubi's installed!!
  698. Downshift grind into reverse at 30kph
  699. Just had a Dinan snack...
  700. Experiences with Supersprint "Race" exhaust?

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