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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. Inspection 2 / got the car back / no service lights on ???
  2. car won't start
  3. How to clean Nav screen?
  4. Brake/Clutch Bleed w/ATE Super Blue
  5. High total acid number via UOA
  6. How to uninstall and install cupholder...
  7. Factory Freak [Feedback on dynosheets]?
  8. Roundel - Drive Fast, No Worries
  9. Are valves replaced when new tires installed?
  10. Got some BBS CH's
  11. Changing brake pad sensor?
  12. Tyre problems (Tirerack purchase)
  13. Feedback on MAF readings?
  14. M5 vs SC 540i
  15. Another bad CPS thread...or is it?
  16. M + M (pics)
  17. What is the correct Radio Model for an M5 with DSP Amp?
  18. "hiiigggghhh fiiivvveee"to AA auto in Miami
  19. i need rotors! [Source for cheap M5 brake rotors?]
  20. Feedback on Schaeffer oil?
  21. Would you worry about self leveling?
  22. Another VW MAF success story
  23. powersteering reservoir leak
  24. My local dealer unable to detect the error codes
  25. Racelogic traction control install
  26. Just got my Beast!!
  27. FIRST the good news! [SuperSprint exhaust installation]
  28. Symptoms of tired thrust arm bushings..
  29. M5 was hungry for a bird
  30. Upgrade (for me) to MkIII Computer
  31. Positive Story about AZ BMW Dealer (Chapman BMW on Camelback)
  32. Buttonwillow Raceway w/ Dinan springs & Konis
  33. valve tapping noise underneath car?
  34. Advice appreciated... [Selling 2002 M5]
  35. last production year...
  36. Bluetooth phone and mp3 audio?
  37. What happened next???
  38. spotted on ebay (uk)
  39. How many FemM5's around?
  40. 195mph Derestricted M5 V8
  41. Not quite so HOT Fuzz (",)
  42. Double glazing and shadow trim for sale on e-bay
  43. E39 M5 rear add-on lip (in Bahrain)
  44. Arghhh... Major curb rash. Repair in CT?
  45. Thrust arm bushing replacement question
  46. Event at Koenigsegg DVD / Blueray, a short preview
  47. just got my bavarian autosport springs on
  48. Memory Issues
  49. And the decision is...
  50. Alarm & lights flashing
  51. Thermostat replacment = $1100?
  52. Replacing Gas Filter
  53. M5 Dream
  54. Interesting Dyno Factoids (Dyno Dynamics, Mustang, Dynojet)
  55. tire press question for you track guys
  56. In car police scanner
  57. aluminum oil cap for M5
  58. Another lights update question
  59. Right hand drive seating position
  60. How does this flywheel look for you.
  61. I have an extra set of OEM wheels + 2
  62. Strange thing happened to my M5 [Clutch wornout]
  63. UK meet this Saturday in Milton Keynes
  64. Final suspension question, how many turns on rear koni yellows?
  65. Advice on 1/4 mile time?
  66. Check out this M5..wow
  67. Pics: High Rock Raceway Info Session
  68. Found 100 octane (Bergen county NJ)
  69. Good price for 2000 M5?
  70. Cluster Repair Goodwill in Canada, Can This Be?
  71. Stock Flywheel Weight
  72. 2001 M5 Stolen from BMW of San Diego
  73. Speed question?
  74. any stock oem m5 v ss exhaust mod m5 vids
  75. Navigation firmware update
  76. Is it normal for the engine to pulse at 2K rpm?
  78. New MAF's and Dreaded Yellow light of Death!
  79. update on guibo problem- not good
  80. Expected tire pressure loss over time?
  81. Local constabulary takes an interest in Diablo
  82. update: ss headers/exhaust/software
  83. Sport Mode - Power Steering Low Whine
  84. northern Calif folks - used Pilot Sport Fronts for free
  85. NC Members: New Road Course; event at Childress Vineyards (4/25/07)
  86. Tranny popping out of first intermittently
  87. Barcelona F1 race
  88. umm cant wait, Its going to be a long night!
  89. oil service ...what does it include
  90. Dinan springs
  91. 540iT Wagon - M5 Touring Evolution
  92. coolant level...
  93. Replaced my fuel tank breather valve, pictures of the job..
  94. Raced a modded GTO
  95. Another M5 imposter
  96. Cleaning Carbon in secondary air system
  97. News of my M5
  98. grrr! Forgot to press the "sport" button
  99. How to avoid points on your licence (UK)
  100. Check High Beams Question
  101. Urgent: Technical help needed on fuel tank breather valve R/I
  102. gruncha1's Wizard Tattoo BMW M5 V8 Engine
  103. Anyone replace their gong/speaker?
  104. Pics: bugzy New photo's - April 23, 2007
  105. BMW damaged my beast
  106. keep E39 or get E60 - my M decision
  108. New & possibly youngest M5 Owner on the board :D
  109. Why I should buy E39 M5 before E46 M3
  110. 100 Octane on stock software?
  111. Options List for e39 m5 in the UK
  112. Just saw the new 2008 550i Sport
  113. new wheels
  114. New lambda sensors,big improvement?
  115. A dead Beast takes a breath
  116. Windshield washer fluid in wrong compartment
  117. Service Interval display - Yellow Only - this OK?
  118. Video: SoCalEuro photoshoot
  119. Fault Codes received
  120. M5ers in Italy?
  121. BMW Goodwill on Carbon Build Up? (California)
  122. My New Toy
  123. HAMMAN M5 vs M5
  124. Some questions about using Ethanol on the E39 M5
  125. Clutch recently replaced...oil leak now!
  126. what could be wrong with my car?
  127. OK, my official "New Owner and First Impressions" thread (long)
  128. problem with angelibright..
  129. Why I bought my M5..
  130. new to M5 and I need a new clutch:(
  131. M5 *people* vs M3 people
  132. VW MAFS - need for zip ties?
  133. Serious problem !
  134. RPM cutoff
  135. Carbon fiber
  136. 1/4 Mile Times..................
  137. Clear Bra replacement?
  138. Should have an M5 tomorrow, mods planned...
  139. M5 vs. 335 (not a race story!)
  140. Installing Sirius - Missing connector
  141. DC Area M5's?
  142. Another Newbie
  143. Got pulled on by an older M3
  144. Help troubleshooting a MAF issue?
  145. Dinan MAF Housings
  146. Dr Colorchip vs. Langka vs. Autovisuals paint pen
  147. need host in Atlanta area for Gustav's tour
  148. Will I rub with this setup?
  149. Heated seat problems
  150. Does your foglight lens last?
  151. Front Seat Q
  152. pic req: dinan wheel-equipped rides...
  153. Powerchip vs. D/A vs. AA software........
  154. Umnitza HO predator ice installed today.
  155. Warranty ends next Tuesday -- what do I need?
  156. Full Review on D/A Software
  157. Feedback on Peake codes?
  158. Experiences with Performance Outfitters (Stamford, CT)?
  159. Shifter Nob DIY?
  160. PDC sized laser jammers?
  161. IATS mod for all 4 seasons....
  162. NEW M5 Owner!!! (pics)
  163. Current BlueTooth options for '00 model?
  164. Will 265/35/19 work up front when lowered?
  165. Navigation CD stuck....!
  166. Alternative MAFs ?
  167. Rod Bearing Replacement during Dinan S3 Conversion
  168. Eurotech shop in Orange County, CA
  169. Did BMW do this on purpose?
  170. My guibo is dead
  171. Anyone try RE050A PPs on OEM 9.5" rims on front?
  172. Information about Discovery Automotive software upgrade
  173. Tire size question
  174. Fixed my ABS/DSC/Brake problem
  175. M5 to 540 exhaust fitment?
  176. Code 185 prob w/ VANOS( cam timing adjusters)
  177. New Codes on 2000 M5
  178. New MAFs now SES light?
  179. M5 Tuning Software (DiscoveryAuto vs PowerChip)...
  180. Bridgestone rebate with BMWCCA
  181. another great kill for my e39m5
  182. M5 brake rotors and pads?
  183. GPS Screen goes on and off
  184. install instructions for Dinan Rear Strut Bar?
  185. Miata kill (sort of)
  186. ZAINO question...
  187. 2001 m5 posi and 3.15 gears for sale
  188. Experiences with Falken FK-452 tires?
  189. Force feedback joystick?
  190. Window tinting company in Scotland ?
  191. Trouble codes and descriptions
  192. Into the belly of the Beast
  193. F1 US Grand Prix 2007
  194. Exterior plastic bye bye
  195. Poll: Would you install a VF Supercharger in your M5...?
  196. Suspension repairs
  197. Magic bulbs for rear stoplight?
  198. Will these offsets rub?
  199. Cat problems
  200. Translation of fuse box overview?
  201. Removing/replacing dash & door trim.
  202. New MAF's, CPS's x 4, pre cat O2 x 2 and still SES??
  203. BBK or uprated pads, fluid and lines on standard setup???
  204. Fuel pressure start up problemns
  205. Poll: Cam Position Sensor (CPS) Failures
  206. Warning screen on startup
  207. Large Bubble in Mirror
  208. High flow cat options?
  209. I !@$#in love this board!
  210. gear setup
  211. Photographer details of E39 M5
  212. Recommendations for independent shop (Daytona, Ohio)?
  213. Rear suspension ball joints?
  214. Replacing rear bushes?
  215. Driver training at Nordschleife
  216. Sound of Tubi Regular with Rumore X pipe?
  217. 03 M5 vs 99 M3 Supercharged
  218. VW MAF Won't Fit
  219. Troubleshooting severe hesitation when cold?
  220. Getting a New Radio under warranty
  221. Peake Research R5-FCX-II 16- or 20-pin?
  222. Britalman E39 M5 exhaust with intake
  223. Dumb Audio Question?
  224. 2007 Mitty at Atlanta Motor Speedway
  225. Gas gauge not registering/Gas smell
  226. Aftermarket Backup Sensor
  227. JRZ Dinan suspension no longer available
  228. Advice on trim removal?
  229. Feedback on Toyo tires?
  230. cf intake e39 m5
  231. Install front license plate or not? Any alternatives?
  232. IDOT heads up for Chicago area members
  233. First kills then SES lights
  234. Advice on poor body shop job?
  235. Rear Diffuser Fell Off
  236. Which Interstate battery fits without mods?
  237. Windshield washer pump location?
  238. Electric pusher fan problems?
  239. How do I get M colors on the lower grill, like the avatar?
  240. Mac Mini in E39 M5 (DSP)
  241. First road course adventure in the rain !!
  242. How long can a Tubi be expected to last?
  243. GC Coilover gap issue? How do I fix?
  244. Website similar to RealOEM
  245. Engine behaviour 2/2000 M5- hestitation
  246. on board computer fuel consumption inaccurate?
  247. beware the east coast monsoon
  248. Clutch abnormally grabby/sensitive...
  249. Dyno day at ICS (CT)
  250. Possible cheap fix for the rear sway bar bracket
  251. Any computer experts here, re: OS of MKIV NAV......
  252. Aluminum pedal covers - not bad for $45 shipped
  253. General Radar Question (why didn't the V1 go off)?
  254. Help with Purchasing Exhaust
  255. Accelerator pedal question
  256. exhaust question
  257. ArmorCoat spray-on clearbra
  258. My First Kill in the Beast!
  259. Dinan Front Strut Tower Brace Installed
  260. CPS Problem?
  261. My M5 seems sluggish.
  262. Video about clutches and flywheels, pretty neat!
  263. Performance software
  264. Car Washing and Dinosaurs
  265. Finally; i own a Beast
  266. What is the "CPS", i was told it could be bad, rumble noise from exhaust,SES lite now
  267. aftermarket side mirrors?
  268. I need "Check engine" fix help
  269. Tyres Again ....
  270. Good Independent shop in San Diego
  271. Fridge for E39 M5
  272. Clock under speedo
  273. Some Friday humour......
  274. Strange Knock from front left?
  275. Blown Up Guibo
  276. My beast was attacked!!!!
  277. Tools that should be in the M5 kit
  278. M5 Swap with my car should i do it?
  279. First suspension mod?
  280. Secondary air pump question
  281. Dinan CAI and MAF's?
  282. Still E39 M5 Wanna-bes After All These Years
  283. Report on new UUC Moderate lightweight flywheel/clutch
  284. Dinan no longer compatible with BMW Warranty?
  285. Rear seat removal help!
  286. AGAPE extended warranty
  287. A Couple of questions regarding the E39 M5
  288. A Couple of questions regarding the E39 M5 duplicated post please delete
  289. Almost 40K miles..new spark plugs help?
  290. E39 Ipod interface pre-purchase check - DICE the way to go? DIY pls chime in.
  291. Question on SS X pipe fitment
  292. Tyres: New Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric
  293. warranty
  294. Anyone familiar with mpm-motorsport?
  295. Metal scraping sound after shut-down?
  296. spark plugs
  297. m5board members are the best.
  298. MAF newbie questions
  300. 2000 M5 Vanos noise
  301. All Sport Auto Nürbirgring Nordschleife and Hockenheim test times here
  302. PSS9 'clacking noise' on one side??? Technie people? Anyone help?
  303. Bay Area DIY'ers
  304. HELP: Old 02 Sensor
  305. m5 passenger red cusion
  306. airborne M5 at Laguna Seca
  307. A special BMW adventure tour for X5+X3 owners
  308. 60k Recommendations
  309. M5 aftermarket advice needed
  310. Last Time Gas Prices Were This Low Was...Well...Never
  311. Well, my Hawai'i trip is oficially cancelled.
  312. What does the ventilation valve do?
  313. Coolant KTMP numbers? 74C normal?
  314. Inspection Problem
  315. Just cause it's on ebay doesn't make it a good deal
  316. drivers seat and steering wheel adjustments not working
  317. I had two passengers and ran a C5 Corvette, what model was it?
  318. chamois or micro fibre?
  319. 18" BBS RGR
  320. M5 Prestige Ramsey NJ
  321. Baby seat install hints?
  322. New owner ... picked up my beast ('03 CB) this weekend!
  323. Recommendations for bodyshop (NJ)?
  324. M5 Owners in Hawaii
  325. Video: Tubi exhaust sounds
  326. Headers with sports cats?
  327. headers+x+cans+ssk+DA software+dinan suspension = first fun kill
  328. New LOW rpm growl/noise from stock exhaust....
  329. Anyone recommend a good ext-warranty in IL?
  330. Vibration when cruising
  331. differential knock on acceleration
  332. BavPros and Dinan Event in Berkeley on 5/5
  333. strange noise at start up
  334. Peake Code E8 when I fill up for gas
  335. How long will the catalytic converters last?
  336. Wires behind front bumper?
  337. M5ers in Greece?
  338. Distinguishing between 4300k and 6000k bulbs?
  339. my startermotor is dieing.
  340. Opinions on imitation Hamann front spoiler?
  341. Temperamental ICE
  342. Fuel Pump left me dead on the road @91K miles
  343. The GTR Hood Photos Thread
  344. ETHANOL - a possible culprit for all your reported rough idling at cold startup!
  345. got some new cats
  346. my beast is pissed off......
  347. My Dyno Graphs Twin Supercharged M5
  348. 2000 M5 is MK2 or MK3 Nav?
  349. Diablo cruise
  350. To straight pipe or not to straight pipe?
  351. Display pixels
  352. How long before you can drive? [Warmup time after startup]
  353. Decoding vehicle history...Maint codes...Finding lost power
  354. Spent the day doing the engine bay........
  355. What manufacturers exhaust is this (UK)???
  356. First dyno.....what do you think?
  357. I've dared to sprint with 2 CBRs
  358. Good Deal?
  359. HP MOD - Electric Fan conversion parts and procedures ?
  360. Disc size I can get under my Standard Rims
  361. Feedback on dyno results?
  362. Recommendations for PPI in Atlanta?
  363. M5 at idle video with SS X pipe and Dinan Muffler
  364. Velvet Blue M5 - Individual
  365. Nav DVD error
  366. 1st mod 2007 is done: changed to 19" ...
  367. Experiences with Zurich extended warranty?
  368. X5 Thrust Arm Bushes - Feedback
  369. Question about tire pressure
  370. Hi everyone! I'm on my way to get the beast!
  371. Call from dealer this morning [extended maintanence cancelled]
  372. Horsepower/torque reality check
  373. Gallardo Spyder fun
  374. New Pre Cat O2 Sensors and Shoes
  375. Valentino Balboni and Black M5 test drive of the Lambo LP640 :o (video)
  376. Another new Seattle M5 owner checking in!
  377. new bmw mafs
  378. Carfax anyone?
  379. Purchasing a used car out-of-state with lieu on title?
  380. Survey - Will you still have an E39 M5 12 months from now?
  381. the wave, the horn, and the follow
  382. Idle RPM jumping...
  383. Details of DA Motorsport twin supercharged M5
  384. PPI dealer or shop in the 805 area.
  385. Removing center console trim?
  386. Is it normal for the beast to stumble between 1500-2K RPM in high gear?
  387. H7 doesn't fit for lowbeam/highbeam...
  388. New SACHS cluth just installed - new slave cylinder?
  389. Happy easter...
  390. M5 Wine!
  391. Random Shots
  392. Exhaust blasphemy? [Dynomax muffler]
  393. Tested MAFs today...
  394. Doors hard to open (not electrical)
  395. Pics: Blacked out Vorsteiner wheels
  396. replaced MAF's, still no success... what now?
  397. Ticket for no front tag
  398. New name, new plate, plus CB install. With pics! [Cannonball preparation]
  399. First mod - Valentine 1
  400. Dinan Ordering Question
  401. m5board.com video: BMW Chief Designer Adrian Van Hooydonk explains facelift
  402. Treo 700w Bluetooth
  403. Peake tool Codes.
  404. New Steering Wheel Texture
  405. Extended leather option on E39 M5's?
  406. Help: Clunking noise from the R Rear suspension....
  407. Sticking with OEM Clutch, Flywheel?????
  408. M5 vs. G35 Reliability
  409. Resetting the service Break fluid and Coolant clock
  410. RearView Mirror Fix?
  411. Noisy brakes
  412. Wanted-Upgraded Fog Light Pics
  413. Side Grilles / Gills on E39 M5 ???
  414. Atlanta Photo Shoot - Additional Pics - 56K BEWARE!
  415. E39 M5 Rear Suspension Redux
  416. Radio "Upgrade"
  417. SS headers with Racing Cats, software needed?
  418. oem bmw aluminum pedals
  419. Street alignment specs on stock suspension?
  420. Magnaflow Catback Videos
  421. Help - I dont speak German! [Setting upgraded nav software to english language?]
  422. Meet the Family- Beast and Mini Beast
  423. UUC EVO3 and DSSR - 2nd gear issue
  424. Engine Vibration at Idle
  425. Bay area crew: which place to bring my beast for an alignment? (SF prefer...)
  426. D/A M5 vs stage 2 911 TT (video)
  427. MZ3 ssk install problems
  428. Painted Body Molding Cost/Update
  429. My car is as new again:)
  430. PSS9 - play in bushings? Problem?
  431. Outstanding service by Patrick BMW (Schaumburg, IL)
  432. Inspection 2, what parts do I need?
  433. Car transport companies
  434. PPI advice and shop near Concord, CA or Walnut Creek, CA?
  435. M5 Dyno charts
  436. Climate Control Help Please
  437. PCM upgrade from JET?
  438. Comparing loudness of header brands?
  439. Source for vapor ventilator valve (code E8)?
  440. Source for latest CCFL angel eyes?
  441. My beast is castrated
  442. Fixing stuck Climate Control fan?
  443. New to board... and what's this car worth?
  444. TCD Sway Bar Brackets and Suspension.
  445. M5 vs E46 M3?
  446. East SF Bay Body Shop Recommendation
  447. "Check Side Lights"?
  448. Three Atlanta Beasts Photo Shoot [Carbon Black, Alpinw White and Titanium Silver]
  449. Installing automatic lights on switch?
  450. Video: BMW M5 vs old Audi S4
  451. SoCal link
  452. M5 vs. 335d
  453. Navigation Question - Details Missing?
  454. Another 2000 Question
  455. E39 M5 Running costs (UK)?
  456. Poll: Does you wife/girlfriend know about everything you spend on the M5?
  457. Weekend Photos
  458. Comparo and pics 996TT v. E39 M5
  459. How bad has the mod bug bitten you?
  460. PhillyM5, pics of your ride at OktoberFest...
  461. Puddle Lamps for our Beasts?
  462. Feedback regarding suspension setup (tentative)?
  463. Suspension Setup (Tentative)--- Make Recommendations Too
  464. Question for LHD EURO E39 M5 owners..
  465. BEST Camber plates?
  466. Steering wheel removal?
  467. Installed Dinan big MAF housings-prelim thoughts
  468. My nav gives me weird directions?
  469. Thinking about buying a 2000
  470. Sink Drain Mod - Whats Your Opinion? - Vote Here
  471. could someone host a video for me
  472. Most restrictive parts of exhaust?
  473. pic request: titanium silver M5 w/anthracite or dark grey rims
  474. New Clutch/FW, Exhaust fixed and a car show
  475. M5, SS X Pipe, Dinan Muffler and a Tunnel = :) :)
  476. M5 videos on Streetfire
  477. From Clean to mean
  478. AC and A2 Fault code on Peake
  479. Reasons for SES light?
  480. Part number for engine liner?
  481. question about Diff's....
  482. Buying tyres and M5 spotting...E34, E60 & E39 in one day
  483. Benefits of the Italian tune up........
  484. best NONE hp mod - or - the quest for the lightest e39 m5 wheel AND tire combo
  485. where to buy microfilters
  486. S3: swapped out 3:45 diff for 3:15.....
  487. stealer get's on my nervs again.
  488. aftermarket software = very poor MPG?
  489. mafs issue
  490. Headlight Issues/ Check Side Lights
  491. What exterior colors were available????
  492. deleted mufflers causing limp mode?
  493. What is this toe sensor?
  494. Pics: Vorsteiner front splitter and rear diffuser
  495. Upgrading Radio for Sirius - Question
  496. pic request: silver m5 with silver stock wheels and lowered
  497. Any supporting vendors able to organize a GB on center armrests?
  498. Code "AA": is the sky really falling?
  499. Dinan S3 Clutch and flywheel.
  500. Nav on the fritz
  501. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
  502. Camshaft Position Sensor
  503. Diagnostics Scanner PA-Soft?
  504. M5 breakdown and tow :(
  505. M5 izpuh
  506. Tires, tires....tires
  507. Are there any alternatives to the super spint x-pipe?
  508. eStore Experience
  509. Installing DEPO lights?
  510. Rear bumper alignment, need help guys!
  511. Portable DVD Player for Trip
  512. cutting out wheel well for brake ducts
  513. M5 vs 335
  514. TIS for Clutch?
  515. My Car Bit Me.
  516. Anyone tried Sprint Booster in the beast?
  517. Oil and Water Temps - Paranoid?
  518. EVOMS E39 M5 Supercharger Kit
  519. Binnacle backlight
  520. Bypassing TV module for 16:9
  521. Revisiting and possible purchase E39 M5
  522. more new owner questions...
  523. Changed flywheel and clutch now car won't start?
  524. Dinan camber plates - year specific?
  525. SORTA noob...(pics)
  526. After market HUD unit
  527. Dinan Exhaust = Fix it ticket
  528. 540 airbox v m5 airbox
  529. Hanging out of this forum is dangerous!!!
  530. A good day on the road......... (pics)
  531. Ideas For Shift Knob?
  532. New owner, 2 quick questions.
  533. Looking to buy MY02 M5 with CPO
  534. Germany: anyone with experience of www.reifenversand-online.de
  535. Stuck in the mud...
  536. Putting a sub in the trunk
  537. Hi everyone! Soon to be "Beast" owner here!
  538. Going to Germany; what parts to buy?
  539. Dinan Wins
  540. All German Auto - Thx !!
  541. Rod bearing wear above 6500rpm?
  542. Help - troubleshoot intermittent shimmy
  543. Bay Area crew: where can i extend my warranty on my 03' beast?
  544. Will 265/35/18's work?
  545. M3 CSL with S62 engine
  546. Removing resonator?
  547. BMW TV Module Installation Instructions Needed
  548. vanos problem....
  549. Advice on purchasing 2003 M5?
  550. Eagle F1 GS-D3 prices
  551. Calcium buildup under glovebox?
  552. Temporary Loss of Power
  553. Supersprint exhaust is on the way......
  554. Ordering Solaris Invisi-bulbs?
  555. Pictures: dead flywheel
  556. Creeking front end noise when hot FINALLY fixed!!
  557. Extended Maintenance - Still Available ?
  558. Axxis Pads/Brake Lining Warning/Noncompatible?
  559. My car is hard to steer in tight turns
  560. BMW Emergency in action [Estoril Blue M5]
  561. What sponsor sells TC Design Rear Sway Brackets?
  562. VW Maf's installed
  563. Well it looks like i will finally own a beast
  564. Hella Celis LED Tails Question
  565. BMW Recall = New DME
  566. WOO HOOO - HP ranch Dyno Day video!
  567. "Right" Amount of Clutch Travel
  568. Dinan S3 suspension in Philadelphia area?
  569. New Member, new purchase
  570. Squeaking Noise When Starting Acceleration
  571. A2 code Question from newbie
  572. Stock Springs Free; You Pay Shipping
  573. Toyo Proxes 4 - Anyone Use or Experience?
  574. Where can I repair the telephone display?
  575. 10W-60 oil in East Bay, CA
  576. Tired of your boring Orange interior? Make it BLUE!
  577. DSP Help...
  578. HELP! Tubi, Tubi Rumore or Tubi Rumore Plus?
  579. Projector39 (Angel eye) write-up
  580. How to check the condition of the E39 M5 engine ?
  581. DICE, playlist display?
  582. Ebrake handle options
  583. Resetting Key Fob
  584. Noob Beast Owner, US Navy Sailor run aground needs some advice!
  585. Feedback on driving with broken sway bar link?
  586. Experiences with 275's on the street?
  587. Bluetooth question
  588. Video request: stock mufflers with X-pipe
  589. Resolving Engine Warning Light (CEL/SES)?
  590. I crashed my beast!!
  591. Using Denzo Iradiam spark plugs?
  592. Lowered on Bilstein PSS9's (Pics)
  593. MAF Test - Can't get to correct screen
  594. oil bag for trunk "first aid" kit
  595. DIY: HomeLink Garage Door Opening Instructions
  596. Feedback on 60k mile service?
  597. Just bought my beast and SES light came on
  598. Just re-read the BMWcar issue on Discovery Automotive
  599. PIC request - Carbon Black with Vorsteiner GTR hood
  600. Resetting Nav to US settings?
  601. CAI Temp Sensor Relocation?
  602. Navigation - Firmware Upgrade
  603. Heavier steering feel in sport mode?
  604. Recommendations for tire shop (Toronto)?
  605. Is this a reasonable buy?
  606. Inspection II Really made a difference!
  607. Engine software upgrade issue
  608. Pre-BimmerFest Bar-B-Que Get-to-gether at Shadow Cliffs (Nor-CAL Event!) - April 7th
  609. MAF question - while engine is running
  610. Radar equipment with Bluetooth?
  611. Upgrading headlamps to angle eyes?
  612. Experiences with software fix for Carbon Issue?
  613. Random Tech vs Evosport Race Cats
  614. S62 is a "HEMI-like" engine?
  615. Front license plate bracket thread
  616. Car smoking at high RPM
  617. Clutch Replacement
  618. Swapping front seats
  619. DVD NAV question
  620. Getting a used MY03 M5. what should be there?
  621. Picture: Feeding the beast with fuel and highways
  622. What would you do with this Front Plate situation
  623. Picture: what is stored in your key
  624. Exhaust piping size?
  625. Opinions on Hamann HM2 wheels?
  626. Argument over control vs thrust arms....?
  627. GTR Hood Is On! Photos!
  628. Replacing Vapor Ventilation Valve...?
  629. New Yorkers...///M! Westchester Wednesday Meet(s) 3/28, Costco/Stew Leonard's !M\\\
  630. Possible Engine Transplant Candidate for our M5's! [E92 M3 engine]
  631. Peake Fault Code Reader Instructions
  632. Which are the best cleaning products?
  633. Shop Story (dumb mechanic)
  634. No M5 clusters in the whole US?
  635. Replacement interval for MAFs?
  636. Suspension damage after hitting large pothole?
  637. B&B Triflo + x-pipe question
  638. Recommendations for muffler shop (Houston area)?
  639. Recommendations for bodyshop (LA)?
  640. Peake / DME question
  641. high intensity washer - pump gone..
  642. Metalic Sound (Under braking)
  643. Service II Question
  644. any problems with 285/30/19~255/35/19 on e39 m5?
  645. Bay Area M5 meet today: great turnout, see pics
  646. SES light at 70K Miles....hmmm...
  647. Peake Code 18
  648. got the beast back after a week being at the dealership
  649. Metallic rattle near center console?
  650. Uh-Oh, Looking for '03 M5, but someone's dangling an '06 S55
  651. Bilstein B14 PSS vs B16 PSS9?
  652. 5 Star Shine - Better Than Wax?
  653. Where to get foglight lense and OEM black bumper moulding
  654. Ran with another C6
  655. Black M5 South 5 in OC w/ exhaust??
  656. Fuel filter replacement HELP!
  657. E39 OEM M5 Wheels on 525i (2002)?
  658. Interior condensation problem
  659. Bluetooth pairing with Verizon LG phone
  660. Supercharged Widebody E39 (540i)
  661. Brake Problem?
  662. Radio Display on Nav screen question
  663. Non-sport interior package (pics)?
  664. Feedback on BFG T/A KDW2 tires?
  665. Limp mode question
  666. Pics: Vorsteiner wheels =)
  667. Troubleshooting installation of Hella OEM Angel Eyes?
  668. Removing Front Seats
  669. Leather covered dash option?
  670. OEM M5 front wheels: Will they fit on the rear of the M5?
  671. Pics: Vorsteiner splitter and rear diffuser
  672. A Few Questions After 2 Weeks of Ownership
  673. How do you Surf the M5Board.com?
  674. Key Replacement
  675. Another Horror Story [Seized caliper]
  676. Service interval questions
  677. Turbo and Supercharger options?
  678. Detailed Anthrazit M5
  679. Original BMW Phone
  680. some videos off m5
  681. New toys from Vorsteiner !!!
  682. How many of you wash your M5 if it's going to rain (poll)?
  683. HEADRESTS - E60 compatible with E39 ?
  684. No more friendly "hello" or "hi" from neighbors?
  685. Warranty worth it?!
  686. Tubi listen session request (Chicago area)
  687. new M5 owner - Nav Questions
  688. Moving to Qatar [buying E39 M5]
  689. Speed bleeders-any info?
  690. The Nominations For Best Thread Are....
  691. Decoding History Report/Service codes?
  692. My newly acquired 2002 Sterling Gray, a few pics of her:)
  693. Curse of the Oil Cap Strikes!
  694. Recall Campaign 01V-206: Engine Auxiliary/Cooling Fan
  695. Nav V29.1 is out
  696. Wet Brake Performance
  697. tire question
  698. M5 vs 5series
  699. Details on the Base Sound System?
  700. Mitchell Repair DVD's

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