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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. My 2000 service engine light after exhaust install
  2. removing vanos solenoids
  3. Is my clutch done?
  4. E39 m5 Subwoofers - aftermarket
  5. Stereo problems!! cutting out every 10sec
  6. Anyone do their own diff seals?
  7. Out of curiosity, how many 2003 M5s in the United States?
  8. Passenger window randomly goes down!
  9. Found a clutch stop that works for the M5
  10. BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics
  11. New mods installed
  12. rear axle puller? this is killing me.....
  13. Headers with stock cats and in CA?
  14. Dyno question...
  15. Best Super-Saloon Place 74 (M5 E60 place 94)
  16. M5 Dilema
  17. Air Ride Complete suspension
  18. i need M5 e39 tail light
  19. Some handling issues.
  20. Need shop recommendation for Seattle area
  21. Cross reference to 540i part question
  22. Dealer is selling 2003 E39 M5 with 1100 miles.
  23. New Alignment Need Feedback
  24. What seat settings do you use?
  25. Dr. Color Chip - Before and After
  26. Peake code 45 - “Knock sensor, Cyl #5-6”
  27. Engine transplant experience...540iT...
  28. 2000 M5 vs. 2003 M5, which is better and why?
  29. New portal / startpage of M5board.com: feedback needed August 2009
  30. Steering Wheel Adjustment Noise
  31. ACE Vertex Wheels
  32. Peake table "Ab"?
  33. Peake won't read ???
  34. GM General Computer Module placement?
  35. Speedometer not reading
  36. Stoptech Stage 2?
  37. Fixed leaking rear door vapor barriers (pics)
  38. Parked Car Ventilation
  39. Weird climate control/stereo interaction bug
  40. any info on this 02 m5, high miles in VA.
  41. Rear Sunshade Inop
  42. Stoptechs from an E46?
  43. Plugs: NGK Platinum vs. Iridium
  44. V10 engine fitted to e39 m5?
  45. Forum useage question
  46. Where to get a helmet for track day?
  47. Help with my very rusty M5
  48. code 33 lh speed sensor
  49. I have no access to a lift but , I want to pick up the *** end of the car....
  50. Dyno run
  51. Test driving E39 M5s, need advice.
  52. Nav screen tilting in and out
  53. New Addition anyone?
  54. Bentley e39 service manual
  55. Intake leak DIY
  56. Exotics Tuning FRP Diffuser delivered and installed.
  57. Best of Mods List
  58. *My (ahem) FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE with Bekkers / Driiv Autosport
  59. Does anyone know this seller: Dinan LMB M5 in FL?
  60. Looking to purchase - Forum's thoughts on E39 M5 realistic pricing?
  61. E39 Bumper
  62. Wacky dashboard occurance
  63. Very high oil consumption
  64. Post your E39 ///M5 performance video!
  65. Does a brand new steering wheel feel better than one with say 60K Miles ?
  66. Well it's been fun...
  67. OT - Video: Meisterschaft GT Exhaust, Z8
  68. Video - Meisterschaft GT Exhaust
  69. Washing the engine compartment
  70. Detailing Expert in the South West UK - Loads of pictures!
  71. Has anyone done the Bavarian Soundwerks (BSW) speaker and sub woofer upgrade recently?
  72. Post pictures of your garage!
  73. Go out and grease your hood release mechanism right now!
  74. Just turned 199,000 miles and the car is still a rocket
  75. Fuse Panels
  76. Just went to my local parts store to buy Castrol 10w60...
  77. M-Audio Subwoofer rattle...
  78. Oil thread bonanza !
  79. dkfx Photography :// 2000 Alpine White M5 photoshoot
  80. Some quick nav computer questions
  81. Coming soon to all computers - M5 Photoshoot of the year!!
  82. For those whining about the cost of mods for the E39 M5...
  83. Heads up: QUIXX scratch remover is GREAT!
  84. What chip should i buy for my m5?
  85. Install of CF Diffuser
  86. Possible to swap 00 nav unit w/01+ nav unit?
  87. How to remove airbag
  88. How often do you get the 'Check Engine Oil Lvl' message?
  89. After market companies and their return policies
  90. Squeaky doors are now silent
  91. Bottom line on Supersprint headers?
  92. Battery Drain Figured Out
  93. O2 sensor question
  94. ESS Kit Arrived... Need Divorce Attorney Recommendations
  95. fine scratches/swirl/towell marks NEED GONE
  96. Thorney Motorsport UK BMW meet this Sunday
  97. 1st new gtr kill
  98. Smoke under acceleration
  99. fine FINE! I'll post pics of my M5! w00t!! *formal introduction*
  100. Prospective buyer am doing research but tell me what you think?
  101. Switching from 5w30 to TWS...
  102. Renewed the MAFs today
  103. Moving into my garage! Finally after 14 years!
  104. Who has a BBS center cap laying around?
  105. 10K What to do????
  106. What is everyone running for Brakes?
  107. What is this...and Why is it hanging there?
  108. Battery symbol flashing / Failing alternator?
  109. Are all E39 M5 'restricted' to 155mph?
  110. Dinan S1 Suspension Ride Height
  111. e39 M5 in Pensacola FL Area
  112. Do you ever bring your m5 to a car wash?
  113. Where to buy oil?
  114. What's the highest range you've seen on the OBC?
  115. Trunk mounted nav unit lights stays on (and other strange stuff).
  116. excessive braking when shifting
  117. Lmr's Rs-gt's or anything aggressive??
  118. e39 m5 vs e60 m5
  119. General UHP Exclaim tires on my M5
  120. Has the e39 M5 been in any movies or tv shows?
  121. Scared to drive my M5!!!
  122. wheel damaged by local tire dealer
  123. Can windows and sunroof be closed by remote?
  124. i finally see an end to the tunnel for my header project
  125. does anyone have a spare m5 slave cylinder?
  126. quick question headlights
  127. What is your annual income (anonymous poll, e39 m5 owners only!)?
  128. Brand New S62--What Would You Pay For it?
  129. DDM E46 Projector Fog light Mod to HID
  130. Am I crazy oil temperature thread???
  131. 2003 M5 near St. Louis
  132. What BMW has to say on the subject of OIL!
  133. "Clonc" when braking
  134. 2003 M5 near St. Louis
  135. Two hot pictures of my car and it's "special friend"
  136. Headlight problems...help
  137. How old are you?
  138. Failed attempt at a brake job last weekend.
  139. M5 as Daily Driver?
  140. Shop recomendation in Chicago area.
  141. Is there a right side up for OEM springs?
  142. Wind noise in M5 with windows rolled down... question...
  143. Front sway bar bushings
  144. headlight adjustment messed up
  145. Replaced instrument cluster DSC light comes on while driving
  146. Air conditioning won't shut off
  147. S62 Rod bearing torque
  148. Carmel Leather Dye Group Buy Alert!!!
  149. Suspension Installation Issue!
  150. New MAFs going in, do you guys want any before/after data?
  151. Stealth Now!
  152. MOBIL1 5W50 vs Castrol 10w60
  153. ESS Supercharger
  154. Good welder in Boston, Ma area
  155. The beast is hot
  156. help wanted sat nav issue
  157. Nav/gps problem - location off about 10 miles
  158. vanos bites the dust ??
  159. Are your M5 doors hard to pull open?
  160. What Coolants are Compatible?
  161. help-hard to start cold/warm- motor turns
  162. The true about oil consuption...
  163. Nem member from Brooklyn,NY
  164. Thunk noise from rear
  165. Just Test Drove....
  166. changing brakes on the beast
  167. What dreams are made off...
  168. Have any of you looked (with torch) into your aftermarket exhausts?
  169. Vanos Gremlins!
  170. Help needed!! rear interior lights
  171. Other than supersprint
  172. Strange temporary vibration - Any theories?
  173. Anyone changed crankshaft sealing?
  174. Had my beast on the track!
  175. Newb post: Picking up my first M5 tomorrow!
  176. HELP! QUICKLY! Chain Tensioner won't go back in!
  177. Group buy for 1 week, Caramel leather dye
  178. Awesome BMW advertisement
  179. 2003 M5 Better Headlights out there??
  180. 2001 steering wheel and MK IV navigation system
  181. Steve Dinan in Boston last night - JRZ info included
  182. Where do E39's in the UK go to die?
  183. How do I retro-fit Voice?
  184. e39 M5 - 74th best Drivers' Car
  185. Wheel porn!
  186. O2 sensor housing info needed
  187. Any board members at tonight's Steve Dinan talk @Gallery Norwood (MA)?
  188. anyone in Colorado with headers installed on e39 m5?
  189. Anyone done an M5 cross country trip using the MKIII Navigation?
  190. Blast from the Past...magazine article
  191. NavTweak or Splashscreen experts? HELP?
  192. Had a blast today!
  193. UK help needed ...
  194. my ESS kit is finally here!!!
  195. Carfax request for my car
  196. help shudder under brakeing
  197. E39 M5 with salvage/rebuilt titles listed for sale?
  198. Supersprint or Eisenmann for E39 M5?
  199. Chiptuning in E39 M5 with engine at 160.000km (100.000miles)
  200. K&N Oil Filters
  201. Car and Key Memory Functions
  202. Seat moved overnight
  203. Navigator Questions For the 2000 BMW M5
  204. What cylinder bank is no 1 on S62?
  205. 8 mpg
  206. Can't wait...
  207. What is your M5 philosophy?
  208. Moving to UK.....M5 considerations?
  209. Loose steering is back!
  210. Crazy idea for modification of stock headers m5
  211. TPMS reset not working, pls help, have read every article.
  212. Another rear thunking solved...
  213. A reminder to never drink and drive: from E60 M5 generation to the E39 M5 generation
  214. Rasing the idle, Power Pulleys, and more power?
  215. Info needed on fuel siphon pump
  216. New to the family
  217. Southport/Westport Ct board members...
  218. Recommendation for a Houston, TX Technician or Indy?
  219. Fault Code: Overload Protection Pin 15
  220. Who sells Castrol SAF-XJ 75w140
  221. Tightening torque for Guibo???
  222. CA plate "MPOWRD" just released
  223. Hoen vs. AiB upgraded high beam/DRL bulbs
  224. thoughts on SoundGate iPod integration?
  225. Need Help! Fault Code and Bucking Issues
  226. Peake Codes
  227. So are there any other cars in the 20-30k price range that stack up to an e39 m5?
  228. Headers on Dyno Results....
  229. E39 Performance parts needed
  230. Stoptech ST-60 "Trophy Sport" Brakes Now Available for the E39 M5
  231. This kid has a future in motorsports....
  232. Gear change issue
  233. New Lip and Suspension on = New Pics
  234. Silver CF fabric overlay installer in Miami ,Fl
  235. E39 M5 - some mechanical concerns
  236. Mechanically minded help please
  237. Rear armrest (thiner one) not staying snug in the closed position....advice?
  238. MK4 NAV
  239. Electronics door in trunk wont stay closed
  240. Peake Tool Index for 2002 M5?
  241. Ebay seller using my picture without permission...what to do?
  242. Eureka Moment........Temperature Gauge
  243. Lost the clear plastic top of shifter
  244. I'll be in Athens this weekend, anyone want me to bring my Peake Code Reader along ?
  245. More codes after Vanos solenoid replacement...:mad:
  246. Planning to get this M5
  247. Loud squeal on start up, then loud tapping, then it's gone.....?
  248. ESS SC VS CA Auotmotive SC
  249. My recent bmw m5 zen-like experience (video) and some recent post-detail pics...
  250. Installed Rogue SSK with WSR... a few weird things.
  251. Auto Dimming rear view mirror?
  252. *Pics*BMW CCA Summer Concours/La Dolce Vita
  253. iPhone users: New TomTom app in AppStore --> cheaper alternative to MKIV upgrade
  254. weathertech door + sunroof visor(s)?
  255. Pics of Bimmernav's high polished black trim?
  256. New M5 owner in Denver
  257. New to the board
  258. Weekend from Hell
  259. Loud HVAC fan
  260. Oil Theory
  261. What is the best synthetic oil for my M5?
  262. OEM subs disconnected? How to reconnect?
  263. Electric exhaust cut out on E39 M5?
  264. Two M5s battling it out
  265. carfax/autocheck request . . .
  266. Engine rattle for first 5 minutes / Engine cut out !
  267. What do you guys think about this M5 ?
  268. Headlight Burned out. Simple question on the topic
  269. One for the UK Bods, A12 at Felixstowe?
  270. Black M5 at Gaufest-Toledo Ohio
  271. Spotted M5 - Yahoo! homepage
  272. Its been a while...
  273. Curbed wheel :( How to re-seal paint?
  274. Dinan Springs & JRZ Dampers Installed!
  275. Sorry for being a post whore... I have a few more questions and pic request.
  276. Peake Code Help
  277. E39 M5 VANOS Filter(s)?
  278. Magna flow exhuast with resonators removed?
  279. Repainting my Leather Seats - A pictorial from Faded to New.
  280. Torque specs for clutch change?
  281. Need help with parts car...
  282. Front license plate in Mass. Do drill our not to drill?
  283. Disintigrating Plastic on Firewall
  284. Any tips on removing stubborn vanos solenoid
  285. Wanna show off my new shoes....
  286. Need help/suggestions regarding insurance settlement
  287. BMW mechanic around Chicago
  288. Best commercial ever
  289. HVAC and instrument cluster display is in Celcius
  290. Help! Rod bearing problem? :(
  291. Help - Dinan\JRZ Rear Height
  292. Help diagnose alarm problem
  293. Removal of OEM Under Plenum Oil Heat Exchanger
  294. Cassette head unit!
  295. BMWCC National at Gaydon UK - anyone going?
  296. s62 in e36/e34
  297. Radar Detector always on??
  298. Racing at Road America in September
  299. m5 project car... ummm m3 project car?
  300. Proper torque spec for wheel bolts?
  301. found a BEAST for 13k.. what do you guys think?
  302. Spotted: M5 - Forum Member? - Interesting exhaust
  303. Gummi Pfledge help
  304. DO you Engine Brake?
  305. Anyone near Studio City?
  306. UK Owners ! What is the best Diagnostic tool/software to go for if you want to get a bit more personal with your M5
  307. Time to look for a new beast....what to get?
  308. Bottle of concentrated Techron = holy cow!
  309. Has anyone tried this b4?
  310. MD autoshow
  311. Autohabit's Nurburgring trip May 2009
  312. Anyone seen this?
  313. Can you lighten the stock m5 flywheel?
  314. What a strange m5.....
  315. MAF values, question
  316. Thoughts? M166 on E39 M5
  317. Going to Germany....any suggestions?
  318. V1 Rear View Mirror Mod for the E39 M5
  319. Cant get trans down...Help please!!
  320. pulling to right
  321. nav question lost?
  322. "Fitment Issues" with SS Headers
  323. Carbon Fibre Fabric - UK
  324. Petrol/Gas, what grade do you use?
  325. Engine Refresher Plans , what am I missing?
  326. Car won't start... clutch cutoff switch
  327. Thermostat housing question
  328. NCS Software
  329. side mirror question
  330. Straight pipe videos from inside the car......
  331. Will unhooking my battery...
  332. Help on finding shop for PPI on Long Island
  333. How often do people drool over your m5?
  334. Black M5 spotted in DC area on Sunday
  335. Suspension Lowering and Corner Weights
  336. Help !
  337. Penz Oil Mix With Castrol
  338. AC blowing cold from Driver's side, not so cold from Passenger's
  339. Brembo floating caliper...anyone's noisy?
  340. Another newbie!
  341. Broken OBD2 Port
  342. M5 Gets $300 Ticket Need Advice
  343. Need Advice.... engine expert
  344. PSA: Check your oil filler cap gasket
  345. Any Z3 / M Roadster Owners?
  346. BlueM5 blew a motor
  347. Noisy door seals. Enough!
  348. how to adjust headlight washer aim?
  349. Newbie checking in-
  350. Mount Evans Road
  351. My Brake Duct Ring Project (and other stuff)
  352. Issues
  353. Sudden vanos clicking
  354. NEED HELP: Wierd Problem
  355. What E60 options do you wish the E39 had?
  356. Turn off NAV screen??
  357. Lasers work in the dark?
  358. lost gas cap
  359. Tire Rack.com - Awesome Experience !
  360. How often do you wax your beast?
  361. Stopping voice guidance on MK4 Nav
  362. Changing Headlight Beam for RHD/LHD roads?
  363. Door device problems, need some advice
  364. Other one.....
  365. My car is falling apart!!!
  366. Figured I'd introduce you all to my beast finally
  367. Le Mans Blue (LMB) Facelift with Black Brake Ducts
  368. rear left side door lock issue
  369. Has anyone else noticed?
  370. Nav over heating????
  371. Thumping sound under car?
  372. Super car Sunday today in Wiltshire England.
  373. Temporary fix for Secondary air flow codes!
  374. Hi all, back again!
  375. Front end wondering? Vague straight ahead? Center drag link & outer tie rods cheap! UK
  376. My 3400-Mile Ramble--Richmond, Atlanta, New Orleans, Texas, Savannah, New York
  377. M5 burned clucth need replacment advice
  378. Transmission and differential oils
  379. Pic Request: BBS setups with wheel spacers
  380. Rear subframe bush tool for BMW E39 ( Salon ) - Franklin ATF45
  381. Need info on M5
  382. Shaft drive -differential vibration
  383. Yes another MAF thread
  384. O2 sensor Tq specs please
  385. Where is the cheapest place to get Koni's?
  386. Coolant leak on the back of the head
  387. A bit of a weird one, anyone else had similar?
  388. I passed on the gene...
  389. New shiff and E-brake boots what kind of glue?
  390. Any BMW Service Advisors...
  391. 2001 M5 Cranks but won't starts!!!! HELP!!!
  392. Bank 1 CPS replacement
  393. do i need a 850csi throwout bearing, or do i use oem with the V12 uuc?
  394. Home made illuminated polished aluminum shift knob
  395. Gear knob 6 speed without leather ??? M5 e39
  396. IPOD?
  397. Palo Alto Anthracite M5 sighting
  398. NJ-Toronto Canada
  399. a few questions
  400. 1st set of new tires, YIPPEE!!!
  401. Pringles CAI
  402. how many are installing their own ESS SC kit?
  403. M5 on telly! (UK)
  404. Finally my car
  405. Fan Clutch
  406. starting problem
  407. question on rims
  408. Oh dear... this is getting ridiculous (yet another imposter)
  409. Don't Bother with BMW Insurance (UK)
  410. m5 dyno results from accross the pond. Highlighting the difference between a hot and cooler engine...
  411. Happy Anniversary
  412. k40 2000 laser and radar detector...
  413. what oil for the tranny with the UUC V12 setup, and what oil for the differential?
  414. Soon to bid you all farewell...
  415. What accessories do m5's come standard with?
  416. Anthracite M5
  417. Yellow E39 M5?
  418. Help identify this wire please
  419. My Headlamp lens are opaque help!
  420. Phone Eject Box and Cables
  421. First Oil Change on the "Beast"
  422. Anyone here knows of a cheap hotel in Munich?
  423. Hit a small deer - not that bad of news actually...
  424. So what have you got hanging from your M5 Key?
  425. whistling noise from new exhaust (and few other problems - newbie)
  426. halfmoon meet - pics
  427. help with 6 piston ap calipers
  428. Does anyone have this splash screen available?
  429. Gone for 30 Days
  430. Extended Leather / Options
  431. How do you get smogged with a powerchip tune?
  432. new here...
  433. new m5 owner...kinda finally got some pics
  434. Gripforce clutches…experience with company on OEM clutch replacement?
  435. FYI - E39 Dinan S3 For Sale...
  436. Installing these pedal covers this weekend....tips anyone?
  437. Just played around with the Secret Menu....any way to use the dashboard gear display?
  438. Tire Rack are Fast!
  439. Just saw this on Bimmerforums
  440. The E39 M5 gremblins strike again!!!
  441. Throttle Valves- how to clean?
  442. Fan clutch possible problem...what do you think?
  443. Some more AutoX Pictures
  444. Thanks to regular forum posters....I used the search function! rear middle seat belt buckle
  445. UUC DSSR, best place to buy?
  446. slight ticking
  447. Need Insurance help - Dinan S2
  448. Help installing bulbs MY2000 Headlights?
  449. Best place for smog check near Lafayette, CA?
  450. Blackberry E39 M5 Theme
  451. Another bloody imposter!
  452. e39 m5 dinan exhaust question.
  453. cash for clunkers, m5???
  454. Finally, Advanced Search of m5board.com works!
  455. Vanos test failed, oxygen sensor code
  456. Euro Trunk Lid Project - Done!!
  457. Wheel opinions....
  458. looking for some exhaust tip tips
  459. Professional pix of Hdhntr23's sled.
  460. Check Park Lights error!!
  461. M5 Brushures Online.
  462. Help diagnosing Peake Codes 16 and B9
  463. Scotty, I need more POWER!!!
  464. Bad Vibrations
  465. Shifter slop question
  466. Please offer your opinions on these used rims
  467. Front PDC
  468. Where to find BMW M5 E39 supension parts
  469. tyre size question
  470. many thanks to M5Board and members ... finally bought my own!
  471. e39 M5 Sunroof Delete
  472. PPI: Indy or Dealer?????
  473. Flat Battery - Why ?
  474. DIY - Is replacing a rear seat belt recepticle DIY?
  475. Headlight and windshield washer
  476. help me pick out some wheels!
  477. 02 e39 M5 seat is all twisted up
  478. VANOS - Why the new accumulator on laters beasts?
  479. 01 M5 Overheating Issue
  480. Questions about M5 reps
  481. Wheel swap question
  482. ATTN: BSW subwoofer kit owners
  483. My Dyno (Sharked, K&N, Xpipe, Corsa) w/ dynojet
  484. Car unlocking itself...sometimes
  485. Broken exhaust on my '00 beast with 110k miles - what options do I have?
  486. Need help locating part number
  487. Oil leak through the new oil cap
  488. TRAPSTER App Will Save You
  489. Dinan resurfce their flywheels
  490. Non-resident CT speeding ticket questions
  491. Front bumper white part
  492. How to trigger the Aux Cooling fan?
  493. Brake duct rings...where to buy?
  494. CF Roundels opinions Overlay or whole piece?
  495. Leatheriqued my car this weekend
  496. Where to next??
  497. Red/Red 03 M5 Test Drive!
  498. DSP retrofit anyone??
  499. Films/Movies
  500. C16?
  501. Supercar Shootout in August 2009: Koenigsegg CCR Evolution, Nissan GTR, BMW M5, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari 599 GTB F1, Porsche 911 GT2 (997), Lamborghini LP560-4 Gallardo, Jaguar XFR and more...
  502. Adding the navigation box?? any 1 know?!
  503. Why do headers require software reflash?
  504. 00 M5 vs 99 Camaro
  505. Another 'What Oil' thread - UK
  506. Bottom end rebuild costs - Advice please
  507. Timing chain cover bolt leak
  508. How many M5 E39 owners have wood trim?
  509. Wheel studs - replace them now!
  510. how much spacer do i need for style 66 to clear brembos
  511. DIY -Repair stripped oil pan drain plug
  512. Side mirror issue / Reverse function
  513. m5board problems on ie8 ?
  514. Why is the car so much louder at cold start up?
  515. Umnitza p39 headlight questions
  516. The E39 M5 - worth more or less than the sum of its parts?
  517. Found 2003 M5, what do you guys think? Should I buy?
  518. The Chrome Shadow Paint Process and Wheel Refinishing
  519. Dealer window sticers
  520. E39 M5 DSP/Audio Issue.
  521. Replacing metallic trim around shifter and front armrest.
  522. How do you get a dealer license?
  523. recent CPS purchase? best price?
  524. Is your DINAN exhaust drone at 1000-2000 rpm?
  525. Device behind grill, switch behind wheel
  526. Stealth One Users-Problem with unit??
  527. Due for an Upgrade... 335xi ( Sedan or Coupe?)
  528. Whats wrong with my PDC?
  529. All of a Sudden--DICE iPod Problems!
  530. Clutch Safety Bypass???
  531. Broken buttons
  532. One new tire...
  533. When was the last time you stalled your beast??
  534. M5's sold on Ebay
  535. Flywheel replacement with new clutch?
  536. any ideas
  537. Tell me more about my mirrors.
  538. intercooler pics with SC
  539. What's your car's name???
  540. Any experience with Magnaflow 16858?
  541. That was very weird....
  542. Short throw shifter info needed please
  543. Rough idle on start up, MAF test results - need opinions
  544. Individual
  545. Tire thread # 278
  546. Afe Pro S Dry Drop in Air Filter
  547. Removing Headlights
  548. Clicking sounds like a baseball card on a bike wheel at idle
  549. The official used e39 M5 pricing guide
  550. Any UK owners with an M5 built before April 1999?
  551. List of Suspension Consumables to do when fitting new Springs and Dampers
  552. Surprise Announcement: BMW withdraws from Formula 1
  553. Another Bonnet (Hood) Alarm Sensor Bites the Dust....
  554. Top Gear's Best driving road in Europe
  555. Crazy Mod: angels eyes over brake duct intakes!
  556. Which one is it? Fan Clutch or Water pump???!
  557. Something might be interesting! M5 E39 Motorsport "FAT" Steering Wheel
  558. Pics - Brake ducts in
  559. I want to rip out my AC
  560. Dinan ride height w/camber plates
  561. Another fake m5....(pics)
  562. Opinion on Tie-rods installation
  563. Need some advice....should I buy these rims for 1750$ shipped (with almost new tires)
  564. Headlight aiming help (adjusters maxed)
  565. Engine bay
  566. My Navi doesnt work in Canada - Need Cdn CD
  567. CPS & O2 problems / Questions
  568. My 2003 E39 M5 w/ New Chrome ACS Type III ---> PICS
  569. Steering Pump Leak
  570. Mcguire's Plastic Polish review Review (Pics)
  571. Deal on Bilsteins or Konis?
  572. SES light during MAF test
  573. Help with bouncy Dinan/Koni suspension
  574. Collection almost complete.... picked up the E39
  575. Peake code "aa" ?
  576. Wing Mirror / Temp gauge
  577. M5MAC
  578. Another DIY CAI topic. Sorry Guys!
  579. Enkei RPF1 or Volk CE28N...
  580. M5 spotted in Cape Cod (Brewster, MA)
  581. DINAN CAI...Do you have pictures of the install?
  582. CFiber rear window / roof spoiler question
  583. Headliner sagging / unclipped at rear
  584. Center Tie Rod - Question
  585. snow driving with the e39 m5
  586. Britalin Exhaust and cold air intake 20hp
  587. Another nice Ebay purchase....NOT
  588. H&R makes adapters to run non-E39 wheels on the E39!
  589. CB and CF Wrap
  590. air con/heater problems!
  591. Rear Stoptech BBK Sizes
  592. Worn valve guides
  593. Sourcing an LCM
  594. Source for BMW parts in UK wanted??
  595. E39 M5 black grills?..........any pics?
  596. Do Euro cars already have the ducts for the sink drain mod?
  597. Removing The Catalytic converter!!Pleas who have the knowledge about this enter
  598. An oldie but goodie (picture)
  599. Anyone know this car?
  600. m5 exhaust sound
  601. Tire control inactive
  602. Front bumper corner splitter re-furb
  603. Mad at my M5... More problems!
  604. Shift knob install instructions needed
  605. My M5 (and R1)
  606. Supersprint Header Install questions
  607. I got "Wood" problems
  608. my car and my new 19"s
  609. Trip Report - Advanced M School @ VIR
  610. Oil pan drain bolt...STRIPPED!!!
  611. Could use a little insight from the e39 side regarding the RS6
  612. Need help after O2 sensor install
  613. Allow myself to introduce.....myself
  614. RC Wheels
  615. how to detect noise sources...
  616. I need advice guys
  617. TVonNav tv in motion cable/module
  618. Are these O2 sensors bad... pics included
  619. WHERE do I find a painted black 2000 rear bumper with sensors?!
  620. Couple recent Auto Cross Pictures of my Beast
  621. Nav/Stereo replacement system?
  622. Greetings from a "new" M5 owner. A little advice requested
  623. who has trunk rattle or squeeky rear shelf?...got rid of the extra noise from mine tonight!
  624. OE Header Pricing Australia (sit down for this)
  625. So aparently my rims were painted poorly and must be completely redone. :( (pics)
  626. Car Wash Question
  627. Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove - masinari
  628. Are oil seperator pipes replaced just for air leaks?
  629. debate between pre 01 and 01+ M5
  630. A 02' Silverstone M5 with just 67 miles for sale!
  631. New to the board, so here are some pics :)
  632. What is this oil leak?
  633. Active Autowerke Software Upgrade (dyno)
  634. Illinois window tint law is about to be changed
  635. 90mm (3.5") Sawn Exhaust Tip Picture Request Please
  636. New Thrust Arms installed
  637. ACS Center Caps ---- > Help
  638. *Technical* Secondary Air Flow Questions
  639. OBDII USB Cable issues
  640. Scratches typical of an 8 year old car....what would you do?
  641. Do not let a stunt woman drive your car...painful pics
  642. I decided to try out the whole Paul Hughes straigh pipe idea
  643. any members remotely close to Rogers, Arkansas?
  644. Loose Steering question
  645. clanging noise
  646. Vent Visor question
  647. Offset for 10.5" rear
  648. tragedy on the freeway
  649. What kind of oil do u put in ur e39 M5?
  650. center console ash tray won't close
  651. Euro brake duct grill
  652. Ok which clutch should I get?
  653. New to the boards and of course, a question..
  654. Why No Hood Vents?
  655. Someone please help me find this shiftknob!!!! HELP!
  656. Which member here had custom headers built?
  657. New beast in my family
  658. South Florida detailer needed
  659. Photoshoot - some M5's and some M3's
  660. Car stereo and DSP experts, I need your advise please.......
  661. system too lean
  662. Why no turbocharged M5's?
  663. Are all wheels shadowchrome?
  664. Need decision help... pull the trigger or not...
  665. Peake tool locator
  666. First hand impressions on EAS wheel adaptors with CSL reps or V710s?
  667. I really would like to repair my titanium shift knob....help needed!
  668. Let's talk about Spark Plugs
  669. Option For Possible Battery Drain
  670. 18" x 10" lightweight wheel setup for E39
  671. E60 545 SSK - calling RHD owners
  672. M5 Suspension
  673. BMW Performance Wheel Style 269 on M5?
  674. Fog light cover and air inlet
  675. Hayward & Scott backboxs- 85mm Tips?
  676. WTB magnaflow mufflers for e39 m5
  677. M5 Service and Mod Tracker- Excel Sheet
  678. Can anyone tell me what this is please?
  679. Miami M5 for sale
  680. Calling All Suspension Gurus
  681. Member wxl1988 stunning BMW M5 E39 LeMans Blue with AC Schnitzer split wheels and Caramel interiour
  682. Finally got my beast! Some pics
  683. Do you want a Strong Strut shock tower brace?
  684. What degree of negative camber on Dinan camber plates?
  685. First test drive!
  686. How to tap into TPS?
  687. My New LMB Baby!
  688. just bought new sensors
  689. New to M5BOARD, heres my beast
  690. Omg oil everywhere =(
  691. Picked up my 2002 Imola Red exactly 1 week ago!!
  692. Style 65 for all 5 series fit front of M5?
  693. Seeking 2003 E39 M5 for purchase.
  694. Throttle Issue, jerky/non linear.
  695. Frontend respray cost and Philly / NJ body shop?
  696. 19x9 Wheel fitment with PSS9's and Stoptech ST40.
  697. MEISTERSCHAFT Exhaust Note + Borla Exhaust Note
  698. Camshaft PS or Vanos? Peake Codes...
  699. Dinan S2: Very strange MAF test results
  700. Grey M5 in West Caldwell NJ area today(about 1:15pm)....

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