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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. E39 M5 or 928, E34 M5, 500E?
  2. Can Vanos Pressure Accumulator be Tested?
  3. Vanos issue or less (Codes Included)
  4. 2011 M5 Calendar
  5. Rear Output Shaft
  6. Why do people drill into their bumpers to install fake european license plates?
  7. Bilstien PSS9 Coilovers: Complete Review
  8. Speaker mounting depth.
  9. Headlight Level Sensor Failure?
  10. Replacing solid brake lines...
  11. Advice on tooling up, UK-style
  12. An expensive month of ownership....
  13. Two stupid questions
  14. code hell in Atlanta GA
  15. Another new UK member
  16. E39 M5 LSD upgrade
  17. Thermostat O-ring question
  18. New to the board and have just a few questions regarding as to when is the best time to purchase a beast!
  19. Gt1 (dis,sss)
  20. looking at a 01 beast with 90K... need some pointers
  21. Vibration at 40-50mph
  22. Very simple decat thoughts please...
  23. battery drain - life span of an fsu?
  24. Black M5 passed me on Watchung Av/GSP #151
  25. hi fellow e39 owners
  26. Updated to 2010 nav disc - now nav a bit confused
  27. My "custom" shadow chrome refinished wheels
  28. Nav question for the Canadian west coasters..
  29. Wonky cruise control
  30. How to fold the Ski bag?
  31. Wheel ID
  32. m5 seat harness schematic
  33. Paging Tortuga and Hillco148 to reply please
  34. Buying an 01 E39 M5 - Throttle actuator problem?
  35. The Nurburgring needs YOUR help!!!!
  36. do strut bars on the E39 chassis add any noticeable value, other then eye candy?
  37. HOW TO: Hardwiring a Radar Detector - Escort 9500ix
  38. Removing Exhaust System
  39. bmw M5 book by BMW Car Magazine
  40. Peake Code Reader
  41. renaming bluethooth module?
  42. Independent Service
  43. older /high mileage m5 prices
  44. New Years Day Nightmare - The Beast is Fvcked
  45. Sunroof Squeak, Lube?
  46. why is my nav lady not talking to me?
  47. New member....UK
  48. locked door-BIG problems now :-(
  49. New Euro M-Steering Wheel
  50. Bay Area BBS distributors?
  51. Grasshopper Meet Maybe???
  52. Feedback/opinions on M-parallel's for an E39?
  53. Handbrake
  54. 2011 Sumospeed Springfest Car Meet
  55. Shop Recommendation in San Diego
  56. removing cable from door lock actuator
  57. right hand drive fsu location
  58. Non-Vanos Ticking noise(video)
  59. Meisterschaft Touring HP exhaust. I finally did it
  60. Wheel refurbish
  61. Am I alone?
  62. What size wheels ae these?
  63. E39 M5 Curb Weight
  64. Not sure how much longer I can justify an M5...
  65. Error beep on PDC activation
  66. Engine Vibration + Power Loss
  67. Snow Tires?!
  68. Service Items at 90k
  69. Happy New Year!
  70. Added Pics to ACS Splitters For Sale...
  71. What should i replace while it's up ?
  72. Is there a power loss? When removing RESONATORS
  73. PLEASE HELP] Water temp went MAX!!!
  74. A couple of questions - Pics included
  75. Unofficial M5 Board Calendar 2011!
  76. M5 part diagrams
  77. Another one bites the dust
  78. How to change bowden cables for bonnet(hood) locks..
  79. Dinan Strut brace install
  80. Looking for Brembo Decals
  81. Strange Mk4 Nav problem!!!!
  82. Will a 530i Propshaft fit a m5?
  83. Bilstein PSS installed
  84. Any gains to a simple cat delete w/o headers?
  85. heater blower quit, HVAC display looks normal
  86. Removing throttle bodies
  87. M&M and STi photoshoot
  88. New Projects for 2011
  89. engine light
  90. check engine light INPA error
  91. ETO Aftermarket 'fully' integrated head unit
  92. Interested: Need some advice!
  93. Anyone seen this M5?
  94. Falken Tires
  95. Bilstein B6 Sports or OEM?
  96. Trim
  97. ID on rims bmw?
  98. Hi guys looking to pick up a E39 Beast
  99. Does anyone else have...
  100. 2003 - slow navigation
  101. Got a Dice kit for christmas
  102. Christmas was just in time (new goodies)
  103. 175 without being chipped??
  104. Should I Sell My '03 M5 & Buy a Prius
  105. Comparison: Carbon Fiber Fabric vs. 3M CA-421 film material.
  106. Happy Holidays from Powerchip! and a special announcement...
  107. Flex Disk replacement - Time/Cost
  108. Anyone have a set of these? Vorsteiner hood vent covers.
  109. Servotronic strange work
  110. VIN/Owner Matches
  111. transmission mount replacement DIY and symptoms
  112. Transmission Question
  113. Missing my M5 in the winter...
  114. Changing/Cleaning MAF - 5 or 6 Star security Torx needed (depending on MY)
  115. No Blizzard down here, but there is a lot of white stuff along the side of the road
  116. Santa came late :)
  117. Radar Detectors
  118. Buy Used M5, vs. replace engine, vs. maintain existing...
  119. Wheel mounting place in SF area?
  120. M5 in the Blizzard
  121. Heated Seats/Rear Shade not working- related?
  122. Going the Alpha N path this week. - Any downsides I should know about?
  123. Symptoms of a blocked cat?
  124. 11 years ago today.....
  125. Post Drag Link Install Values Needed
  126. Running problem help... have diag info
  127. Tire Pressure for the Winter
  128. Anybody changed out to another cluster and adjusted miles to original distance??
  129. Locusts take on M5, but M5 wins with trick up sleeve
  130. Bad rings -- dump it or live with it?
  131. M5 in Australia
  132. Exhaust selection help please
  133. VANOS pressure storage valve
  134. Interior trade?
  135. Winter is here in boston
  136. Help! Clicking while Driving on Hwy Across Country
  137. Rear Main Seal / Cluch / Transmission removal & install with PICTURES and VIDEO (not full DIY but informative).
  138. m5 audio
  139. Floor jack/stands/Ramp RFecommendations for the Beast
  140. Sudden severe engine misbehavior - 2001 M5
  141. Is the battery not fixed to the car?
  142. Tranny filler plug!!
  143. Engine misfires and hesitation noticeable on the highway
  144. To the GUESTS that visit this Board
  145. OK I'll start...what did you get for the M5?
  146. My car was hit yesterday while unattended. Would my alarm have went off?
  147. What to check for after driving through......a lake?
  148. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy M5!
  149. Calling all Falken FK452 owners
  150. Questions for installing 19inch wheels on E39 M5
  151. OEM 18' fit Brembo BBK?
  152. Some Thoughts/advice on M5's for Sale..Please
  153. Rear Side Airbag Help
  154. Water pump/thermostat replacement
  155. Armrest/phone tray upgrade
  156. DRL's in NYC?
  157. Nokia Car phone
  158. Any beast owners in houston?
  159. Need Help Identifying PN for this Hose
  160. Christmas comes early for the car...
  161. Christmas comes early for the car...
  162. My 1st Oil Sample Results - a little concerned
  163. Extremely Happy!!
  164. 15,901 mile 2000 M5 On Ebay
  165. Quick Nav/phone question
  166. Steve Dinan's personal e39 for sale?
  167. E39 M5 Engine Cover
  168. Anyone able to check out a M3 for me in River Forest, IL?
  169. Just bought my first M5, Im already disappointed :(
  170. Anyone able to run a carfax for a M3?
  171. Need Help (oil)
  172. Oilchange goes to vanos rebuild.
  173. Snowdrifting shoot at an abandoned Airport Somewhere E39 M5
  174. Check Side Lights?
  175. Spotted: Monday black car PA plate FRJ-XXXX...
  176. Wood vs. Silver Trim - Please Help Me Decide
  177. My oil consumption
  178. A Massive thanks to Raikku
  179. powerchip issue... i think..
  180. A Beast Driver's best stocking filler...
  181. I'm in Miami bee-otch
  182. Is there anyone rebuilding the S62?
  183. Who has had Dinan wheels refurbed?
  184. Life After the E39 M5
  185. atlanta
  186. Member Richbob Alpine White BMW M5 E39 with Caramel Full Leather interiour
  187. ***Thinking about Selling*** ---> Help!
  188. Find some intresting stuff after removing oilpan.
  189. Woke up, checked e-mail, found pictures of my M5 all torn up!
  190. Android M5?
  191. One piece steel flywheel: group buy
  192. M5 e39 turbo in Ukraine
  193. Reco for Cincinnati/Dayton Indie shop?
  194. New to the boards
  195. Here's a new one: How much torque do the dials have?
  196. FINALLY ..... MY ALPINE WHITE M5 is home !!!
  197. New Member With Issues!
  198. "Plugging" The Secondary Airpump Lines
  199. Complain + Advice needed: Dealer in Los Angeles Area
  200. Supersprint Header Top Spring Help
  201. M5 in the snow
  202. Rear Cubby
  203. Anyone using this airbox? Goeke Carbon
  204. Changing Interior Trim - Questions on Shift Knob and EBrake
  205. DSC and BRAKE Light came on and car die.
  206. Several DIY projects finished over the weekend (pics)
  207. Nice HD video of BMWCCA autox -- M5 content
  208. The Evolve M5 featured in "BMW Car" january 2011
  209. Door Mouldings - OEM or Aftermarket?
  210. Suddenly The Winter came (pics)
  211. Rear wheels rubbing; completely stock! weird?
  212. Air Bag Wiring Harness Ground Screw
  213. Front gate attacked my mirror and gate won...!!
  214. Would you pass on this?
  215. Solid/urethane Rear Bushings? Engine/Trans?
  216. Cam timing DIY
  217. Luk Clutch Kits at Pepboys for $499 installed?!
  218. 6 months so far..
  219. Scary Moment - But good ending
  220. NOT 2011 Car of the Year
  221. rear ball joint failure symptoms and fix
  222. Do your front wheels rub fender liner?
  223. Its snowing so much! Drift time!
  224. Subframe Bushings
  225. Lookikng for used dinan stage 1 suspension set up or h r / coil overs,
  226. vanos o rings
  227. Bmw dealer pixel cluster issue
  228. 2 Day M School Review
  229. 2 Day M School Review
  230. ECU performane software
  231. PDC problem.
  232. My 2003 E39 M5 Project
  233. Warning chimes don't work
  234. How much $$$ am I looking at?
  235. Holiday thoughts about John (jclyman)
  236. Total BMW Magazine Feature of my car
  237. Anyone with a MKiii in CT I can try?
  238. Need parts buying help from any member in Germany
  239. New fuel pump!
  240. My Indy is suggesting LSD additive, has anyone tried this?
  241. lightweight flywheel, any tips??
  242. Blower stays on with ignition off and no a/c control lights. Another FSU didn't work. ???
  243. A "Thank you" to the Winter Beater!
  244. Header comparisons - vendors, please contribute!
  245. **POWERCHIP REVIEW [vid coming soon]**
  246. Alignment question after coilover install
  247. DPE Wheel Problem (San Fran Area) Help!(pics)
  248. Performance on a budget??
  249. Van Manen variant II manifolds
  250. DME - Check and Updating to Latest Software?
  251. Holiday "BMW" Gifts
  252. 10mm nuts (engine bay)
  253. Rear Tail Light Harness - already searched please help
  254. Help w/ some torque specs
  255. Could your driving style cause codes??
  256. Ten days 'til X'mas...photo greetings to all
  257. Anyone go from e39 m5 to e55 amg?
  258. Auto Lights
  259. Need some advice on clutch change
  260. Anyone running this setup?
  261. Slight OT insurance question - USA
  262. Car Accident
  263. VW MAF sensors? Anyone have the part numbers and where to get the best price?
  264. Aftermarket Headunit Radio
  265. What does this warning light mean?
  266. Rear view mirror failure, but not the usual bubbles.
  267. Nav and Radio Dead
  268. BC Coilovers - About that price...
  269. Is the secondary air pump in the E39 used in other models as well?
  270. Wheel spacers on e39 M5
  271. JIC / CROSS Coilovers - What are your settings?
  272. Sport Air Filter Fail !
  273. New 3m 1080 Series Glossy Carbon Wrap Pics
  274. Article on best mesh wheels in Eurotuner
  275. Just got my BEAST! New Member..kinda
  276. RockAuto & Summit Discounts
  277. So much for keeping my car Stock, All smiles
  278. Can't get power down = frustrating!!!!
  279. Some plenum pictures for reference- And Questions
  280. MKII Sat Nav Update
  281. i hate today
  282. CD Audio Format?
  283. Do you trust your dyno guys?
  284. Discussions regarding BMW's intellectual property
  285. Very impressed with PSS9.
  286. Going to tackle my 1st two DIYs , Is this info in TIS?
  287. Ready to buy Peake tool, one quick question about my MY 2000
  288. What to expect from a 70k mile 03 m5
  289. Steering wheel memory
  290. What a tyre is worth?
  291. Need to buy a Peake Reader for UK M5
  292. Engine Light - Help
  293. My Dynavin all in one thread
  294. Cold outside, door issues... But not the door frozen shut that you'd expect
  295. My dream in progress: the ultimate E39 fix-it solution (2-post lift) w/PICS
  296. DIY: How to make your garage a nicer place for your E39 to spend time (Epoxy Floor) - PICS
  297. New to the board in Abu Dhabi
  298. Member bobc0944 Imola Red BNW M5 E39 with BBS RK afyermarket wheels
  299. DIY: Ram Air + OEM intakes
  300. Broken vent
  301. OT Dethaw the wheels if you drive in heavy snow
  302. ..:: Active Autowerke 2010 | Year in Review | Photos ::..
  303. battery being drained
  304. Peake codes
  305. PSS9 ride height after bed in?
  306. Upgraded to M-audio Subs - but I have a problem with high's cutting now
  307. Limp Home Mode at 120 MPH
  308. Shifter Question - New Owner
  309. front tire sizes
  310. California DINAN S3 owner?
  311. Main Bearings
  312. Dot
  313. Get Away In Stockholm 7 including e39 m5/e46 m3 csl supercharged
  314. CD static when car is cold
  315. 2000 M5 "engine failsafe program"
  316. Firefox M5Board.com Persona
  317. Replaced Headlight Adjusters (Metal)
  318. Heated Seats Issue - Not the same as the usual
  319. looking for brake pad/rotor recommendations
  320. SSS V32 update
  321. Dis v57 help!!!
  322. Is this the ZHP gear knob thats fits the e39 ?
  323. 3rd gear grind, possible fix?
  324. Drawing deep into the M5 experts...Lock issue
  325. Rod Bearing Issue Diagnosis
  326. New Owner... London
  327. Paging North Carolina M5 owners
  328. E46 Steering Wheel Fitment
  329. Electricity cutting out randomly
  330. Castrol TWS UOA
  331. Center console ooops!
  332. One of the cool kids now - New owner!
  333. Where to buy VM Headers
  334. 16.9 screen upgrade
  335. Positive Battery Stud Under Hood Snapped
  336. Brake Pedal Thump while stopped
  337. What is the exact E39 centerbore? 74.1x mm
  338. Odd rear tyre wear
  339. ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid = Squeaky Slave Cylinder ?
  340. Cant turn off dsc
  341. Quick Pic of my M5
  342. Issues after big service, need the board's help!
  343. Slimmbones' Alcantara Boots
  344. My First Mod to my Beast
  345. 133k miles and still a Beast
  346. Quad tips for E39
  347. Complete BRAKE failure!
  348. Broke down for the first time in 13 years! HELP!!!
  349. Dinan front brace remoal and Install question
  350. Traction control module question(s)
  351. The M5 has arrived from Cali. Pics!
  352. Peake Code 7F - DM-TL module - ???
  353. CROSS BREED: 2jz M5 Video and Pictures
  354. Another deal on Edge in UK
  355. Clutch Chatter
  356. Torque Value Needed For Bolt On Outer Tie Rod End
  357. More props for Powerchip
  358. New caliper guide bushes - too tight?
  359. Good old crank->won't start
  360. Euro Center Armrest Kit Unavailable?
  361. Help - urgent 4:3 screen issue
  362. No problems
  363. Seeking Suspension advice
  364. Most memorable dream(s) about your Beast (yes, actual REM dreams)
  365. E39 M5 with LPG and interesting history - anyone know this car (UK)?
  366. Superchips - 94 octane tune?
  367. Unboxing of the Brecus E39 M5 Feramic Clutch
  368. GC Koni Yellows blown?
  369. Any bought tires from online merchant and have them shipped to installer directly?
  370. Oil pan heater?
  371. Proper Cam Timing
  372. My 1st "Mod"
  373. The next great M car
  374. Aluminum Underpanel/Skid Plate: M5 Needed in Vancouver/Portland Area
  375. Considering ESS and other Mods
  376. My son drove the M for the first time!
  377. Nav DVD for the midwest
  378. What brake pads do you guys run?
  379. UK Pixel Repair
  380. Aftermarket foglights don't fit?
  381. The "Seriously?" thread.
  382. Have you had this oil leak?
  383. production numbers on Alpine white
  384. what to pay for 2003 m5
  385. Is 124 MAF (corrected) reading Lean enough for damage?
  386. DIY: Trunk Lock Actuator Replacement
  387. An Introduction of Sorts
  388. Is BMW USA still only charging 1 hr of labor to replace the instument cluster?
  389. Need 2 OEM catalytic convertors for '01 M5
  390. How is the Xenon bulb removed from E39 M5?
  391. New winter wheels and snow tires installed today!
  392. 4 hours in and limping home
  393. Join a new club today 100000!!!!!
  394. There is nothing left to ask...
  395. Will E39 M5 Cat Converters for 97 E39 540/6 Spd
  396. Sachs zf uprated clutch - Advice
  397. Brake Shimmy
  398. MS Windows 7 Theme Pack for e39 M5?
  399. Illuminated Handles (interior)
  400. Upgraded Sound! (Mostly Done)
  401. I couldnt stay away!
  402. Introducing the cleanest 11 second e39 M5 in the world
  403. Haulingan Installed and working - well most of it.
  404. Crap! Wife keeps sneaking out to drive the car
  405. Tyre pressure monitor button - not working?
  406. 02 M5, what kind of antenna does it have?
  407. Dynavin
  408. m5 coilovers under $550..
  409. Slimm's Foglight Brake Duct Covers(Hamann Replica)
  410. Slimm's Real Carbon Fiber Trim Project
  411. OEM Software flash update revisions?
  412. Is this Normal?
  413. Rock Chips / Refinishing Head Lights ? - Help -
  414. Got Rid of My Wood Trim
  415. Constant Idle Hunting
  416. $h!t happens
  417. Some Pics :)
  418. Damn you thermostat!
  419. thermostat o ring and metal seal???
  420. How much coolant does our car take?
  421. Tischer Promo code
  422. Silver beast "M5 USA" by SJ Airport 12/3
  423. Who gives your M5 the thumbs up?
  424. Will BBS LM clear a brembo 380x32 8pot kit?
  425. Good 3M Di Noc wrap installer in South Florida?
  426. 2000 m5 Idling not stable.
  427. I has Beast! First pics
  428. My car has been cold for a while...
  429. Full LMB photo shoot in the rain
  430. Trounced by an STI
  431. BayArea(SF) Anybody got a oil reset tool?
  432. Vanos questions
  433. Part ID please
  434. Where to connect Battery maintainer
  435. idle issue? and 1st gear performance
  436. Quick question in regards to winter storage
  437. need new headlight
  438. Intermittent Sputtering / SES Light / Misfires
  439. The most tacky/ghetto mod on an M5 you've seen?
  440. looking to buy an ALPINE WHITE/grey int E39 M5
  441. I think I found a way to remove shifter slop
  442. Preview of my LMB photo shoot
  443. Indy Bimmer Shop In Richmond, Va Area
  444. Are M5 owners liberal or conservative?
  445. New York emergency assistance
  446. style 42?
  447. First speeding ticket in M5
  448. Braided clutch line kit for the e39 m5?
  449. Adjusting ride height with BC's. Can you guys show me?
  450. Personalized plates? What are yours/your ideas?
  451. Must have Items/Tools/parts for New M5 owners?
  452. vibration in drivetrain
  453. thermostat
  454. Euro Rotors - Not Again ?!
  455. Pelican Parts Super Ignition Kit
  456. Other cars you considered before the M5
  457. 3K Projector HID's ??
  458. New Shoes. Whaddaya Think?
  459. Real world oil results - your experience only
  460. The New 3M Glossy Carbon Wrap & Others.
  461. Euro spec. E39 M5 . Powerchip
  462. TIRE DEFECT WARNING,getting sick of it
  463. Found good deal on Blizzak's, but are they good for the car?
  464. Crown auto
  465. Theft by BMW Employees
  466. Advice: Oil Leak from Vanos Units?
  467. Evosport under drive pulley's
  468. help with driver's door actuator wiring
  469. Has any one Dynamated or Second Skinned a M5 yet?
  470. Differential Mounts Special Tool???
  471. Factory Alarm Goes Off by Itself
  472. Not *strictly* M5 related, but...
  473. Test drove M5 looking to buy questions
  474. Tranny Fluid
  475. some carfax help please
  476. Need to source replacement led assembly for shift knob
  477. New E39 M5 owner, UK based, a few questions!!!!
  478. Koni Struts and mounts?
  479. Do you remember the lust you had before you owned an e39 m5?
  480. Brake pedal travel/feel
  481. Respect???!!!
  482. Could someone please photoshop my stock wheels black?
  483. Anyone install XM radio in the E39?
  484. E34 to E39 will I be happy?
  485. Magnetic drain plug
  486. Rattling noise on cold start
  487. Repair leather "scuffs" in seats
  488. HELP!! Small Pool of water in Engine Bay
  489. Worst 10xgiving trip ever!!!
  490. Dinan Short Shifter "Notchy"??
  491. VW MAF test results....
  492. mafs for cheap on bimmerzone
  493. Winter Preparation for my E39 M5- Bring on the grime!
  494. MAF's on Ebay?
  495. Doormirror got knacked, help!
  496. Check Low Beam Light
  497. M5 artwork!
  498. Good price on replacement battery
  499. M5 Motion Vid - Ode to the E39 M5
  500. Tire question for the tire gurus
  501. driveline parts not in ETK, available in industry?
  502. CD Changer 6 Pin Cable Missing
  503. Spacers (Pros/Cons)
  504. e39 pics ....
  505. Nav Screen went black - radio cuts out
  506. Got the service history, what do you veterans think?
  507. Need help, Car wont start!!
  508. serpentine belt question
  509. Suspension components for ride comfort
  510. DIY: Afordable OEM Bluetooth retrofit!!!
  511. Seeking E39 M5 enthusiast in Adelaide
  512. Advanced auto sale
  513. X5 Thrust Arm Bushes
  514. Maintenance/Tune-Up Am I Missing Something?
  515. Confused: MP3 Player Ability
  516. M5 Low Speed Vibration
  517. Wanted: Titanium ash tray trim and a few Noob questions in Colorado
  518. Lowering car, what to expect labor wise?
  519. Two day M School
  520. Weisslicht Halo FUBAR
  521. REV Lights in Tach...? Help E39 M5
  522. Happy Tday
  523. M5 revving at start
  524. Help choosing x-pipe for Eisenmann Race
  525. Vents blowing no air :(
  526. Yes ANOTHER engine noise thread! Please help!
  527. Trunk Light Power Source
  528. Request: Wiring info for Front Door/Mirror
  529. Updated pictures of my alpine white ///M5
  530. What could be causing this problem!?
  531. At which temperature to switch to winter tires?
  532. Upcoming euro meet in the bay area
  533. Finding build sheet/Old service records- 02 M5
  534. Just made a deal on my very first Beast - Some advice needed
  535. Sourcing the right Mafs
  536. E60 wheels on E39?? Need Help!
  537. Front bumber holes - Options/Pic request
  538. 16:9 Monitor Blank Screen
  539. Power Steering Fluid Change interval?
  540. Vanos ?: Once replaced, does it return?
  541. Help! Door Leaks from Window and Door Handle
  542. O2 Sensor plug box Part number!?
  543. More Fake M5's!!!!
  544. Pictures and Memories of your M5
  545. Rear View Mirror issues
  546. Identify this exhuast?
  547. My JRZ Experience Finally Ends
  548. Cold Shifting After Storage
  549. Intravee advanced search mode... in case others also didn't know this exists!
  550. Dare I say it again? Big Bore Throttle Bodies revisited
  551. Advice on selling my beast...
  552. Foglight bulb question
  553. Where is the LCM?
  554. Single Turbo BMW E39 M5 S62 V8
  555. Where to buy an INPA cable, UK based
  556. getrag 6 speed
  557. New Member, New Story, Same Old Love for the M5
  558. Best fitting 5-point child seat for E39
  559. Stuck Cassette in tape deck...Suggestions?
  560. Water in trunk after car wash
  561. Thought you guys might like this.....turbo M5????
  562. Putting a m5 on jack stands
  563. Is the E39 part of this board slowing down?
  564. Sirius Issue
  565. Powerchip Header SW Review and Discussion
  566. Beast Died Today "Fuel Pump Relay"
  567. Basic info needed
  568. Denso IK20 plugs installed. After-Action Report.
  569. Faultcode 2C
  570. Rear Main Seal DIY?
  571. Parts for replacing rear differential seals
  572. Can you identify this sound? Youtube link attached
  573. Thinking of buying an M5 but worried about limited power upgrades...
  574. M5 Beast
  575. Rear door sun blind won't retract
  576. AUX problem(
  577. The beginning of a love affair (an introduction)
  578. Another n00b in Charlotte, NC!
  579. Supercharged E39 M5 or E90/2 M3 as daily driver...??
  580. Wintermode = ON! --->> Slammed on OEM 18s
  581. Quick phone box in trunk Q
  582. Changing the headunit of my e39 m5
  583. Fault code63 Cont. Unit Safety Concept Master Check
  584. Thanks Jlevisw...for the free gift!
  585. My (semi) DIY Inspection 2
  586. Dumb seat belt question
  587. dead battery
  588. Dry Sump Oil Pan with Integrated Pump
  589. MOT History U.K
  590. Float Charger
  591. What is the difference between these two leather interiors?
  592. Headlight Upgrade
  593. Road Rage @ Beast
  594. Xenon Bulbs - fade out or just die?
  595. Car keeps stalling at idle!
  596. service light reset problems - I read the FAQ
  597. Video of M5 running on Mulholland Hwy
  598. Some questions now that ive had my M5 for a few weeks
  599. TPS DIY.
  600. FN Vmax module, located where?
  601. Evolve Version 1.3 ECU remap
  602. 285/30ZR18 in the rears?
  603. Track control arm bushes. NOT thrust arm bushes
  604. New X-Pipe with muffler delete, anyone done this?
  605. vibrating differential
  606. What was your number 1 buying criteria?
  607. spark plugs..
  608. NEW Powerchip Tune!!!
  609. Needed: 1 Front Koni Yellow Strut, E39 M5
  610. DIY: Make your own Aux input cable with install
  611. Check those Battery Cables
  612. Any members located in Germany?
  613. E39 M5 90,000 Mile Service
  614. Subframe diff bushes?
  615. Coolant leaking from tranny help! WTF!!
  616. My M5 [Made own diffuser, cleaned navscreen, installed digital-TV, rear sunblinds, ALPINA B10 V8S wheels and rearspoiler, illuminated doorsills, coinholder + more]
  617. Anyway to Extend the Hood further?
  618. Power besides the lighter?
  619. New Member + First-time BMW Owner
  620. The Next M5, Alpina B7?
  621. 2000 E39 M5 stock // Dynojet Dyno result. 341RWHP
  622. Painting the plenum?
  623. For you motorcyclists out there.
  624. At last, my very own M5... :)
  625. Does my 2001 (April build) have a round port?
  626. TPMS and winter rims/tires
  627. changing my oil
  628. Interesting differences between E39 M5 years.
  629. Self-dipping mirrors working?
  630. Need headlamp ballast plug for my 00' M5
  631. My new steering wheel
  632. Rear Centre Console / heater. Help needed
  633. My M5 drift wagon :)
  634. Need a chuckle?
  635. Finally posting some pics
  636. Found an E39 "Imported" from China
  637. MUST READ...Before replacing Thrust Arm bushings
  638. service light question
  639. Over/Under : What do you think Clemster will run this weekend?
  640. M5Board Cellphone Enabled - Tapatalk App (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia)
  641. Piano Black Vinyl wrap or Matte Black CF Wrap?
  642. DAB option for e39 m5?
  643. rod bearings: I am now a statistic
  644. Claim: procedure that prevents carbon build-up
  645. Another shameless pic!
  646. My Baby's Back! (Replaced Ignition Coil)
  647. Bluetooth retrofit done..but no sound???
  648. Feeling like a G-6
  649. ambient temperature sensor bad?
  650. fuel siphon pump bad?
  651. I need some help here
  652. Power steering groan, intermittent
  653. E39 Celis Tail (Light) Situation- Need help to repair??
  654. Stalling While Moving
  655. Chicago Cops Suck
  656. Find shop in Colorado or get bold?
  657. E 39 M5 Interior
  658. Tyre opinions please........
  659. Diagnostic help needed, have PEAKE codes
  660. E39 Review & Commercial Videos
  661. NAV: Can't turn perspective OFF?
  662. aFe Silver Bullet Throttle Body Spacers
  663. Squeak with load transfer
  664. Everyday driver?
  665. Creaking Like the Nina, Pinta And Santa Maria...
  666. Need advice on Rear end rebuild
  667. Just driving and......
  668. seat of the pants power increase with spark plug change!
  669. Bolts part #'s for fender liners and belly pan
  670. Dallas M5'ers
  671. Remove Xenon Fogs?
  672. Appropriate times to reset adaptation values
  673. Replaced all sensors, still lacking peak power...
  674. Suspension advice for less roll
  675. Best price on new oil cap?
  676. My 2001 e39 m5 bbs lemans etc:)
  677. Necessity of Airbags with Rollbar and Six-Point Harnesses
  678. Did my own t-stat today
  679. F1 Predictions anyone ?
  680. No E39 M5 in GT5!!
  681. SAI + Powerchips 91 tune + California smog = a 4 letter word. Plus, a (long) introduction.
  682. Oil and water temperature
  683. replacement parts and source for buying oil
  684. DIY - DSC/ABS Module, re-solder assy terminals
  685. Spark plugs replaced (pics of old plugs included)
  686. carbon fiber intake plenum
  687. Respect your Beast!
  688. I love my car more and more!!!
  689. Heated Steering Wheel Install
  690. A couple videos....
  691. Falken to Continental DWS...come on snow!
  692. Tensioner broke off timing cover
  693. PEAKE in LA area? San Fernando Valley
  694. Will a e46 space saver fitmy m5
  695. Looking for PPI mechanic recommendation in Sacramento area
  696. DC Area: Previous owner?? 2000 Le Mans Blue
  697. How low did you go in your fuel tank?
  698. Extended Warranties
  699. VANOS error message on diganostic tool .
  700. Ripped off - then ripped my oil separator grommet - sheesh!

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