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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. I don't know what to do. Getting the itch for more power
  2. Couple of Window regulator questions
  3. What kind of leather do I have?
  4. Trouble with Peake reader code ‘0F’ (Crankshaft/Camshaft position correlation Cyl# 1-4).
  5. whats best exhaust mod to be a tad louder
  6. Couple pics and a short video
  7. Tire Buying Guide!
  8. active cruise control retro fit?
  9. preventative maintainance
  10. Damn Toyotas
  11. Fuel Level Sensor issues
  12. Trims to go with caramel
  13. Can anyone determine this noise?
  14. Photo of some cars we worked on today!
  15. Question for M5 owners: Is your car starting to feel dated?
  16. an m5 getting reckless
  17. PSS-9 Owners - Firmness settings... ? (how stiff is too stiff) LOL
  18. Worth importing an ESS kit????
  19. Did some maintenance- no pics just talk
  20. ***Ridin' Dirty***
  21. Pilot Sport AS Plus tires?
  22. Splitters, Stoptech, and Rear diffuser (lots pics inside)
  23. 19x9.5 square VarrsToen Volk reps?
  24. Bedding in brakes...
  25. Spotted this yesterday in North County
  26. Headlight ring problems
  27. Buying an M5 tomorrow. Need advice.
  28. Did a few donuts
  29. 4ngiefest: ID Your Car
  30. Link to mafs cleaning not working help please
  31. Milestone
  32. My BMW Birthday cake
  33. hood latch..the woes of owning an older car.. still in love
  34. !!! ABS Module Part No.s Match !!! :(
  35. Filthier Photoshoot
  36. Starting in 2nd gear?
  37. Interior Trim
  38. DIY Sunroof Help
  39. Is anyone running, heard of, or using the activeautowerke tune?
  40. Refurbished Vanos units
  41. My M5 and OEM M5 wheels refurbished.
  42. Update Slimm's Splitters
  43. Slimm's Update Hamann Foglight Cover XL Opening
  44. Help! Fuel line got hit last night
  45. 19" x 10J
  46. 2000 M5 CEL code help
  47. DIY: How to open (passenger) door stuck in double lock
  48. BMW ipod interface install instructions
  49. Put the beast on a dyno today :)
  50. Do I need a new clutch? What's the best way to test the clutch?
  51. Rogue engineering X-Pipe video and a freshly washed AW beast
  52. Splitter opinions?
  53. Fitted new stoptech's & Caliper Refurb
  54. Pics: Ford new 5.0 vs S62
  55. Shifter linkage lube folliow up
  56. need your opinions guys
  57. New outlook on oil consumption?
  58. Aftermarket resonators... whats out there for M5
  59. Steering column dead..... need direction.
  60. Peake 2A - Vehicle speed input signal, hardwired ‘A’ signal
  61. TPS/Pedal Sensor Issue - Stumped :(
  62. Best E39 M5s for sale in the UK?
  63. BMW M GmbH Secret Garage: M3 Touring, M6 CSL + all M models
  64. Can i fit no split seat in a split car?
  65. How to install an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator
  66. Another Fake M
  67. m5 horn not working
  68. Anyone near Essex,UK with rear ball joint press I could borrow/rent?
  69. Strange Oil Temp Issue
  70. New M5
  71. VANOS Repair in Germany
  72. I know why I like this car!!!
  73. This made me smile.....
  74. OT: back button not responding in forum
  75. The Mighty Beast has Died (again!)
  76. Slimmbones New Products
  77. My big brake dilema and problem
  78. Starting issue, need help
  79. Wheels fitment gurus - please advise
  80. suspension
  81. Misfiring/Coolant Leak
  82. A Couple Updates In ///My Life
  83. What next after owning an E39 M5
  84. I want to replace oil seperator hoses anything else needed
  85. Misfire / VANOS
  86. kidney grille escape! question re: parts
  87. Mann Oil Filter Difference
  88. Protecting air intake from water
  89. My AC fan is constantly on after charging my AC system.
  90. Hdhntr23 has new shoes!!! (no NOT Jordans)
  91. Sensor under passenger side front bumper
  92. Shopping around for wheel refurbishing. What should I ask?
  93. Most Expensive stock E39 M5?
  94. Help me identify this noise
  95. New OEM Leather Seat cover replacement
  96. Bmw m5 e39 single turbo kit package
  97. E39 M5 Problems - Whats wrong? Please Help me find solution
  98. Anyone running a 10" front wheel on their car?
  99. Peake reader used for regular diagnostics or only when codes thrown?
  100. Loud Clicking Noise when shifting
  101. Performance Stats, opinions?
  102. Wheel Re-finishing in San Francisco Bay Area?
  103. Powerchip install and review......
  104. Beast too noisy (muffler question)
  105. Tinted corner lights, raim air intake, all red tails
  106. finaly pics of my car and a introduction
  107. insurance
  108. c pillar aerial amp wiring diagrams
  109. Member Atsuhiko Silverstone BMW M5 E39 from Kyoto, Japan
  110. Need photo - M5 with Lowtec springs.
  111. Whats up with these MAF numbers
  112. How do you guys secure your subwoofer enclosures? Ideas please.
  113. Is this the end...?: Part 2
  114. how are these spark plugs- too rich?
  115. Found another rattle source...
  116. Creaks and knocks over bumps in B-pillar? HELP!
  117. Rear ended in LA - looking for a good body shop
  118. Evolve trounces Conforti on the Dyno!
  119. New e39 M5 owner - introduction
  120. Manhart 25th anniversary @ the Nürburgring
  121. Passenger side Windshield wiper stopped working!
  122. will e46 m3 shifter knob fit on my m5
  123. E39 Front N/S Wing, Headling & Bumper Damage, hit and run. Pictures inside, need advice.
  124. Spacers Question Running 19" BBS LM's
  125. Few questions before I buy!
  126. Sat Nav retrofit help!
  127. DIY: Video: BMW M5 E39 Fuel Filter
  128. DIY: Video: BMW M5 E39 Fuel Pump
  129. Just changed MAF/Fuel filter
  130. Factory tints
  131. Changed Rod Bearings over the weekend.
  132. Tint
  133. 2001 M5 Front Suspension issue, Please Help
  134. front calipers....
  135. Power steering issue. This is the last problem.
  136. UUC Short Shifter install question & help
  137. Obese M5
  138. Is this TPS Graph Normal?
  139. Quick Brake Question
  140. Debugging Rich Mixture - help needed
  141. E39 on copart - water damage?
  142. Amazing E39 M5
  143. e39's Spotted / Sighted
  144. What's this part?
  145. Spotted...
  146. Need advice on new WHEELS for the M5
  147. Clutch and the "Jerkiness" issue
  148. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Installed and Fits Great
  149. Protection panels
  150. Anyone with 19x9.5 wheels, what offsets do you run?
  151. "SPORT" button relocation
  152. Where is the general module III?
  153. Member help in inverness
  154. 01 m5 Missfire issue
  155. Refinishing SSR rims
  156. OBD scanner in Highlands Ranch/Denver area?
  157. Back at the drag strip with the ESS Beast!
  158. The E39 M5 Pickup Truck!
  159. Hit something yesterday.....
  160. Name a BMW in a Movie Game
  161. Dash Display Curiosity
  162. Where to find Mk2 navigation CD for Puerto Rico?
  163. Oh man! Rear wishbones are shot! Pics
  164. DC, MD, VA - Good Indy Find!!
  165. Dinan Rear Sway Bar Group Buy - need more takers
  166. Diving on right turns, Shocks???
  167. Project cars - updated listing
  168. Interior refreshed....on a budget
  169. BC Racing coilovers for $983 with extenders--Circuit Motorsports rules
  170. First drive of the year...
  171. Fixing vapour barrier - disconnect battery?
  172. EAC tuning dsc module.
  173. Thermostat question
  174. First mods... Rogue, Intravee
  175. Dynavin /sub install in my Beast
  176. quick oil question
  177. Share your special tools!
  178. Idiot lights galore...
  179. Carbon Front Splitter
  180. Electric (pusher) fan always on???
  181. New Beast owner Silverstone Blue
  182. DMH Order Taking FOREVER
  183. DINAN Software Question
  184. electric fans, who's running what?
  185. Anyone have an M62 and/or S62 alternator they want to sell to me?
  186. UK Car magazine classics E39 M5 #2 on list
  187. Do It Yourself (DIY) Guidepost
  188. New Beast Owner
  189. Minor oil leakage from two tops screws in engine bay (need help identifying)
  190. Story time with pics
  191. Gearbox oils - my experience.
  192. Sound Level Testing the Hayward and Scott rear boxes
  193. brake pad advice
  194. Rieger Sideskirts
  195. 95RON vs 99 power/torque difference?
  196. Caramel leather Re-dye
  197. Eurocharged Tune - Charlotte, NC - April 15
  198. Sunroof cardboard
  199. Fault code: System too lean
  200. s62 generator!
  201. Battery Safety Terminal Repair Kit?
  202. YES my car is finaly running amazing new mafs
  203. Rogue Eng:X-pipe....
  204. For chicago m5's owner
  205. Slimmbones Carbon Fiber Diffuser No Fins
  206. Alignment settings
  207. What do you guys use to polish up your exhaust?
  208. any experience cosmo racing cold intake?
  209. Aftermarket vs. OEM Rear Suspension Links
  210. How bad to MAF's need to be before you get a CEL from it?
  211. 38,000 mile Alpine White M5 Cannonball Run post mortem
  212. clunk/click from left side of car when over bumps
  213. Dream car since 2000
  214. Difference between black and gray faced M5 Clusters
  215. I'm a new E-39 M5 owner
  216. *Official* My S62 Z3 M COUPE Build Thread
  217. How risky or Hazardous is this?
  218. Cleaning throttle bodies found dirty valves Pics.
  219. Anyone need a carfax?
  220. Anti roll bar options
  221. US Steering wheel re-wraps?
  222. UK: North West Meet
  223. E39 M5 Rear SubFrame
  224. Potential Newcomer to the Board
  225. 2 x Supercharged E39 M5s at Santa Pod Drag Strip - Pics and Vids
  226. Where do you buy TWS 10W-60 in EU, Scandinavia?
  227. S62 Drinking Oil !
  228. Clutch "click" no drive!!
  229. spring creek
  230. Race and Sport Eisenmann(How to tell them apart)
  231. MK III Nav Disk
  232. Vanos?
  233. The Perfect E39 M5 Prom Night
  234. Rogue Diablo Exhaust or Linea Corse's?
  235. SES light, weird code?
  236. what happened to my fan shroud?
  237. Valentine One stealth install and remote location question
  238. Carfax - anyone?
  239. Climate control/aircon question
  240. Problem installing clutch line
  241. CEL, and High temp, and jerky ness.
  242. did compression test and changed plugs PICS
  243. Rear Door Panel Removal with Shades
  244. Thrust or control arm bushing replacement
  245. Misfires on Bank 2 -- New Thread
  246. M5 Dynoed
  247. You never forget your first
  248. Fan blade
  249. OBD Code p1434
  250. Is this the end...?
  251. Hp Gains from smoothing/port matching
  252. Where do I check fuel pressure?
  253. Looking for a Performance Engine Software (Help me out guys)
  254. ACS CF Splitter Install DIY?
  255. Yup more mods... a clean and dirty Imola M5
  256. What do you give the girl that has everything ….
  257. Question for the ESS guys.
  258. Recommendations for a shop in Rochester, NY?
  259. Remove chrome from wheels in norhthen VA
  260. Propshaft vibration
  261. E39 M5 Track Videos
  262. Filthy Photoshoot
  263. Beautiful Purple M5
  264. SlimmBones Foglight Cover with Duct!!!!
  265. cleaned mafs changed fuel filter and no improvement
  266. Destroying Some Tyres to the Tune of Hayward and Scott
  267. Recommend a muffler shop Westchester NY
  268. GC Coilover life
  269. SS Race Cats or Not SS Race Cats?
  270. Hello M5Board!
  271. Suspension refresh/upgrade options?
  272. Jerky Throttle Response Solved with New Fuel Pump
  273. Any owners around Oxfordshire, UK?
  274. After how many miles do you typically change your oil?
  275. Where can I get a rear glass antenna?
  276. Pals Car Keyed
  277. CNS Racing 9.45 Inch Direct Fit Clutch Kit Experience
  278. A car with lots of history here surfaces.
  279. Aircon issue
  280. Headlight polishing - good tip?
  281. Flat Battery and Alarm
  282. Lubro Moly 5W40 -- Oil Analysis (>9K oil change)
  283. Wire bundle running forward and down Driver's Fender under hood?
  284. Alpine White M black or painted mouldings
  285. Headliner rear hanging
  286. 15-18k where to start upgrades
  287. Different bulbs keep going out, should I stop using the battery Tender
  288. Just changed my DIFF oil to Motul sae 75W 140.
  289. Dynos in the Bay Area?
  290. E39 Fuel Pump Relay Location
  291. Weird Switched Voltage Source @ wiper Connection
  292. [I DID SEARCH!!][HELP] DIFF making pretty loud rattle!!during slow turn.
  293. Eisenmann..where to purchase?
  294. Jack stand procedure
  295. Complete Book of Bmw??
  296. Timing chain rattle?
  297. Sat Nav Key Disc (UK if possible)
  298. E39 M5 TiAg w/ Gunmetal Miro 111s 19x9.5 Square Setup
  299. DIY: Pixel Repair (Lots of pictures)
  300. Kissed by a SUV
  301. anyone here works at bmw dealer need help
  302. Wiring question
  303. S2 (w/ out the cam option) MAFS readings
  304. Source for rear sway bar end links
  305. Banning Radar Detectors in TX
  306. Fair price for set of used wheels
  307. Trying my new Camera :)
  308. Andy Ran's E39 M5 Story So Far (UK)
  309. read door window seal name?
  310. reverse camera for my e39 m5??
  311. Scored a 96 on MAF Test!
  312. Hard starting m5?
  313. BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW 2
  314. Has anybody had a problem with GRADUS FUTURA??
  315. Tell me, if they did a good job!!custom X piping.
  316. Can you reccomend a good place to take for inspection in the SF Bay area?
  317. E39 M5 Diff Fluid Question?
  318. help: clutch pedal stuck at the bottom after bleeding brakes/clutch
  319. M5 e39 with straight pipes ( pics + vid )
  320. New member with E39 M5 Oxford Green 2001
  321. Almost put the M up for sale...
  322. Replacing rear CV Joint on Driveshaft - anyone done it?
  323. SE London/Kent Owners?
  324. New owner!
  325. Incident with a pheasant
  326. Help: looking for part number or name on a really hard to identify item
  327. Dream garage project
  328. Not an M5, but detailed my e39 today
  329. stoptech rotors needed in the uk
  330. Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  331. Exhaust Advice
  332. First drive of 2011 (Video)
  333. brakes on a budget, can be done!
  334. Transmission/Gear Problem(s)
  335. Remapping
  336. Exhaust Mods..
  337. Linea Corse L22 10X19
  338. Smog Results (Fail)
  339. Front Anti roll bar Removal/fitting
  340. will tires fit
  341. multiple missfires need help new owner
  342. VOTE: Which Linea Corse wheels have the best look on the E39 M5?
  343. Last Orange light on Tach
  344. Xpipe drops exhaust pressure ??????
  345. Oil Extractor use opinions?
  346. Can anyone help me identify my muffler?
  347. 2000 m5 steering wheel options?
  348. blast from the past
  349. Raising them right....
  350. Wishbone dust cover replacement
  351. Re-coiled the cylinder head - lots of pics
  352. Got my wheels back, refurbed & new tyres
  353. Semi-new to the board/showing my ride
  354. New Key/Remote - Need Programming
  355. 2x possible breakers on ebay uk... anyone need any parts??
  356. Body Kits
  357. Shifter Knob - keeps popping off E39 M5
  358. Maintenance get together (UK)
  359. Compiling Buying Guide Information
  360. 30ft TSUNAMI in the pacific
  361. My beast featured at NWAS
  362. LED Front Lights
  363. GC Coilover install...need advice.
  364. It's crazy but true!
  365. Video module coding?
  366. Where is the solenoid for the air valve?
  367. How do I change D2S HID stock bulb..??
  368. Umnitza Orion V2 Color Matchups
  369. VIR- A couple of hot laps
  370. Could use a little help...
  371. E39 wheels
  372. S/C cars using Intercoolers
  373. RD Sport Mufflers
  374. Source of switched 12v Power in Front end for Blinder/cheetah PWR...
  375. SlimmBones Carbon Fiber Foglight Covers
  376. My Travel BLOG THREAD TWITTER thingy M5 from PA to California
  377. Peak Code: 1b code d4 - Misfire during warm up cyl#8
  378. Need suggestions, 540iT replacement...
  379. Damn i <3 my Supersaloon! (lots of pics)
  380. Playing with pixels
  381. Low MAF readings
  382. Need advice, fake mileage ? German members ?
  383. Brake Disc Deposits and Handbrake
  384. Digital TV Tuner
  385. Removing the handbrake handle mechanism
  386. Stock Tail Pipe Size.....
  387. LUK Clutch for E39 $278 new on ebay!!!
  388. WHEEL Width/ET help please
  389. Help...quick clutch question
  390. Start up tick, not vanos, not chain tentioner
  391. The end of the ring taxi?
  392. Vanos Problem
  393. Finally got my M5
  394. Black Car, Black wheels, Orange Calipers?
  395. The beast is dead...long live the beast!
  396. Anyone know where to pick up a replica set of these wheels?
  397. Vanos O rings
  398. Troubleshooting: airbag problem from a dead battery?
  399. M5 Wheels
  400. Wheel refinishing
  401. Rimfurbish
  402. Does the high price of fuel have you down?
  403. E39 M5 engine rattle not vanos, not timing chain
  404. Leak around Oil Level Sensor
  405. RMS TIS info & clutch tools
  406. Possible M5 Buy , VIN Lookup help
  407. Dimensions of VANOS solenoid o-rings?
  408. Exhaust Cut Out Question
  409. back in the F/I game!
  410. Out of ideas - knock sensor code
  411. 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber wrap
  412. Intravee 2 and Alpine 420i for sale
  413. Anyone in Seattle???
  414. Anyone done a Y pipe delete?
  415. KONI STR.T dampers
  416. Just sharing a couple of photos I'm quite proud of ;)
  417. Aluminum radiator for $255?!?
  418. New Splash Screen
  419. Door pins
  420. Meyle HD Thrust arms 4 Yr Warranty in UK
  421. Member mike7777 LeMans Blue BMW M5 E39 in Taiwan
  422. Member northumbriaborders LeMans Blue BMW M5 E39 with AC Schnitzer Wheels
  423. MY00 folks: US Facelift CELIS - NO BALLASTS!!!! DIY
  424. Titan vs Matt Chrome Trim - Which is which?
  425. Got my car detailed (pics)
  426. My M5 STINKS!!!
  427. question about widescreen nav
  428. Tracing down an intermittent performance issue
  429. Glove/Dash rattles after Stealth One?
  430. Installed EAC Tuning Thrust arms today NICE
  431. best direct fit clutch?
  432. Front Splitters AC style yes or no
  433. Garage Sale
  434. ***Winter e39 shots***
  435. Fairly poor pictures of a mediocre detail job
  436. Paint shop recommendation .
  437. pdc and squeaky when hot!
  438. will fcx3-16 scan tool still work on 20 pin conection
  439. Fan clutch operation
  440. What does "I did a X5 bushing " Mean?
  441. Buying an M5...
  442. Spring recommendation for STOCK damper.!!
  443. Been lurking for a few months - 2000 Jet Black M5
  444. MKIV screen flickering
  445. TPS replacement (pictures inside)
  446. ECU Chip tuning 540i
  447. Miro 111 vs VMR VB3 (weight comparison)
  448. Rats!
  449. Walbro Intank for E39, get the right pump the first time!
  450. Lubricating the shift linkage
  451. Replacing front brake hose
  452. MAF cables ?
  453. Oil filter housing tool
  454. After 10 years of waiting, I picked up my first M5 yesterday.
  455. Honest reputable mechanic or indy shop in NJ
  456. anyone here can help me get a vin inquiry form willing to pay
  457. Update: BM53 Upgrade
  458. Anyone ever install one of these?
  459. Strange engine noise, please help!
  460. OIL! everywhere =/
  461. fuel cut off
  462. Anyone need a carfax?
  463. Evolve-R Remote Flash
  464. Removing dash trim on 2003 different?
  465. M-audio subs on a non DSP car?
  466. [TiAg ///M5 New Owner] Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...
  467. Rim refinishing
  468. Fuel Siphon Pump Transfer Rate
  469. Any Dice Media bridge owners (w MKIII Nav) here?
  470. E60 M5 brakes on E39 M5 - how to make it work?
  471. e39 M5 vs Jaguar S Type R
  472. My M5 2001 (Sweden)
  473. Cruise Control will not engage
  474. M5Board Throwback
  475. *M5 Killer*
  476. Just Another Burnout Video!
  477. Some nice eye candy
  478. What in the world could be causing this ticking noise?
  479. Drivers seat connection
  480. best iphone apps?
  481. just fitted my 18x10 rota grids <pics!>
  482. E39 M5 TiAg - Style 359/ZCP 19x9.5 Square Setup
  483. Before it goes on e-bay...
  484. My Alpha N Install/Experience
  485. Advice on Peake codes before taking car to stealer.
  486. Questions for the California guys?
  487. Crashed 2000 M5... What do you think?
  488. Latest Mod (Rear Centre Console)
  489. alarm sounds for no apparent reason
  490. Is Sleeving the block the only option?
  491. cost of painting frontend??
  492. Pulled the trigger on an M5
  493. Veil anti-laser coating
  494. A Little Delayed Photo Update
  495. UVA/NJ Plates/Black M5
  496. For anyone considering Timmay's tips
  497. How Many Belts?!
  498. Need help with BM53 upgrade...
  499. Power Pulleys
  500. BC Coilovers - Long Term Owners: Please report here
  501. *so* happy with my new BCs - check the ride height :D
  502. Anyone tried the Escort Laser Shifter ZR4?
  503. Sport mode feels slower at times..?
  504. Eurocharged Tune Group Buy - Raleigh, NC Area
  505. PPI back on Potential purchase
  506. The Beast goes to Specsavers
  507. New Member in South Charlotte
  508. I came over all sensible and spent all my header money on maintenance...
  509. Video - M5 with 3.62 gear set v.s. stock 3.15
  510. KWV3 owners, what setting?
  511. Update Slimm's Foglight Cover (Pic)
  512. scratched my wheel ,any repair shop in ny or nj
  513. The beast hit an evil milestone today
  514. 6th Annual BlownEuros Spring GTG
  515. O2 Sensor voltage readings- One of these things...
  516. CSL front seat's?
  517. Anyone want to swap Heritage interior for full black 'point' leather? (UK)
  518. New bolts for slam panel/radiator/headlights, which part numbers?
  519. Geneva 2011 Video Preview: all news and no BMW M5 details so far
  520. New member and owner!
  521. Valve covers removed - lots of pics, long text
  522. Help me please
  523. PPI recommendation for Orlando
  524. Getting a M5
  525. Horrible Transport experience
  526. Need expert opinion - new member
  527. Anybody know where to find this bumper part?
  528. Hello from latest newbie
  529. Do you want to take your M out in this?
  530. BBS CH-R on e39 M5- finally
  531. clockwise skid pad = no fuel!
  532. Performance in cold weather...
  533. Help with steering binding on right turns?
  534. Car takes long time to start
  535. Anyone running a standalone ECU?
  536. Missing the M5 (winter driving video)
  537. Rear Diffuser DIY (PICS)
  538. Rear main seal replacement part(s)?
  539. Really?
  540. Vibration/Buzzing on Idle
  541. Need help from the electrical gurus - vanos solenoid issues
  542. BBS Hubcentric Ring Clip Removal Help
  543. Any idea how I can fix this
  544. Need new MAF housing screws!
  545. SatNav Screen has gone black!
  546. WANTED: leather handbrake handle/mechanism
  547. Looking for paint codes to refinish wheels
  548. Retrofitting voice control
  549. New member 2001 jet black 53k miles
  550. How to identify oem wheel color?
  551. Chuggle (misfire?) under low RPM load
  552. Driveline issues, need advise
  553. Muffler Delete in Houston?
  554. Failed emissions...with a twist?
  555. Center Link Going Bad
  556. 2003 E39 Aftermarket audio solutions
  557. Snow Textile "Chains"?
  558. Pulled over twice!
  559. bmw and other car-hot spots in Munich. ??
  560. Had a Z4 courtesy car and noticed...
  561. Octane and Ethanol and... what now?
  562. E39 Strut Tower Brace
  563. Audio solution: USB memory sticks or Ipod
  564. How to ship an S62 - My way!
  565. AC Belt Question
  566. New Diffuser (Pic's)
  567. e39 m5 replacment diff bearing?
  568. Seeing front centre jack point with covers on?
  569. new owner, new member (JB '02 Dinan S2)
  570. Horrendous intermittant fan noise from the engine bay
  571. Best ways to add Horse Power to 2003 M5
  572. My Windshield Replacement Experience
  573. get some budget ...
  574. Does this sound like a bad fuel sender or fuel pump?
  575. New MAFs or wait for Alpha-N
  576. Changed E39 M5 battery... now heated seats don't work!?
  577. Washed the car broke the mirror
  578. E-Brake no longer "clicking"
  579. Engine Tune with SuperSprint Headers
  580. Power Steering Whine in Sport Mode
  581. Steering Wheel Vibration
  582. So there was this SRT8...
  583. Eurodash conversion parts and instructions back up on the website
  584. Deltran Battery Tender on sale
  585. Member koolkat1973 upgrades from BMW M5 E39 to BMW M5 E60
  586. What do you think to my new rear lights??
  587. A bit of help from our continental friends
  588. Track day in Brazil:M5 rules!!
  589. Opie Oils Member Discount for M5Board Members
  590. Painting PDC Sensors
  591. "Check Break lining " warning lamp! But I have a lot of pads! Why??
  592. Top end rattle... not VANOS
  593. Help needed pls!!!!
  594. Installation of OEM Kidney Grilles
  595. Pictures of Vanos unit failures
  596. xyz coilovers
  597. Ignition pulse wire (Hella DRL installation help needed)
  598. leaky windscreen??
  599. Urgent question re: Bimmian space saver spare
  600. Bass intermitantly disappearing?
  601. Sunroof Issue.. what does this sound like?
  602. Euro armrest install.
  603. Just installed strut tower brace and rear X bar for the trunk.
  604. Would you buy a car with an accident reported on carfax
  605. Can I save my navigation CD drive?
  606. Time for me and the ///M5 to part ways
  607. Green NAv Screen
  608. First pictures of m5 with LM's
  609. Rear Wishbone replace questions..pricing too
  610. Trunk wire harness failure
  611. M5 on eBay....
  612. Beastie is turning 100k tomorrow
  613. Aftermarket wheels - (E39 M5 ONLY - Large flat lip only, not step lip)
  614. E39 M5 in Test Drive Unlimted / Test Drive Unlimited 2?
  615. Remanufactured secondary air pumps
  616. Beauty meets the Beast
  617. Coolant level constantly dropping from heater?
  618. dsp help i need the gurus
  619. Test Review Mirror
  620. The drive home from picking up my E39
  621. Setting up suspension
  622. e39 M Parallels from Discount Tire Direct
  623. I just did 170mph in my stock M5. How in the world is this possible?
  624. LUK Flywheel lighter than OEM??
  625. The worst driver.....ever?
  626. New rims and gloss black roof
  627. CPS, Solenoid Seals, or full blown Solenoids? (Peak codes included)
  628. Rumbling sound at 80 km/h (and above)
  629. Lost some functions...Help....
  630. Dinan S3 - 4+ YR/40K+ miles report
  631. Shadow Chrome refurb - Diamond Styling
  632. Pics of my old spark plugs and O2 sensors..
  633. Take a look at my Koni order from Tirerack
  634. Short shifter: Any regrets?
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  636. NGK Spark Plug Gap
  637. Beast doesn't speed up;(
  638. sunroof woes, help!
  639. Just washed... E39 M-Sport..
  640. my car take on, and directly shut down
  641. twisted cable near ac unit
  642. Never a good news when taking the Beast to the dealer for a check up.
  643. Can I do this without causing ANY damage or longterm adverse effects
  644. Please vote! Important
  645. Just went through hell and back..
  646. E39 M5 PDC sensor required
  647. The Not Quite Topic Worthy Thread
  648. just got racing ticket !!!
  649. DSC wont turn off
  650. M5 Repair in Austin, TX
  651. Most expensive E39 M5 I have ever seen
  652. fit
  653. Clunking in front end at slow speeds
  654. Help! Cranky M5 on rainy weather
  655. Attention austin tx m5 owners
  656. Silly Video of my M5
  657. Track Day Pressures
  658. Serpentine belts
  659. enthusiast auto in Ohio
  660. deleted thread
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  662. 2001 M5 - Noise from the belts?
  663. Some nice E39M5 wallpaper
  664. Dinan One-Piece 18" rim color codes
  665. soft brake pedal, std system
  666. USA owners - What state does your M5 live in? POLL
  667. 250,000 miles odometer picture
  668. Check Side Lights - NOT a repost
  669. Good underhood positive (other than jump post)
  670. D7 Code: Sending Unit or Siphon Pump?
  671. "Teaser pics of M bea5t"
  672. Uprated engine mounts
  673. Any Interest on these E39 M5 Caramel Interior
  674. Ive been lurking - New Member, 1st Post. Carbon Black AFE/Muffler Delete etc...
  675. Is this a fair price for differential seals replacement
  676. New in town (and pics of new wheels)
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  678. INFO? - Importing euro spec M5 to USA
  679. Is there a machining guy in the UK who can make polyurethane subframe bushes?
  680. Drivers side mirror when reversing (UK)
  681. Software recommended for AA and B2 peake code?
  682. I can't believe this is happening to me again..... clutch issues.
  683. Thickness of Stock Clutch Disk?
  684. HID Reverse Lights Installed
  685. ST SpeedTech Coilovers by KW...
  686. Sound System Recommendations?
  687. Cold start noise level inside car (Not a VANOS thread)
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  693. Set of front M5 E39 discs for £204, anyone used this company?
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  696. Why you should change your fuelfilter.
  697. Brake Pads!
  698. running out of ideas why OBD plug no longer working
  699. Let's talk about the 850csi clutch slave cylinder people use on the E39 M5
  700. 285 30 19 on 19x 9.5

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